Finland: Meet Softengine

softengine 105Finland – It’s time to get to know another of this year’s participants, Finland’s Softengine. The band won last night’s UMK final, beating Mikko Pohjola. All of the band are 16 to 19 years old and have been together since 2011, coming from the Finnish city of Seinäjoki. 

They won ‘The Lions’ music contest and their first self-issued album saw ‘Endless Waterfall‘ talked about locally.  They have now signed a record deal with Sony Finland during the UMK process. They cite Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Thirty seconds to Mars, Disco Ensemble and Linkin Park as influences but also love Paramore and jazz.

softengine finland 2014

Speaking to Eurovision Ireland they say that the song ‘Something Better is “a love song. It is about a man thinking back over his life. He knows it would have been wonderful to have been the President or an astronaut but what really makes his life complete was the love of his wife and what that meant to him and his life.” Softengine were first in both the jury and audience votes to win the national final.

softengine finland

Check out their winning performance of ‘Something Better

They will be rehearsing hard for Copenhagen between now and mid April when they fly to Denmark. The band will play in the second semi-final in Denmark, scheduled for Thursday 8 May. If you live in Finland you can see them play a home town concert on 14th March at Seinäjoki Rytmikorjaamo, tickets on sale here.

More information about Softengine can be found on the website: www.softengine.fi

Follow Softengine on Facebook: here

Follow Softengine on Twitter: @softengineoff

Softengine are:

Topi Latukka – lead vocals and guitar
Ossi Mäkelä – guitar and keyboards,
Eero Keskinen – bass,
Henri Oskár – keyboards
Tuomo Alarinta – drums.

Something Better lyrics

Even human bound
People rolling dice
Image on the ground
Such a novel life
He thought
While knowing nothing at all

Every option noted
Or tendency made
They will carry on
Until the perfect date
She said
While knowing nothing at all
All the rules wide known
They mean nothing to me
Everything I’m used to
Seems to be
Fine misshapen
Made up fantasy
Should let go

But we found something better
Plain answer
For I’ll not surrenderWe found something better

Vis-a-vis estrangedAnd we got close
Trust full of lies
Sure how it goes
They told
While knowing nothing at all

Talking loud ’bout future
In our hands
Exchanging dreams
And how they’ll last
No no
Still knowing nothing at all

But we found something better
Plain answer
For I’ll not surrenderWe found something better

Found something…
Found something…
Found something…

All these words
Reflected back to me
All these words
I’m buying, why?
All these words
The lives grand mystery
All these words
A sweet white lie

All these words
She meant to say to me
All these words
Against my faith
All these words
Before she passed away
We’ll never ever ever change

But we found something better
Plain answer
For I’ll not surrenderWe found something better

We found

We found (repeat to end)

75 comments on “Finland: Meet Softengine

  1. I am the president of THAT bandwagon

  2. BTW, I will not allow any “Finland definitely chose ‘Something Better’ this year” cracks. lol

  3. And I’m building a Tick-Tock-bandwagon. It’s still my favourite entry this year. Okay this doesn’t mean much after 6 known songs and maybe I will abandon it during the next weeks but I still feel chosen to build it. :P

  4. This song is growing on me more and more. Hersi had better not mess up the revamped version of Albania 14. Good luck, Finland.

    P.S. – the live vocals still have room for improvment.

  5. I can’t decide if I like Emma or them more..they are both great…he looks so Finnish lol.. :D

  6. Off topic: MarieMarie,the German hopeful singing 2 songs from her new album live.Her esc entry “Cotton Candy Hurricane” starts at 8:20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7JRC2Y3Xss

  7. Thanks Hulluna!

    They are certainly very talented for their age, and have a very bright future ahead of them if they continue in this vein.

    On a completely unrelated note, bands like this are part of the reason I oppose JESC. Softengine, and the international success of artists such as Lorde proves that young singers are just as capable of producing high-quality contemporary pop music as adults. Unfortunately, the songs presented in JESC reek of an adults’ perception of what children that age should be singing, which is often exaggerated, tacky and dumb (see Georgia pretty much every year).

    This is the only JESC song I like, as a result, as it is the only one that feels genuine, even though the singing is flatter than a pancake.

    • I’ve never been a fan of JESC either. I can see what you mean. Thanks for the link.

    • If they changed the ages around for JESC, that would solve many of the problems. A range of probably 13-18 would be best, as the artistic pool would expand to include artists such as Lorde or Softengine while still keeping a younger touch. This is my favorite JESC song, which has a similar anti-sugar feel. It’s from, of all places, Sweden, who have a great track record of sending much more mature music to lose against the juvenile stuff from Georgia and Armenia. :)

  8. Good luck guys ! My current #1.
    1.FIN = 9/10
    2.ITA = 8/10
    3.ALB = 7.5/10
    4.UKR = 6/10
    5.SWI = 5.5/10
    6.BELA = 4.5/10
    I need a 10/10 ! Could Iceland provide it? ( Til þín ) or maybe Hungary ( Minden mosoly ) ?

  9. Off-topic: LOL Ralph Siegel wants the NF used in Germany until 2003 back. Yes, those were the years when we sent crappy stuff year after year (with only one exception … 2001 … says the schlager hater). LOL


  10. The top three in the televote in Finland have been revealed

    1. Softengine: 28,28 %
    2. Mikko Pohjola: 19,48 %
    3. Miau: 13,94 %

  11. Off topic: If anyone wants to check Lithuania (lol) here’s last saturday’s show

  12. Softengine were my third favorite during the show but in a near tie with the BMX aficionados in studio. Along with MadCraft (*tear*) and Mikko Pohjola, they were one of three 20/20s I had in UMK, so I’m thrilled they’re going to Copenhagen. The Coldplay influences are maybe a bit too obvious, with the “woah, oh, oh, ohs” before the final chorus as the worst offender, but it’s, all things considered, a new sound for the contest. Lyrically, I’m having a difficult time picking up on the “missed opportunities” message and am actually getting very little of anything at all but maybe that will change. :P As of now, Finland is first on my Eurovision 2014 list with a score of 9.75 (9 for Look/Sound, 10 for Song, and 10 for Preference) out of 10 points. Good luck guys! :D

    P.S. Oh my god, now even the actual Eurovision participants are younger than me. :P

    P.P.S. Even though they lost UMK, I won’t let you totally forget about MadCraft. “Shining Bright” is probably their weakest song to date, à la Soluna Samay. This is their strongest, in my opinion.

    P.P.P.S. I’ve created a spreadsheet with all my 2014 rankings and put it on my Gravatar, if anyone’s interested. It will update throughout the season. :)

  13. Softengine being interviewed.It’s in Finnish but you can still watch it. :) http://www.mtvkatsomo.fi/?progId=297114&itemId=70333

  14. Grown on me as time has gone on an I think it will do well in Copenhagen: first time I like Finland’s entry for as long as I can remember.

  15. […] life and realising that “what really makes his life complete was the love of his wife” (Eurovision Times), but quickly amps up the power till its thundering, harmony-filled explodes in a burst of euphoric […]

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