Netherlands: It’s The Common Linnets!

netherlandsThe Netherlands – Dutch broadcaster AVROSTROS, has anounced that its representative in Copenhagen will be The Common Linnets. It was expected that Ilse DeLange would be their choice, but she has teamed up with Dutch talent show entrant Waylon to form a duo.

The song will be presented in March 2014.


Photo: Michel Mölder

Ilse said: “Waylon and I have known each other since we made ‘rootsy’ music together as teenagers. This year we are working on an album in Nashville as a ‘side project’. The Eurovision Song Contest was something we both individually considered but this joint venture is so awesome that we’ve decided to go it as a duo. I cannot wait for us to stand on the stage! As a child, watching the Eurovision Song Contest was a tradition in our family and I feel so honoured!”

After Anouk’s lack of participation in Eurovision events last year it sounds like Isle will be a refreshing embracer if all things Eurovision!

Waylon said, “I am honoured to be embarking on this adventure with Ilse, who I have known for so long. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest events in the world and to stand there on its stage has always secretly been a dream of mine”.

Waylon (real name Willem Bijkerk) iss and entered Halland Has talent.He also took part in the 2005 national selection Nationaal Songfestival, performing the song “Leven Als Een Beest” together with Rachel.

Check out some of their solo performances:



What do you think of The Netherland’s chances this year?

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118 comments on “Netherlands: It’s The Common Linnets!

  1. Oikotimes presents the first 16 MF contestants,the running order and their songtitles. http://oikotimes.com/2013/11/26/mf-2014-first-set-of-artists-revealed/

  2. Hey, i just wanted to introduce myself to all of as i’m just new on eurovisiontimes (: i’m philipp, 17 years old and coming from germany. hope we’ll have much fun on talking about eurovision 2014 (:

  3. guys, i just got home, i’m going to write the much expected MF article as soon as I’ve eaten

  4. Some trivia: Ellen Benediktson,who’s taking part in the first semi was doing vocals for the French entry “L’enfer et moi”.SVT officials were impressed by her voice so they asked her to join MF.She enters with a song written by people who collaborated with Celine Dion in her latest English album.I bet,her song is a ballad.

  5. Yes, yes and yes ! This is a very interesting and very musically intriguing duet. Ilse alone would be a great choice but along with Waylon we are going for something very credible here. The Netherlands are back on track and I am glad ! Good luck !

  6. Ilse and Waylon talk about the type of song they have planned. They pretty much tell you it’s going to be the greatest Dutch entry ever.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN7mgE6qSto

    I’m twice as excited as I was yesterday after seeing this.

    • Yes.They do sound promising since they say they’ll do something contemporary and not a parody of country music.

      • What I think happened is they are aware that I will support them so they will not embarrass me. They know I only associate with winners lol.

        By the sounds of it, they are preparing a wonderful throwback southern country rock tune. Plus they realize that hard core country might alienate the audience so they are going to tone it down. Hopefully they do well and the floodgates open for other artists in the future to go down this route.

        I’m telling you, the song is going to deliver big time, it’s probably going to exceed my elevated expectations.

        I did my research, I realized very quickly that they aren’t fake. Otherwise, I would not be backing them with such enthusiasm.

        Those pre esc performances they give are going to be epic. It’s going to start at eurovision in concert in their home country and continue with those esc pre parties.

  7. They just perform a song from their new material on a tv show: http://dewerelddraaitdoor.vara.nl/media/305058

    • Awesome, just awesome! And this is only the beginning.

      Europe, don’t let me down during the semifinal. Both the jury and the tekevoters need to get behind the Netherlands.

  8. Waylon got good taste at least. :) WJ!

    I like their description and influences. I hope the song will be a strong one. They can sing live too.

  9. I have high expectations. Good luck! :)

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