Eurovision 2014: Tuesday 29th Rehearsals

Eurovision Denmark 2014Eurovision 2014 – This is it! Now only two weeks from the contest, daily rehearsals will begin and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them. We resume with Tuesday 29th rehearsals: comment on all the latest bit of info and we’ll keep you posted as soon as possible!

First of, we want you to remind that our site offers you a complete and impressive page with all the informations for transportation, calendar of all social events related to the contest in this page. As for tomorrow rehearsals, here’s the schedule:

There will therefore be 11 countries getting their first taste of the stage and first impression from it (the last 6 from semi 1 and first 5 from semi 2) and on Wednesday, 10 more (the last 10 from semi 2) before the break for May 1st celebration. Then we’ll resume on the first semifinalists’ second rehearsals as well as finalists’ first rehearsals.

As usual, in first go, countries rarely reveal everything from their staging, definitely not the clothes. But the fans get an idea of what direction the performance is heading towards. We no know that the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a short clip (40 seconds) about the artist’s impressions around 40 minutes later. Last year it was not possible for any fan sites to record anything else, so you’ll have to just read what everyone there thought about it without seeing more with your own eyes (and of course hear with your own ears).

What are you most looking for in today’s schedule?

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86 comments on “Eurovision 2014: Tuesday 29th Rehearsals

  1. I was watching the behind the scenes videos that the official site put up. LOL Suzy sounds like an American.

  2. Malta’s hippies failed, and Estonia’s hippies were ripped off, but Georgia finally got hippies on the ESC stage. The parachuter is truly awesome.

    Imagine if Team Ouch and Team Eesti Daul had won. Kobenhavn would have been a commune.

  3. Georgia : Very nice backdrop. And Mariko really delivers. And that’s about it. Oh and of course there would be a parachute…This the THE gimmick so far. I don’t know what else to say..It’s the convoluted carcrash we knew before and little can be done to save this. Alternatives will say it is “too complex” for the common stupid eurofan to understand, I’ll just say that this is what I am talking about when I say that we should not sacrfice quality to achieve diversity..I do hope we won’t have to listen to it again to the final and Georgia please try harder next year..!

    • “This the THE gimmick so far”

      So great. I want them to make the final now. Georgia just skyrocketed in muy estimation.

      • Oh it does not surprise me they did use such a gimmick.
        They live in their own world and I am sure that they can produce good music seperately and outside the esc context which they probably do not appreciate much anyway..
        For me its the worst gimmick by far for now, the most “in your face” one (since people were talking about belgium’s “gimmick” yesterday in a similar way of being “too obvious”..) but as I said I expected it…I even expected much worse to be honest..!

        • Forget about the parachute for a moment. Just look at his mannerisms. LOL I’m dying. This is truly awesome.

          Besides, you know I like gimmicks more than the next person.

          • Yes I do lol ! That’s why you liking this is my criterion for thinking is even worse than I though visually :P (jk) !

            I personally despise them when they are uneccesary and they do not fit the song. And the only one that worked so far for me is the trapeze artist in the Azerbaijani entry.

        • I sadly expected it too. Georgia, except for 2011, has never been able to not be “in your face” about their entries…. I said yesterday that Georgia was liely to be very gimmicky and though Togravus said I was wrong. I was right.

          • Yeah I saw it but I reserved from expressing an opinion because of my known dislike towards the entry.
            In 2011 they did not use an obvious gimmick but they did get the Barbara Dex award (and indeed imo the clothes were really bad..).

          • Well,i did warn you all that there would be a sky-related gimmick.

        • Belgium is still worse,imo!

          • lol ok whatever…It will still do much better than Georgia most probably :)

            • I guess so but thay doesn’t mean it’s better,anyway.

            • Well I do believe it’s miles ahead in quality and that will be depicted in the final result as well. Anyway indeed though…

      • Aid for Africa landed on Kopenhagen :D

  4. Georgia: Oh my!Speaking of unnecessary gimmicks.lol.The backdrop makes sense and Mariko delievers.

  5. I didn’t expect Montenegro to fail that bad. With little to no friends whatsoever in this NF, I actually do think it could miss the final again.

    The Netherlands are great, as expected. Still unsure on Hungary, I think it’s overrated. Norway was solid in its usual self, but the violins and coordination of clothes was really too pompous for me, it’s supposed to be super gentle and genuine, going all full blast is going the entire wrong way with it and it reminds me a lot of Didrik. Which failed.

  6. If we were having a backdrop visuals contest though Georgia would be in my top 3 for now.

  7. This video clip ought to be enough to prevent people from using all these stage props and gimmicks (look at 3:05 – 4:50).

  8. Cleo and five femalde dancers for Poland…I am fearing for the worst right now…

  9. Poland video is up. The camera is way too wide to make any judgments. LOL

  10. Poland : I won’t say much myself I will just quote Andrew from eurovision Ireland for the description :

    “Poland has Clio on stage with 3 dancers in traditional costume and an extra lady who is dressed revealing lots of cleavage and kneeling at a wooden tub how shall I put it scrubbing what appears to be clothes. It is all very colourful and there are a few close up camera shots of the boobies of said scrubber. ”

    And also boob shots of the clip in the background.

    I could be too dramatic and say that’s probably one of the most insulting things I may have (or will) witness on the esc stage (which would be true) but I will just say that I am already done with this.

    Cleo with her annoying high pitched voice did her job though.At least they put part of the beautiful musical bridge in the snippet…

  11. Poland: I like what i see at this bit of the rehearsal.I now think i will may actually vote for Poland in the second semi! :D

  12. I’m starting the recap article ;)

  13. Watched Poland – no idea, but fingers crossed for them!
    Georgia – now I really like this song but this gimmick is silly ugly even if it flies!
    Montenegro – Eh Sergej! That Russian know how from 2009 is too much!! Still I like the song!
    Malta – nice little thing!
    Hungary – now I start to find out why Kally is so overrated – Gym makes miracles!!
    The Netherlands – BEAUTIFUL AND OUTSTANDING!! I believe this may even win !! Am I going to vote for Netherlands again? – Yes I’m gonna!
    Suzy – I want her to qualify!! At least there is some fun! Don’t like this Irish show though!
    San Marino – My Belgium of the second semi! Wish it fails! Maybe next time Valentina?

    Norway – Beautiful song, singer has no charisma! Performance somehow reminded me UK 2009! hope he will be quiet with violinists unlike JAde LOL! I still think that Aram should perform with mini orchestra aswell!

    Israel – AMAZING singer, OK-ish song, bland show! Though I’m sure it will do very well ;) mark my words!

    Moldova – very boring act for me!

  14. The new video for “Same Heart” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtIjizz37w0

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