Finland: Results of First Semi-final

Finland – The Finnish national broadcaster YLE has hosted the first of two semi-finals tonight with 6 songs competing to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. One song qualified straight to the final and one song got kicked out! Find out which…

After YLE presented the twelve songs competing in this year’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, the national final hosted in Finland for Eurovision 2014, in the past few weeks, six songs competed tonight in the first semi-final.

Here was tonight’s line-up (you can click on the song’s title to watch tonight’s performances):

  1. Miau with “God/Drug” (Anu Kaukola, Henna Juvonen)
  2. Dennis Fagerström with “My Little Honey Bee” (Dennis Fagerström, Michael James Down, Niklas Hast, Andreas Anastasiou, Primoz Poglajen)
  3. Lili Lambert with “Let Me Take You There” (Lili Lambert, Joonas Kaikko, Lasse Piirainen)
  4. Hukka Ja Mama with “Selja” (Lasse Hukka
  5. Softengine with “Something Better” (Topi Latukka, Henri Oskár)
  6. Jasmin Michaela with “Kertakäyttösydän” (Mikko Kierikki, Jasmin Michaela, Jutta Annala, Johanna Viksten)

After that, the four jury members took time to vote, freely between 1 and 10pts to the songs based on what they thougt of the official production of the songs and this first live performance with an audience. It was a very close race between Softengine and Hukka Ja Mama, but this was ultimately their result:

  1. (36) SoftengineSomething Better
  2. (35) Hukka Ja MamaSelja
  3. (29) Jasmin MichaelaKertakäyttösydän
  4. (23) MiauGod/Drug
  5. (19) Dennis FagerströmMy Little Honey Bee
  6. (18) Lili LambertLet Me Take You There

(You can also check tonight’s performances again on this page.) After an interval act where Arion, last year’s UMK first semi winner with “Lost”, performed their latest song “Seven”, the full results were revealed with the televotes added on (but no details on the televote results to keep the suspense alive):

Qualified straight to the final:

  • SoftengineSomething Better

Qualified to the second chance:

  • Hukka Ja MamaSelja
  • Jasmin MichaelaKertakäyttösydän
  • MiauGod/Drug
  • Dennis FagerströmMy Little Honey Bee

Eliminted completely from UMK 2014:

  • Lili LambertLet Me Take You There

Next week 6 more songs will compete and again one song will qualify to the final, four to second chance and one will be eliminated. On January 25th the second chance will take place and a week after that the final with 6 songs all together.

88 comments on “Finland: Results of First Semi-final

  1. Good results. I would have shown Dennis the door, but I cannot complain. Congratulations.

  2. I’m satisfied all in all. The weakest song left and one of the best made it. Now I just hope that both Hukka ja Mama and Jasmin Michaela will make it too.

  3. BEST. JURY. EVER. They had the exact same result than I did and the best song made it, though Hukka ja Mama were excellent and it’s heart breaking considering how amazing they are that they need a second chance. Hopefully, in the end, it will be a battle between these two for Copenhagen.

  4. Just got finished watching this after the La Liga match. Yle uploaded the songs in record time on their Android app. Good job uploading it that fast Yle.

    That was a very enjoyable show. Lots of good stuff.

    2 things:
    I am officially on the Jasmin bandwagon!

    This was the exact same jury as last year. And I have been telling everyone they are a great jury for about 10 months now lol.

    • or maybe they just learned from their mistake :p

    • Well,last year they were not that consistent.Unlike the semi,they gave Krista a better total in the final.And i blame Redrama and Toni Virtanen for this crime…

    • Welcome on board! :) We need everyone we can get for this mission.

      I don’t care if she breaks the nice list with three Swedish Finnish victories in a row, it’s worth it. ;)

      • Thanks, glad to be on board. She had the best performance from start to finish (no pun intended) of all the entries.

        And, she looked fantastic.

        I am willing to help in this mission.

        • But I hope you’re not gonna jump off in case there’ll be a singer with dimples next week? ;)

          I don’t know what we can do, except praying (or bribe the jurors even more) but at least we’ll feel that we belong to the good side at the end of the day.

          • “But I hope you’re not gonna jump off in case there’ll be a singer with dimples next week? ;)”

            LOL. I cant promise I wont.

            But, she was way too impressive today for me to hop off. She had great stage presence, she made the song awesome, and as a bonus, I fell in love with her backing vocalists. And the song is not in English.

            She would make a worthy successor to the bride.

          • Stay positive is my advice. The scores get reset in the final. She will remain great while the others, with their shaky vocals and shaky acts, will wilt under the pressure on finals day.

            The Finnish NF will be must watch that day. Last years winner will be performing her new single and a few moments later the torch will be passed to Jasmine!

            • It’s scheduled to take place at the same time with MF first semifinal. :( This will be a hectic Saturday night for esc fans.Lot of Coffee and energy drinks to get through the night.

            • Don’t be sad. Today is a day to celebrate. We have found the successor in Finland without even having to watch next week’s show.

              Church bells are ringing all over the world. We present Jasmin, who automatically becomes the second greatest singer in Finland’s history.

            • Yes, I’ve hopped off of the miau bandwagon lol.

            • Lol!I suppose her tight jeans and the seductive dance routine have nothing to do with your sudden change of heart… ;)

            • Lol, it’s called stage presence.

              You can’t tell me that performance wasn’t top notch. Sure stage presence doesn’t hurt but she also showed she belongs on that stage. Vocally, who was better tonight?

              All hail the chosen one!

          • LOL, I’m so excited I spelled Jasmin’s name wrong.

      • In keeping with the precedent from Finland, we need to name the Jasmin bandwagon.

        How about Team Voi Voi? If that’s even how you spell it lol. The way she says voi voi in the song is memorable.

        • “Team Voi Voi” sounds like a cool name. The biggest problem though is probably that it’s occupied by Nora Brockstedt (Norway 1960). Maybe we can try to negotiate with the Norwegians if that would be the case?

          • I just made a few phone calls to Norway. They were easy to deal with for the most part. Unfortunately Margaret drove a hard bargain. Long story short, I am a few appliances, and couches lighter (thanks Margaret) but they finally agreed to be Team Voi.

            Which means the name we want is now free. So, Team Voi Voi is up and running and the bandwagon is speeding toward the final on 1 February!

            • Hyvää. Hakkaa päälle! Team Voi Voi to Copenhagen! :)

              Hope I’m not busy at “D-Day”. Leading the operation from the distance will be tricky. Do you think we might get supplies from some special angels? They are after all supposed to be ready to help in dark situations.

            • Yes, The Angel has personally made a plea to the Eurovision gods. I was told they are on board. You will be happy to know that the reason we didn’t win yesterday was that they want to see that performance as many times as possible. Now they get to see it in the semi and twice on final day. The second time on the final is of course the reprise.

              There is nothing to fear: Team Voi Voi is Kobenhavn bound!

  5. Except that i’ve put “my little honey bee” 3rd, the rest of the results are same with my rankings. So i really like the results :)

  6. I have just returned home and watched tonight’s performances. Here are the results of the togravus jury:

    1. Softengine – Great nostalgic tune and strong live vocals except for the last 30 seconds when you could hardly hear the lead singer at times. My dad will love this one. 9/12
    2. Hukka ja Mama – Lovely ditty well performed. 9/12
    3. Jasmin Michaela – Most interesting song and best live vocals of the night. Bad outfits and stage routine. 8/12
    4. Miau – I love aggressive and repetitive stuff and thus this one is right up my alley. Unfortunately, the vocals were average at best. 7/12
    5. Lili Lambert – Nice enough and harmless disco number but vocally Lili wasn’t up to the task of performing this song live, both vocally and visually. 2/12
    6. Dennis Fagerström – Silly song, average vocals 2/12

    Great results!

  7. @ Alex

    I have just voted for Moje 3 in Prinz Blog’s search for the best song ever that did not make it to the final. Well, they are up against Sieneke’s insult to every single brain cell in round 3 atm …

    • LOL, Can you place a vote for me? Also, is beautiful song in the tournament? If so place about 100 votes for me.

      The Serbian entry could have been so much better than it ended up being. Forget the outfits for a moment, the lack of on stage chemistry was a killer.

      • “Beautiful Song” was already thrown out in the qualification round and didn’t even made it to round 1 of the duels. Since then, almost every song I like has been voted out too. In round 4 there will be only 3 songs left I like (Israel 13, Cyprus 11, Finland 10 …)

        I would love to place a vote in your name but you have to vote for all 5 duels if you want your votes to be counted.


        • 2 words: Love Unlimited! LOL

          • “Ding Dong”, which was up against Sofi, would have been disqualified anyway because it got 20 votes from only 2 IP addresses …

            The sad thing is, that ‘Love Unlimited’ is in 4th place on my list of songs that are still in for round 4. I am pretty sure that ‘Crisalide’ will win the whole thing. Well, that’s ESC fans … LOL

            • LOL, someone tried fixing the vote. BTW it wasn’t me, in case you were wondering.

              I liked Crisalide actually. It had a certain charm. And it was better than the facebook song. A 30+ year old valentina pretending to be a teenager was something else though.

            • I wonder which role Valentina will choose for herself in 2014 …

              2012: bubbly girl
              2013: diva
              2014: tbd

            • What about 2015, 2016, 2017 etc?

              For 2014, I would choose the jazz, cabaret singer. I never want to see her as a bubbly girl again.

    • We agree on three duels out of five. I choose Selma in front of Natália and Sieneke in front of Moje3 (sorry). And yay, Prinz is flagging for Estonia 1993!

  8. Another proof the juries can be such idiots… Why go for an anonymous bland song with poor vocals and lame melody and leave the only good song with no chance? One can only hope they come to their senses and change the scores in the final, otherwise there’s no hope for Finland either this year. Softengine had poor vocals and that guy has a weak trembling voice.

    God how I wish they could just ditch them all and send Arion with “Seven” instead. The song is 100 times better than the actual entries, SO much better… :(

    About Israel – so-so choice.

    • I guess we’ll never get any metal in Eurovision – just crappy soft pop/rock like Softengine… It’s like lame Hotel FM or Sinplus all over again.

      • I suggest Arion submit their song to Belarus instead… One can dream. :P

        • But Arion’s lead singer can’t sing to save his life plus he has zero stage charisma.Softengine’s singer is much better.

          • Agreed and signed. Arion’s lead singer is a small boy who needs many more years to mature. Perhaps he will be a competent live performer in 2020.

            Arion to ESC 2020!!! :)

          • I don’t think he was “much” better, only slightly. I am thinking mostly of the song since it is a song contest, and “Seven” is 100 times better as a song than Softengine’s entry IMO, so if they both sing poorly – guess which one I’d choose.

        • Yes i really liked Arion and Passionworks (finnish pre-selection 2009) and i’ve cried because they didn’t win :( . But since Lordi won i’ll never stop to hope for more hard rock and metal entries.
          In Greece we have some good metal bands like Rotting Christ and Firewind but unfortunatelly they don’t have contracts with the labels that usually take over eurovision, also most people who like eurovision don’t like metal and vice versa :(

      • “I guess we’ll never get any metal in Eurovision”

        I am with you on that one. Even KoK eurovisionised their sound for MGP …

  9. The song that i want to win the finnish final is “sangyn reunalla”, it’s getting better and better if you listen to it more than once. I feel exactly the same for “selja”.

  10. Just watched :
    MIAU = 10/10
    Hukka Ja Mama = 10/10
    Softengine = 8/10
    Jasmin Michaela = 8/10
    Lili Lambert = 4/10
    Dennis Fagerström = 3/10

    Great jury this time ! Excellent results ! Trully high UMK level this year ( 4 out of 6 songs scoring an 8 and above , is almost utopic for most Finals )

    • Just so you know,you are all alone now on the miau bandwagon.Even Alex has abandonned this shipwreck…lol

      • Yeap I noticed…Seems like Jasmin stole his heart for the moment…
        I really don’t mind MIAU losing to any of the ACTS scoring an 8 and above on my list.
        The only disgrace would be a horrendous winner like “On top of the world” , “Hope” or “Honeybee”…

  11. This NF is so damn good. The only weak spot is Dennis and it looks like he won’t survive 2nd chance. Finland’s due for a good placing at Eurovision and someone here will do it for them.

  12. Those results were exactly what I predicted. Exactly.

    I will watch the live performances later, and from what I’ve read there is a lot for me to look forward to.

  13. I’m glad Softengine is going straight to the final :)

  14. Alright, I just watched the performances are here are my thoughts…

    MIAU – “God/Drug”: To be honest this was a bit of a let down after their very strong presentation performance. Slightly shaky vocals all around, and the new staging with the dancers looked a bit messy and over the top. I did like the new mixing of the song, with the slightly harsher synths and snare hits giving it a clear electro-clash flavour, rather than the heavy Garbage vibe the original demo gave off. It did however make the transition into the rock section rather jarring, which is a minus. I do like these girls though, and think they deserve a place in the final. (7-8/12)

    Dennis Fagerstrom – “My Little Honey Bee”: Whoever drew this to perform after MIAU deserves a cookie, as it really did highlight how weak, safe and insipid this song was. I’m surprised that Dennis was a part of The Voice in Finland, as he looked totally awkward and inexperienced on that stage and his vocals were unimpressive to say the least. Only in a Belarusian NF could you get away with something so dull. (3-4/12)

    Lili Lambert – “Let Me Take You There”: It strikes me as odd that this even made the final twelve, seeing as the jury clearly didn’t like it even in the presentation and only awarded it an average of 4.5/10. It makes me wonder if they craft the line-up to include a few chanceless songs so their favorites have a better shot of making it through? Anyway… whilst I quite liked this in studio version (in an anticipation of a big performance) in the live performance it just felt weak and irrelevant. It actually reminded me a lot of Iina Salin’s first performance last year – uncharismatic singer, decent, if not stellar vocals, and awkwardly choreographed backing singers. Her styling was much better than the presentation, which is something, but her backing singers looked ridiculous with their barely there choreography. (4-5/12)

    Hukka ja Mama – “Selja”: I just love these guys. They have such a genuine energy and chemistry with each other, which really elevates their performances in my eyes. I thought the opening of the performance on the sofa was a bit stilted, but otherwise they delivered really well. The song is quickly growing on me too. (9-10/12)

    Softengine – “Something Better”: These guys stand to gain a lot from their participation in UMK. Not only have they scored a major record deal before their first performance on the show. That’s a big break for a new band with an average age of just over 17. Whilst I don’t think ESC would be the best outcome for them at the moment (too much too soon) I really hope they can use this competition as a launchpad to a successful domestic career, and encourage other upcoming bands to participate in UMK. The song is well-written and energetic, and the screaming in the final chorus adds some vigour to what would otherwise feel like just a Coldplay cover. The performance was solid, with strong vocals (great transition in-between falsetto) and a competent, if slightly unassuming, stage presence. In the unlikely case this does get sent to ESC (we can only dream) I think it could be a surprise hit. (10-11/12)

    Jasmin Michaela – “Kertakäyttösydän”: A somewhat unusual, yet easily accessible song that I can’t seem to place musically (I can trace bits that remind me of Shakira, 80s Kylie and Blondie, to name a few!). The best asset here is the performance though, which was great. Jasmin was styled perfectly (sexy but not slutty), she sounded great and she commanded the stage with her presence. The final would be a sadder place without her. (8-9/12)

  15. The running order for the second semifinal:
    The running order

    MAKEA – Painovoima
    Lauri Mikkola – Going down
    Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – Top of the world
    Mikko Pohjola – Sängyn reunalla
    Madcraft – Shining bright
    Hanna Sky – Hope

  16. The running order for the second semifinal:

    MAKEA – Painovoima
    Lauri Mikkola – Going down
    Clarissa feat. Josh Standing – Top of the world
    Mikko Pohjola – Sängyn reunalla
    Madcraft – Shining bright
    Hanna Sky – Hope

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  18. […] the national final hosted in Finland for Eurovision 2014,six songs competed last week in the first semi-final. Tonight it was the turn of the other six songs to […]

  19. […] and it’s the last chance to get to the final next week.After Softengine qualified in the first semifinal and Hanna Sky in the second semifinal, while Lili Lambert and Makea got voted out of them […]

  20. […] Softengine qualified in the first semifinal and Hanna Sky in the second semifinal, while Lili Lambert and Makea got voted out of them […]

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