Russia: Meet The Tolmachevy Sisters

Tolmachevy Sisters RussiaRussia – It’s time to get to know another of this year’s participants, The Tolmachevy Sisters (also known as The Tolmachevy Twins) from Russia. The Tolmachevy Sisters will perform ‘Shine‘ in Copenhagen in May after being selected internally by broadcaster Rossija 1.

Anastasia and Maria Tolmachevy (born 14 January 1997) are twins and child singers from the Russian city of Kursk.

Tolmachevy Sisters Russia large

At the age of nine, they won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Bucharest, Romania, with their song ‘Vesenniy jazz’ (Spring Jazz):

Rossija 1 broadcast a documentary film about their success in the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest The Phenomenal Twin Sisters. In the same year, Anastasia and Maria stared in the New Year`s Eve television musical Kingdom Of Crooked Mirrors where they sang together with Alla Pugacheva, the Russian participant of the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. The sisters also released their album Polovinki (The Halves).

Later they took part in various concerts, for example at the Red Square, in different music television shows like Saturday Night at the Rossija 1 Channel.

The Tolmachevy Sisters were special guests in the 2007 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam and in the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk. The twins also appeared in the opening act of the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 on12th May in Russia.

Watch the ‘Shine‘ video now:

Shine‘ lyrics:

Been looking at the sky
wishing on a star
waiting for a brand new start

Living on the edge
closer to the crime
cross the line a step at a time

Now maybe there’s a place
maybe there’s a time
maybe there’s a day you’ll be mine

Now something’s got to give
make a brighter day
all we got to say

Shine into my darkness
shine into the night, my rising sun
drive away the madness
Can you be a masterpiece of love
Sending out a message out above
Telling all the world to show some love
No one’s gone bring me down, bring me down
You are my rising sun

Keep looking up ahead
riding like a wind
open up your heart, let me in

My life is on a string
when I see you smile
our love will last a thousand miles

Now maybe there’s a place
maybe there’s a time
maybe there’s a day you’ll be mine

Now something’s got to give
make a brighter day
all we got to say

41 comments on “Russia: Meet The Tolmachevy Sisters

  1. “Vesna Jazz” still gives me nightmares

  2. The more I listen to this song, the more ‘nothing’ it becomes. I am not even aware that it is among the 2014 entries most of the time. I hope the live will somehow be able to make it register faintly on the radar. Good luck, Russia.

  3. Meh! Don’t like this! I have doubts whether Russia will qualify this year ;)

  4. It’s just middle of the road. It doesn’t do anything good, it doesn’t do anything bad either. That is, it doesn’t do anything at all.

    It’s better than the Russian entries from 2011, 2012 and 2013. But Philipp Kirkorov has written better things.

  5. Off topic: Donatan(Poland 2014) predicts that Ukraine will win eurovision due to the current political situation.

    • If that cheap song wins I think that in soon future the group of Turkey, Serbia…. will enlarge!! This isn’t solidarity contest!

      • Nahh!It’s just his view.I don’t think that Ukraine stands a chance.They may get some sympathy votes but that won’t be enough to make them serious contenders.

      • Ukraine won’t win but I can see it a solid top 5 with a professional stage approach ala Serebro!

        • And i’m telling you this ain’t gonna happen!

          • You will be rubbing your eyes come May…Acceptance comes after denial :P
            And then you will tell me about sympathy votes :

            • Well,you were the one predicting Norway 13 would flop and i was telling you it was at least top-10 material… ;)

            • Yes you are right but on the other hand you were the one predicting a victory for FRA 11 and that he would sound great LIVE …:P

            • To my defence,2011 was an unpredictable year.I don’t remember you predicting a victory for Azerbaijan,either…It’s my only miss since 2009.

            • Unpredictable? You seemed quite sure back then…

            • In retrospect,it was an unpredictble year with no runaway favorites unlike this year.

            • With odds down at 1, I doubt Armenia will lose it…But who knows? I would LOVE a surprise !

            • I wouldn’t!The UK is the only song that can come close to challenging Aram’s victory although it’s surprisingly low with the betting odds.Denmark and not Ukraine is the up-tempo song that will do well,imo!Finland is another possible top-10 entry.

            • So that makes another interesting bet to look forward to in May?
              Will Ukraine score top 10? I believe they will !
              The other one is between me and guitar. He believes Ireland will score top 15 which I doubt! Of course we will have to wait for rehearsals!

            • I can see Denmark high but Finland? So-so…

            • No.You said that Ukraine will finish in the top-5.I didn’t say that a placing between 10 and 15 is out of reach… ;)

            • Will you settle for top 8 at least? I gotta make some money :P

            • So,now you have doubts.lol!Let’s make a deal at top-6.

            • Let’s settle for top 7 !

    • I would be very surprised. The song is simply not good enough, and it doesn’t have that ‘something’.

  6. Russia 2014 is just forgettable ! Russia will miss top 15…IF they manage to qualify ….

  7. Another one : Which country will top OGAE’s taste but fail to impress in May?
    I vote for ISR !

  8. off topic, http://londoneurovision.com/?page_id=75#wpcf7-f412-p75-o1 says ‘Every year numerous respected media outlets cover the event. Here is a selection of what they had to say about the London Eurovision Party 2013: and they then list EurovisionTimes in there :) Well done everyone for being so respectable ;)

  9. off topic.
    Aram’s fan club sometimes is overdoing with its activity but now it has lanced new company! Movie covers trying to promote the song outside fan world LOL! Diary of vampires, Tres metros sobre el cielo… Can’t wait to see Game of Thrones’ and Supernatural’s videos LOL Sam and Dean speaking about one kiss and saying each other you are not alone! LOL! Anyways this one looks like official video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7QbIIdfrIA&fb_source=message.

  10. They are cute, but I just can’t like the song! This is really boring IMO!!

    Why am I sure that they will qualify? :(

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