San Marino: Valentina Duets with Joshua de Cadenéx

SanMarinoSan Marino – After speculation that Valentina Monetta was going to reveal her Eurovision song on Christmas Eve, she revealed a duet with Joshua de Cadenéx on the Christmas show Tombola di Natale. The song is called ‘A Kiss’ and features on Valentina’s new album. It also features Corale di San Marino choir. Her Eurovision entry is also expected to be on the album, but it appears that we are still awaiting that!

Joshua has worked with The Band with No Name, West Life, Will Young, Beverly Knight, 911, Daniel Bedingfield, All Saints and Joss Stone. He has also worked on TV shows including The Voice and Pop idols in the UK.

Check out the latest duet now…

18 comments on “San Marino: Valentina Duets with Joshua de Cadenéx

  1. I wonder if she will finally send a serious song to Eurovision, but I have no faith whatsoever in the Sammarinese entry. I hope they stop trolling and send someone else next year.

    • I agree but we should put the blame on the composer mainly…

      • While the singer has no responsibility of what they accept to sing?

        • That’s why I said “mainly”.
          Of course no one sane would accept to sing the “Facebook” song …

          • The Facebook song can somewhat work if you have a young teenage singer singing it. If you are an adult and pretending to be a teenager then absolutely not.

            Valentina is 30 someone I believe. The visual alone of her dressing and singing like a 17 year old was an epic fail.

    • erm there was nothing wrong with San Marino’s entry last year, it was a worthy qualifier, but because theres people out there that are so anti-micro state it didn’t qualify.

      • It was a cheap, tacky and crappy song that thankfully didn’t qualify. It was too close to qualifying! Too many Eurovision clichés at once for my taste. I hope they find another songwriter/composer this time at least.

        • If the rumors are true and there is a money man supporting the entry every year, then he will continue to provide his own songs. Otherwise, why would he fund the entry out of his pocket?

          And with this arrangement, the national broadcaster gets all (most?) of the expenses paid for so they could care less if they qualify. They certainly like this arrangement and wont kick up a fuss.

  2. After 3 years, she should just play to her strengths and go with something from her repertoire. It’s not like she had success going with other genres. She should go there with her sultry jazz numbers and take her chances.

    This is a credible effort, but I know she can do even better.

    Plus, 2 thumbs up to one of the YouTube comments below the video: “this is better than a Facebook song” High praise indeed lol.

  3. The remaining 6 videos of the Finnish hopefuls have been uploaded. http://areena.yle.fi/tv/2116894 http://areena.yle.fi/tv/2117101

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