Belarus: “Cheesecake” by Teo to Copenhagen!

Belarus – After Ukraine and Albania in 2013, the  national finals resumed tonight with the first selection in 2014 having taken place in Belarus. And after a dramatic finnish, it was Teo who won with his song Cheesecake!

Fourteen songs took part in the competition and a 50/50 result gave us Teo as the winner. But it sure was a close one as Teo came third in televote behind bookmakers favorite Max Lorens & Didyulya coming first and Nuteki coming second but Teo smashed the juries result while Janette came second and the favorites only third. Therefore we had both Max and Teo tied at 20pts (12+8) and the juries were once more called to give their favorite between them two to see who would win. Teo having won the jury vote by a landslide came easily victorious and took the crown.

The fact that the televote result was announced only a minute after the voting ended but then we had two commercial breaks and no less than 9 performances as interval act before the jury results will surely rise suspicion from fans who consider Belarus as a not very trust worthy country wen it comes to picking its entry. You can read more on the songs and tonight’ show on our article about it as well as the live comments from our regular members.

More information about Juri Vashchuk, known as Teo, can be found on the official Eurovision.tv site: “Cheesecake has been written by Juri himself. The contestant told about the meaning of his song: “It’s not about the dessert at all”. Cheesecake is Juri’s nickname that his ex-girlfriend gave to him. Although the singer is bored of this nickname, he says: “This song suits my mood and I feel absolutely comfortable performing this entry”.” Here’s the official clip of Cheeseccake and the performance from tonight’ show:

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154 comments on “Belarus: “Cheesecake” by Teo to Copenhagen!

  1. Do both of tonight’s shows start at 20 CET? That’s bad planning because that’s exactly when the La Liga top of the table clash between Atlético and Barcelona takes place.

    Much more important than anything going on in Eurovision land tonight. I’ll watch the entries after the match. BTW is Lithuania eliminating anyone tonight after their 3 hour show?

    • same, today i have a few matches to watch and not eurovision

    • Of course.1 more will be eliminated tonight.
      Wish me luck then.Maybe,MIAU will be the one to be eliminated in Finland…Fat chance!

      • Good luck. Unless it’s for minutes then I take it back.

        Also, if I’m not posting here during game the match, read the statement below only if honeybee gets eliminated

        See, I told you only the best entries win in Finland. It has nothing to do with any minority.

        (if honeybee advances just pretend the statement above was never written lol)

    • i hate spanish commentors so i might watch the game with umk’s sound lol
      besides, i hate barca (vamos atleti!!!!)

      • Lol, umk commentators. Awesome. The English commentary here sucks BTW.

        I don’t have a rooting interest either, I don’t support any club in Spain. I only support Olympiacos.

        But as a football fan, this is a must watch this afternoon.

      • i love barça, im just glad for atletico considering how i hate real more, they keep stealing our players anyway (modric and bale)

        • oh i hate real too

          i’m just glad la liga seems to be leaving the bipartisan system behind even if just for one season

        • I so much agree with you on Real, Atletico and Barça.
          RM are my third most hateful club in Europe :)

        • Football clubs seem to be today’s theme. I’ve always been an Atlético de Madrid fan. I still remember the look of disgust I got when I told someone in a Madrid bar that I was an Atlético fan – priceless! I hope thay defeat Barça today. My own team, Sporting, will be playing at Estoril at the same time (more or less). Sporting is broke and it is in joint first place with Benfica and Porto that have spent six times more money on their players. Sporting is finally doing what many people in Portugal say they should be doing – playing with players they ‘grow’ in their own younger teams.

          That being said, I am not a subscriber of the channels who broadcast these games, so I will be following UMK and trying to catch Monika’s performance.

          • can you follow UMK? last years it was impossible for people not living in Finland…

            • I am going to try this link (source ESC Today).


            • all right I hope it works, I know that last years it didn’t it kept saying “you dont have an IP that says you’re in Finland”… but then the full show is available online afterwards, there’s Lithuania to follow anyway!

            • If it does not work, there is always Lithuania, last week’s Lithuanian songs were quite pleasant to hear. It will all depend on what they’re going to be performing today. There is not too much talk and the jurors seem to be voting for whomever is doing a good job. The televoters, on the oher hand, seem to be voting for the pretty boy on stage regardless of his lack of talent.

          • fredy montero is from my region, he’s been great for sporting

            • Yep, he is doing great and he seems to be having fun. Sporting is playing beautiful and intelligent football. Leonardo Jardim, the coach, is very wise.

          • it’s worldwide hits today, monika is singing an imagine dragons song (good taste)

          • When I was in Madrid 3 years ago (I was staying at a hotel downtown Madrid), I saw several people wearing Atletico’s shirts and believe it or not a young guy wearing a Barça(!!!) one; on the other hand, I didn’t see a single one wearing RM shirt. Just unbelievable!

            I hope Sporting win tonight, Shevek ;)

          • I saw the Porto supporters going to the team bus to curse out the porto players a few weeks back lol.

            One of the things that shocks a lot of people is the sheer amount of football that’s on TV here. The ethnic portugese channels actually show Liga sagres matches. We are actually one of the few countries that get all English Premier League matches screened live. We get at least 4 matches live from the other big 4 European leagues. We even get matches from the Netherlands. And Latin America is covered too.

  2. My revised thoughts on the Belarusian NF, after re-watching all of the performances.

    Really Like (9-10/12):

    * Nuteki: “Fly Away” – The bad mixing really destroyed this, as it both overpowered Mikhail’s more than decent vocals and made the song, which is one of their better ones in my opinion, sound far too noisy.

    Like (7-8/12):


    Indifferent (5-6/12):

    * Matvey Kuper & DUX: “Strippers” – I really like the instrumental in this and its combination of glitchy electronic and sleazy rock n’ roll sounds, but that’s about it. The lyrics, whilst not meaning to be sexist in my opinion, come across as rather crude and underwritten, and the macho-sexist performance undermined any interesting point they were trying to make.
    * Elena Siniavskaya: “Via Lattea” – Musically this is almost comically camp, bombastic and unsubstantial, but Elena looked great and gave one of the better performances of the night in my opinion.
    * Natalia Tamelo: “Not What I’ve Been Looking For” – A decent, Lena-ish kind of song that comes across as naff rather than quirky due to the rather straightforward performance.

    Dislike (3-4/12):

    * Tasha Odi: “Empty Universe” – One of the better MOR ballads in the line-up with a decent vocal performance, but a rather awkward presentation
    * TEO: “Cheesecake” – I like this a lot more after reading the lyrics, and still find it a lot more enjoyable than most of the other acts in the line-up. Still, that doesn’t make “Cheesecake” a good song, and I can’t help but cringe when I watch his performance
    * Daria: “Starlight” – Middling R&B diva ballad sunk by an unconfident live performance
    * Max Lorens & DiDyuLya: “Now You’re Gone” – Pretentious to an almost cringeworthy degree. In hindsight I’m glad this didn’t win the tiebreak.
    * Anastasiya Malashkevich: “Runaway” – MOR ballad with pseudo-artsy staging and vocal histrionics
    * Janette: “You Will Be Here” – MOR ballad with pretentious lyrics and tacky staging
    * Artem Mikhalenko: “Rapsodiya #1” – The epitome of pompous.
    * Alina Moshchenko: “Angel Crying” – Just another Slavic bimbo pleading for world peace in an insipid, blandly performed ballad. Yawn.

    Hate (0-2/12):

    * Switter Boys feat. Kate & Volga Karol – “Vechnaya lyubov” – Completely devoid of substance, musical merit and comedy

  3. My current rankings

    1. Albania (8/12)
    2. Belarus (4/12)
    3. Ukraine (3/12)

  4. my mother-in-law makes a better cheesecake, and to be honest I don’t really care for anything that comes from Belarus, I’m very behind as always with what’s happening but I guess so far:
    Albania, then Belarus,then Ukraine, in no particular order, am not a fan of any of them, see what happens with the rest, for the moment with my dear mother in law’s cheesecake !

  5. The pre-show in Finland is already on. http://yle.fi/aihe/umk2014/karsinta-1

  6. Well if Austria send a ballad all about accepting someone for who they are regardless if they don’t conform to the social norm then I might rank it higher, because an issue like that is so topical at the minute and the lyrics will be an education to some* of the homophobes in the former ussr and southern european countries. (And I only mean some, not all are). The song will probably end up cheesy, but if I put his beard to one side and just focus on a woman singing the vocals then Austria could do quite well with me, some of Conchita’s music is actually fine vocally, its more cheesy lyrics and dated composition that let it down.

  7. My final ranking for the Belarussian NF:

    1. Artsem Mikhalenka 8.25
    2. Janette 7.50
    3. Nuteki 7.25 (very good song, very weak live vocals …)
    4. Taša Odi 6.75
    5. Max Lorens & DiDyuLya 6.50
    6. Matvei Cooper & “DUX” Band 6.00
    7. Natalia Tamelo 5.50
    8. Alina Moshchenko 4.75
    9. Teo 4.50
    10. Anastasia Malashkevich 3.75
    11. NAPOLI 3.50
    12. Daria 3.25
    13. Elena Siniavskaya 2.50
    14. Switter Boys feat. Kate & Volga Karol 0.75

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