Betting Odds Update

Eurovision Denmark 2014Eurovision 2014 – After almost a week of rehearsals, let’s take a closer look at how the betting odds have changed. Which acts impressed enough in their first run through to see money placed on them, and who had a car crash and have dropped in the odds? Armeina were favourite last week, are they now?

The bookies really do have it as a two-horse race now between Armenia and Sweden. Coming at third place is host Denmark, despite us not seeing any rehearsal by them yet. The United Kingdom, Ukraine, Norway and Hungary fight it out for the next 4 places in many bookies betting odds

betting odds Friday

Since rehearsals started, Austria‘s Conchita Wurst has risen in the odds. Romania and Belgium have drifted out, with less people thinking they will now do well.

Right down at the bottom of the odds, at about 300-1 are Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, San Marino and Georgia.

Do you agree that only Sweden and Armenia have a chance of winning? Are the bookies right and poor Valentina Monetta of San Marino has no chance of qualifying for the final. Again? Let us know below.

19 comments on “Betting Odds Update

  1. Crap !! i hate the swedish song!! SO overrated and boring!! And i think that Poland should be higher, but i agree, don’t think they’ll qualify either, because of the ridiculous juries. I hate the belgian song, but i understand why it is so high, because i can see people voting for it, and the juries love this kind of boring clichés.

  2. Glad to see Norway still being considered as a favourite :)

  3. Ukraine and Denmark? Be serious pls! Denmark might achieve a top10 placing though. But top3? No way.

  4. I have put some money on UK and my brother did the same on HUNGARY! Hopefully both are quite underrated and winning USD1400 will be good emotional compensation if Aram fails to win / he proved today that as a musician and singer he deserves to win tuough/! I don’t believe that Sweden may win!

    • I did a preview show today at the office.5 people,not hardcore esc fans,voting.None of them had heard the songs before and i didn’t say what my preferences are.I made them listen to the 6 favorites according to betting odds(i forgot about Ukraine but no one really liked it after all).
      Armenia won by quite a significant margin.Norway was the runner up.Sweden came third and Denmark followed.What surprised me is that UK did so poorly.No one really liked the song.They thought it’s annoying and they just said that they like Molly’s voice.Hungary did poorly too.

      • What about Hungary?? My brother thinks it as second contender!!! I couldn’t make him listen to Sanna till the end, he finds all the act extremely annoying! He calls Ukraine a crap! He thinks that Netherlands is classy but not enough mainstream for Eurovision! He is cold towards UK just said that it remindes him Coldplay but it is on “provincial level”! He is not ESC fan, so he thinks that Poland and Denmark are 3rd and 4th contenders :))

        • They didn’t actually like Hungary.None of them.They said it’s ok at best but that it certainly won’t win esc.
          I like UK more than them,i suppose.I think it will do very well.

  5. Personally, I expect Molly to appear over the next few days and bring a Wow factor to the much needed less than Wow factor so far!!

  6. Those who will do well IMO: UK, Hungary, Denmark, Armenia, Sweden, Greece. I can’t imagine any of them winning because I personally don’t think anyone should (except Greece, but they won’t). Hungary is too poor, Armenia is boooooring, Sweden is too generic. At this moment I can only see UK having the “whole package”. I look forward to see her rehearsal now.

    Ukraine and Israel are way too high on the betting odds. So is Austria. Greece will be higher. Germany is underrated and so is Portugal. Only juries can slaughter Portugal because I am sure televoters would at least make it qualify. We will see.

  7. Denmark is contemporary and bouncy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won, but the only thing sort of stopping them is that they won last year…

    • although I’m not a big fan of the song, I imagine Molly will arrive in Copenhagen, do her thing and become favourite to win, and deserves to IMHO,….)

  8. extremely believable top 5 indeed! except azerbaijan will be in it too, and imo DK will be second now

    • agree though agree on a Azerbaijan top 5 too, being Azerbaijan, little been said on Denmark and could do a Denmark 2001 IMO, equally Molly with a good stage performance could be the outsider this year ..

  9. Sounds very possible. Am not really sure what to expect when it comes to Norway. Style wise, its closest relatives the last years are Estonia 2012 and Iceland 2013 I’d say, and they scored pretty different. I don’t think anymore that Norway will end up in Top 10, but maybe just outside, 11th-13th place?

    I love the song to bits, but I still find Carl’s voice to be a bit shaky. And they must get rid of the violinists.

  10. Top 5 looks believable although personally I would swap Denmark for Azerbaijan. Greece, imo, could push for a top 5 finish although perhaps the most likely outcome is 6th-8th place (but it deserves better). Austria won’t finish that high either. Other than that, the bookers seem to have got the gist of it.

  11. I still have my money on Norway winning of course, Carl delivered in his first rehearsal and I am waiting for the 2nd one to solidify that.
    Armenia sounds less and less like a winner imo (never did sound much of it to me anyway but it’s been underwhelming today..), while Sweden is catching up indeed. Interesting to see Molly going up before she even gets on stage, I hope she delivers because she is still my 2nd candidate for a winner this year, while Hungary has grown to be a strong 3rd in the line to win this.

    We’ll see how it all works out..

  12. Austria for the win! :D Believe it! Hoping for United Kingdom to do well and Sweden, but Austria will be a serious contender for the televote win I’m sure of it!

  13. I expect HUN to drastically climb up the betting odds after they win their semi :P

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