Sweden: Andra Chansen Running Order

melodifestivalenSweden – The Andra Chansen (2nd chance) running order for Melodifestivalen has been announced and will start and finnish with rock bands. The show will take place in Linköping on 1st March. Check out the 8 acts and the order they will perform in for this last throw of the dice in Sweden…

The running order:

1. Ammotrack – ‘Raise Your Hands
2. Linus Svenning – ‘Bröder
3. JEM – ‘Love Trigger
4. State Of Drama – ‘All We Are
5. Ellinore Holmer – ”’En himmelsk sång
6. Martin Stenmarck – ‘När änglarna går hem
7. Helena Paparizou – ‘Survivor
8. Outtrigger – ‘Echo

All 8 acts will perform their song once and then voting will open. When voting closes the bottom 3 songs will be eliminated. Voting will re-open and then the top 4 songs will then go forward int the ‘duels’.

The two winning acts from each duel will go through to the Melodifestivalen final where they will join Yohio, Ellen Benediktson, Panetoz, Sanna Nielsen, Oscar Zia, Ace Wilder, Alcazar and Anton Ewald on the 8th of March at Stockholm’s Friends Arena.

Current betting odds in Sweden sees Sandra Nielsen and Alcazar as favourites to represent Sweden, regardless of who gets through from Andra Chansen:

Sanna Nielsen 5/6
Alcazar 13/4
Anton Ewald 7/1
Yohio 23/2
Ellen Benedikston 12/1

MF songs in the Swedish iTunes show yet again how the Swedes cannot get enough… does this show that Alacazar may steal it from Sanna, or will the jury stop them as they did Yohio last year?

iTunes top 10:

1. Blame It On the Disco – Alcazar
2. Natural – Anton Ewald
3. Undo – Sanna Nielsen
4. Yes We Can – Oscar Zia
5. Busy Doin’ Nothin – Ace Wilder
7. Survivor – Helena Paparizou
8. To the End – YOHIO
10. Hela natten – Josef Johansson

43 comments on “Sweden: Andra Chansen Running Order

  1. Martin and Outrigger to the final, please.

    Btw, I watch national final performances while giving the house a proper spring cleaning today … and I have just discovered a new gem. “En förlorad sommar” (MF 2013) has just got a ticket to my national final pantheon. :) Fantastic live vocals!

    • “En förlorad sommar” is the only MF song since the introduction of the semis that has managed to get a (12/12) from me. Absolutely magical in every aspect: melody, lyrics, arrangement, performance… :)

  2. Alcazar favorite to represent Sweden? :o
    I hope they know international juries vote too…

    • sending Alcazar will damage Sweden’s latest good track :/ they would be bound to struggle in the final if the they qualified.

  3. Glad to see Helena is the best charting song from the AC ones.I doubt she’ll qualify though.Outtrigger and Helena to the final!

  4. Interesting.
    Regarding who wins, I genuinely have no idea as the jury and Swedish public have the potential to differ in their music tastes, so really it could be anyone out of Anton, Sanna or Alcazar.
    As far as the 2nd chance is concerned, perhaps Helena? I find her mannerisms rather amusing and although imo she won’t win, I guess being Cypriot makes me have a soft spot for her.
    Good luck to all !

  5. My ranking for AC :
    1)Outtrigger : 9.5/10
    2)State of Drama : 8.5/10
    3)Linus Svenning : 8/10
    4)JEM : 6.5/10
    5)Ammotrack : 5/10
    6)Martin Stenmarck : 5/10
    7)Helena Paparizou : 4/10
    8)Ellinore Holmer : 3/10

  6. And my overall MF 14 ranking
    1)Sanna Nielsen : 10/10
    2)EKO : 10/10
    3)Outtriger : 9.5/10
    4)Shirley Clamp : 9/10
    5)Little Great Things : 9/10
    6)State Of Drama : 8.5/10
    7)Linus Svenning : 8/10
    8)Ace Wilder : 7/10
    9)CajsaStina Åkerström : 7/10
    10)JEM : 6.5/10
    11)Alcazar : 6/10
    12)Dr. Alban & Jessica Folcker : 6/10
    13)Ellen Benediktson : 6/10 ( I am starting to get annoyed , dropped from #8 )
    14)Sylvester Schlegel : 5.5/10
    15)I.D.A : 5.5/10
    16)Ammotrack : 5/10
    17)Oscar Zia : 5/10
    18)Linda Bengtzing : 5/10
    19)YOHIO : 4.5/10
    20)Martin Stenmarck : 4.5/10
    21)Panetoz : 4.5/10
    22)Alvaro Estrella : 4/10
    23)Pink Pistols : 4/10
    24)Josef Johansson : 4/10
    25)Helena Paparizou : 4/10
    26)Mahan Moin : 3.5/10
    27)Elisa Lindström : 3/10
    28)Janet Leon : 3/10
    29)Ellinore Holmer : 3/10
    30)Manda : 3/10
    31)Anton Ewald : 2/10
    32)The Refreshments : 2/10

    • Average of songs throughout countries’ preselections (NOT finals)
      1.UMK (FIN) = 6.33
      2.Söngvakeppnin (ICE) = 6.20
      3.Malta Eurosong = 5.65
      4.Ukraine NF = 5.65
      5.FIK (ALB) = 5.63
      6.Mira Quién Va A Eurovision (ESP) = 5.60
      7.MF (SWE) = 5.59
      8.Eesti Laul (EST) = 5.25
      9.A DAL (HUN) = 5.13
      10.FRANCE = 5.00
      11.Belarus NF = 4.57
      12.Eirodziesma (LAT) = 4.29
      13.Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow (SWI) = 3.67 EMBARASSING !

      Surprise ! Surprise ! Look which 4 countries occupy the bottom 4…Clearly the ones that care the less…I mean what did you expect from Switzerland and Latvia fe?

      • You liked “Mira Quién Va A Eurovision” more than “A Dal” or “Eesti Laul”? :o

        • I repeat: This is about song averages and NOT the shows…

          • Still,it’s pointless imo to compare and rank different song selections like this.There were 3 heats and 30 songs in Hungary this year and 5 finalists in Spain.Numbers don’t lie but do they really tell the truth?

            • That’s what my averages say…
              If you exclude SPAIN which had only 5 songs and can be a tricky situation both Eesti laul and A DAL were disappointing for me this year. A lot of average songs and terrible performers in A dal fe

  7. I rank in AC:

    1. JEM 10/10
    2. Ammotrack 10/10
    3. State of Drama 10/10
    4. Linus Svenning 9/10
    5. Outtrigger 9/10
    6. Helena Paparizou 9/10
    7. Martin Stenmarck 9/10
    8. Ellinore Holmer 6/10

  8. Echo and Bröder to the final and one of them or Songbird to Copenhagen, pls.

  9. The most popular at YT, from AC are Helena Paparizou and JEM!

    First 10 sec of JEM’s song reminds me of Chinese music! I love it! :D

    JEM go to final!!!! :*

  10. Looks like the Lithuanian song selection show is about to end. It was postponed yesterday due to them covering the events in Ukraine.

    The Belgian SF 1 with awesome Petra starts at 20:30 CET. 4 acts perform, 2 will make the final. 1 will be Petra obviously. Also, what irony that her song is called “Killer Touch” lol

    20;00 CET sees the always awesome Azerbaijani show. 6 acts will be reduced to 3 finalists this evening.

  11. @ Eulenspiegel

    Are people like Eric Saade, Danny Saucedo, Anton Ewald etc. products of recent MF or are they part of the Swedish pop music scene in general. I am asking because we do not have this poster boys touching their sensitive parts onstage while performing a dancing routine and singing with thin voice here in Germany?

    I am sure that you do not get this question wrong. It really seems to be a Swedish phenomenon although people like that have begun to pop up in MGP too recently.

    • You have smth like that in the USA obviously!

      • Thanks, I have lost touch with the US American pop music scene lately. Not much that I found interesting has come from there for some time. :(

    • Well, there’s a mix. Anton Ewald comes directly from the dancing school and has never done any singing before he suddenly decided to do MF.

      Eric Saade was in an unknown boyband together with Robin Stjernberg and a few others. It was probably for being Molly Sandén’s girlfriend he was most famous for a while.

      Danny Saucedo is the only one of those you mentioned who has had a career before MF. Pop Idol participant and with a few hits on the radio.

      The dancing thing has been here and there for a while, ever since Darin Zanyar did his Michael Jackson wannabee stuff in Pop Idol 2004. I think it has been a synonyme today for being a male pop singer, to also be able to do dance shows too. We must also remember that MF has a rather big impact on the rest of the Swedish music market nowadays, so what’s big there is later on reflected in the regular scene.

      • Thanks a lot. That is quite interesting because it highlights the differences between the Swedish and German pop music scenes. Firstly, we do not have anything similar to MF here and secondly, all our casting starlets vanish into obscurity again after a very short time.

        • Many of our artists are kept alive by showing up in TV shows, doing musicals and such things. Charlotte Perrelli is a great example of an artist who has made a great career despite having only one hit. But we’re also just 1/9 as big as Germany in popluation, so maybe we have room for more?

          “Molly Sandén’s girlfriend”

          • “Molly Sandén’s girlfriend”

            I had a good laugh too.

            And I agree that it is probably easier to survive in the music market the smaller a country is. Just look at Malta presenting the same artists in MESC year after year. And then there are around 10 more singers/bands (mainly great) that would nover go near MESC.

  12. State Of Drama – ‘All We Are‘
    Outtrigger – ‘Echo‘

  13. I want Helena Paparizou to the final. No doubt about that.

    It’s a powerful song with a very strong vocal performance, containing both energy, dynamics, pathos and a lot of personality. She seems to mean every word she is singing and thus make you really listen. It’s a very adult and mature expression, and it suits her very well.

    • A bit like a Greek/Swedish answer to Sanne Salomonsen, perhaps. Very rock’n’roll and energetic, and honest at the same time.

  14. I aw way off- topic, I know, but I am going to follow the Belgian NF, because they will be presenting the songs.

  15. Im with Helena and Outtrigger on this one. Alcazar a favorite? Gosh I’m almost dying here, and I would insanely support Sanna over them any day. Yohio remains my personal favorite, but he sounds doom

  16. Too much competition between the rock songs here. :( I want Outtrigger and State of Drama to make it. Ammotrack is decent too, but the other two are better. I fear with 3 rock songs sharing the rock-votes, they will all fail to qualify and more crap will make it to the final instead. Oh, I just realized that the Swedish final is pretty weak. :( Only 2 songs I like. I just can’t believe their love for Sanna and Alcazar, gosh… :| Even the Swedish iTunes is depressing, lol.

  17. This is my ranking of Andra Chansen. As you can see I am not too bothered about the results, although I like Outrigger and State Of Drama slightly more than the rest…

    1. Outrigger (7/12)
    2. State Of Drama (7/12)
    3. Helena Paparizou (6/12)
    4. Martin Stenmarck (6/12)
    5. Ellinore Holmer (6/12)
    6. Ammotrack (6/12)
    7. Linus Svenning (4/12)
    8. JEM (4/12)

    As for the iTunes rankings… Alcazar and Anton Ewald were always going to be higher than the rest as their songs were only performed a day ago (whereas its almost a month since YOHIO performed his). Sanna looks like she has the win in the bag though…

    • Ugh, just downgraded Ellinore Holmer to a 4/12 after learning that she spent her entire pre-song introduction talking about the difficulty of living with Aspberger’s. Turning mental illness into a vote-winning gimmick requires a total absence of morals on someone’s behalf.

  18. Right now, Andra Chansen has stronger songs than the actual final. :P It sucks that we’ll have to lose some good songs.

    1) Martin Stenmark | 28/30
    I’ve fallen hard for this one in the past few days. EKO have some competition at the top of my MF ranks. [Rank in MF: 2]
    2) JEM | 22
    Yeah, it’s sort of trashy, but the live is surprisingly okay and the song is catchier than a disease. [5]
    3) Outtrigger | 22
    The good song and strong performance get this one so high because I don’t care for it too much. [8]
    4) Ellinore Holmer | 19
    The Asperger’s thing is admittedly annoying but it’s mostly unrelated to the song, which is average with a pleasant charm to it, carried by an earnest performance. [14]
    5) Linus Svenning | 17
    Here’s the real sympathy-abuser. This hardly sounds genuine, even if Linus is a capable performer. [18]
    6) Helena Paparizou | 15
    Her vocals might be strong but the visual approach needs total retooling. The song’s a been-there, done-that affair that is an interest black hole. [19]
    7) State of Drama | 11
    You mean this hasn’t been kicked out for some sort of plagiarism yet? [28]
    8) Ammotrack | 9
    Ugh, Melfest-ized classic rock. No thanks. [32]

    Finally, I’d like to share this piece from 12points.tv that tears MF 2014 to shreds, sort of like the Swedish press apparently has. http://12points.tv/all-news/item/2484-the-heartbreak-of-melodifestivalen-2014-and-tips-for-a-fix

  19. Alcazar representing Sweden? With that song? Good gracious! I would like ‘Songbird’ to win, but if that is not possible than I would rather see Sanna and her way too much prerecorded quality sleeping pill winning.

    On Andra Chansen – Martin and Outtrigger to the final.

  20. Sanna seems to be the most probable and rational choice. Great song, her performance truly can give me the chills. But in general the final is yet again quite strong till now with my least favourite entry, Alcazar, getting a 7/10.

    On AC I would like two of : Helena Paparizou, Martin Stenmarck, State of Drama,Linus and JEM in order of preference. Outrigger will most probably make it and I have no particular feelings for that, Ellinore goes for the sympathy vote but her performance is weak and Ammotrack are very mediocre and will be outshined by Outrigger anyway.

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