Ukraine: Crimea to Vote as Ukraine

ukraineUkraine – Today, Jon Ola Sand, has confirmed that votes cast in the disputed region of Crimea, Ukraine, will be registered as Ukrainian votes. This means the people there are able to vote for Russia, but not for Ukraine. This is not a political decision but revolves around telecoms operators in the area.

Jon Ola Sand said,

“As it stands now there are Ukrainian telecom operators active in the Crimea peninsula and it should be so during all the shows next week. We at the EBU are not the ones to change these operators. Therefore Russia can be voted for from Crimea but not from Ukraine.”

This could affect up to 3m votes in the Crimea annexe. Both Russia and Ukraine are competing in the same semi-final on Tuesday 6th May.

15 thoughts on “Ukraine: Crimea to Vote as Ukraine

  1. Guess Ukraine will be giving high points to Russia after all :p
    Although some opinion pollsters say that only 1/3 of Crimeans wanted to join Russia even though 58% are ethnically Russian.

      • Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, it was initially 33% but in February rose to 41%

        I know obviously there could be an accusation of bias etc there always is with these things. But in my mind it’s quite beleivable, only 58% of Crimeans are Russian, the rest are Ukrainian, Crimean Tartars and a bunch of small other minority groups such as Bulgarian, Hungarian and Turkish etc, who all favoured Ukraine.

        I don’t believe for a moment that all the Russians wanted to join Crimea either, anecdotally, the only person I know from Ukraine is from the city of Odessa which is a Russian speaking majority, and she herself speaks russian and english only cant even speak Ukrainian, but does not want to join Russia, she wants to stay part of Ukraine.

  2. It will interesting to see the face of the Ukrainian spokesperson as they announce their 12 points are going to Russia… unless of course the juries place it last by default (which certainly would not be unwarranted, given how the song is a pile of utter nothingness)

    • Jurors will do their job killing Russia’s chances. Especially now that their names and the way they voted will be revealed. In addition I can see many jurors all over Europe adopting this attitude “Hey watch me, I am punishing BAD RUSSIA!”

      • It is a weak song and a kitsch presentation,after all…Bottom 5 with the juries would be well-deserved.

      • Guys have you seen what happened with the director of Ukranian Public TV chanel when he didn’t wan’t to make anti Russian propaganda??
        Ukranian parliamentarian’s forced him to resign beating and swearing him and filming his humiliation:

    • In addition Ukraine gave Russia 4 points in the Final last year. I really see no reason why to give them more this year!

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