Finland: First Semi-final Tonight!

Finland – The Finnish national broadcaster YLE is hosting the first of two semi-finals tonight with 6 songs competing to go to the Final or at least qualify to second chance! The national final is kicking off officially and one song will be voted out completely tonight.

After YLE presented the twelve songs competing in this year’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, the national final hosted in Finland for Eurovision 2014, in the past few weeks, six songs will compete tonight in the first semi-final.

Here is tonight’s line-up:

  1. Miau with “God/Drug” (Anu Kaukola, Henna Juvonen)
  2. Dennis Fagerström with “My Little Honey Bee” (Dennis Fagerström, Michael James Down, Niklas Hast, Andreas Anastasiou, Primoz Poglajen)
  3. Lili Lambert with “Let Me Take You There” (Lili Lambert, Joonas Kaikko, Lasse Piirainen)
  4. Hukka Ja Mama with “Selja” (Lasse Hukka)
  5. Softengine with “Something Better” (Topi Latukka, Henri Oskár)
  6. Jasmin Michaela with “Kertakäyttösydän” (Mikko Kierikki, Jasmin Michaela, Jutta Annala, Johanna Viksten)

The jury which chose the songs is the same as last year: Tomi Saarinen (head of YleX radio channel), Aija Puurtinen (singer), Tomi Wirtanen (lead singer of Apulanta) and Redrama (rapper). They will help 50% for tonight’s result with televote. One song will qualify directly to the grand final, four will qualify to second chance, programmed for January 25th, while one son will be kicked out completely from the competition.

Which is your favorite as of now? You can watch the show live here.

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100 comments on “Finland: First Semi-final Tonight!

  1. a not to Arion, last year’s best in ULMK 2013 and winner of the first semifinal

  2. Arion <3
    My UMK 2013 personal winners and one of my top 3 songs of last season

  3. Well Arion’s lead singer still has an average voice even with Lip-Synching and zero stage charisma,imo

  4. Arion were not my guys last year. Justin Bieber rockers as one of the jurors said. The song was also pretty underwhelming. But hey, the one they’re playing now is actually really good. They’ve matured.

  5. Softengine to the final?I think so.

  6. Softengine straight to the final! Then qualified Hukka/Mama, Jasmin, Miau and… Dennis! Lili is out…

  7. wait, i was watching lithuania what happened? lol

  8. Well deserved that Softengine is in the final, I think. And who knows, maybe we get some rock from Finland in Copenhagen. There wasn’t too much of that in ESC 2013.

    • (Apart from “Lonely Planet” and “Identitet” of course)

    • Seeing how the juries vote and what follows at the next semi,i think they’re now the favorite to win UMK.It’s a nice arena rock song a bit too typical of its genre perhaps but they’d bring a good result for Finland.

  9. The audience applauded Madcraft and no one else! :D

  10. Did anyone note down the full jury results btw? It sounds like Hukka ja Mama won televote but not by enough so Softengine qualified to the final instead? Anyway these two should probably be in the running in the end…

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