Albania: National Final Tomorrow

Albania – After Ukraine last week, it is time to head to Albania where the second national final of the season is about to conclude with a grand final this Saturday! Read a full recap from semi 2 and get all the information to be ready for Festival i Këngës!

So we watched two “semifinals” already. Technically, they were not so much semifinals but a presentation of the entries as Saturday all songs will be competing again. After the first show on Thursday, tonight, Friday the 27th, we discovered the last 8 of the competing entries to represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and each singer also got to do a duet with a guest singer and together they performed an old FiK song.

These 8 songs were presented to us:

  1. Jehona by Na (then they performed Gjeologes with Kozma Dushi)
  2. Ti mungon by Marjeta Billo (then she performed with Dashuria e parë with Juliana Pasha)
  3. Ëndërrat janë ëndërra by Xhejsi Jorgaqi (then she performed Gazin njerzve u a shtoj with Eranda Libohov)
  4. Me ty by Klodian Kacani (then he performed Rrjedh në këngë e ligjërime with Rovena Dilo)
  5. Një ditë shprese by Frederik Ndoci (then he performed Shqipëri o vendi im with Irma Libohova)
  6. Jam larg by Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj (then they performed A do vish with Myfarete Laze)
  7. Grua by Saimir Braho (then he performed Ti ecën në shi with Flaka Krelani)
  8. Princesha by Lynx (then they performed Ne jemi emri i vetë jetes with Eneda Tarifa)

Saimir Braho who was supposed to go as #7 yesterday was replaced yesterday by Blerina Braka. He performed tonight as #7 instead of Orges Toce who withdrew. They were replaced by the group Na who went as #1 when Blerina was supposed to perform. All in all, this can be summed in Orges Toce were replaced by Na. The rest is just details. Also, both Na and Lynx only featured their singing leads on stage as the musicians from the group were incorporated to the orchestra, making for some puzzled looks “are they a one-man group?” especially for Na, who wasnt supposed to take part to begin with!

The biggest cheers in the audience followed Klodian Kacani’s performance. It lasted for a few minutes with very audible “bravos” and many whistles. A clear audience’s favorite. It helped Rona Nishliu in 2012 but usually the jury, who has all the power in Albania, never quite follows the audience.

So the supposed line-up for tomorrow, if Na replaces Orges Toce, looks like this:

  1. Zemërimi i një nate (One night’s anger) – Herciana Matmuja
  2. Jam larg (I’m far away) – Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj
  3. Kthehu (Come back) – Luiz Ejlli
  4. Një ditë shprese (One hopeful day) – Frederik Ndoci
  5. Jehona (Echo) – Na
  6. Me ty (With you) – Klodian Kacani
  7. Natë e pare (First night) – Venera Lumani & Lindi Islami
  8. Mikja ime (My friend) – Blerina Braka
  9. Ëndërrat janë ëndërra (Dreams are dreams) – Xhejsi Jorgaqi
  10. Kur qielli qan (When the sky cries) – Xhejn & Enxhi Kumrija
  11. Princesha (The Princess) – Lynx
  12. Ti mungon (You’re missing) – Marjeta Billo
  13. Grua (Wife) – Sajmir Braho
  14. Në zemër (In the heart) – Rezarta Smaja
  15. Vetëm për ty (Only for you) – Entela Zhula & Edmond Mancaku
  16. Nuk e di (I don’t know) – Renis Gjoka

For hosting the show, Enkel Demi will be joined by Klea Huta for the final. As for the juries they’ve also been announced: Agim Krajka (composer), Aleksander Lalo (composer), Bojken Lako (songwriter), Eriona Rushiti (composer), Hajg Zaharian (composer), Petrit Malaj (actor) and Xhevair Spahiu (songwriter).

You can watch it on this official webcast starting at 8:45 CET, but it usually doesn’t work. We recommand this link (thanks dimitri for it)! The final will be broadcasted live on the official Eurovision.tv site!

Who do you want in Copenhagen? Tell us why below and follow the final with us!

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451 comments on “Albania: National Final Tomorrow

  1. Surprised that Gruha did so good, and surprised Marjeta and Rezarta didn’t do as well. Pleased for Klodian, he had a good performance, and very happy for Hersi. Out of all, she truly deserved it.

  2. …and my favorite comes second. Herci’s song was one that I hadn’t heard so I hope this is good.

  3. Yes, the first list of the 2014 season:

    1. Albania
    2. Ukraine

    GOOOO Herci! Good luck!

  4. Frankly I didn’t quite expect this. It sounded a bit unhomogenous to me at first, but it may grow on me.

  5. Congrats to Herci. It’s actually a quite good song.

    Will it make the final is the next question?

  6. And much, much better than “Tick Tock” :-)

  7. Albania were pik-rolled tonight! My favourite won. It is actually a grower now when I’m starting to learn the different parts of the song. Good luck in Copenhagen!

  8. My second-favorite of the night wins FiK with her second-best FiK song.

  9. Good choice ! With a revamp this will hopefully explode come May. It is a 7.5 /10 from me for the moment and of course Ukraine stays behind…
    Very reasonable results for FIK , I must say. The handsome guy with the anthemic ballad ranked 2nd and “Grua” scored 3rd ( told you ii had something Morgan :P , this was our first and only disagreement of the night )
    Luiz Ejlli scored pretty high , no?

  10. 6/12 song!! I think it will be improved but will not get my vote for sure!! Albania 2013 was much, much, much better!

  11. good result, albania might be in my top 10 for a third year in a row

  12. […] Klodian Kacani who got the biggest cheers on the second semifinal finished second with his song Me ty while Sajmir Braho finished third with the song Grua. You can read more about Festival i Këngës 52 on the article and live feed we made here! […]

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