Will Turkey Return in 2015?

turkeyTurkey – Turkish national broadcaster TRT has refused to rejoin Eurovision as yet and has set up the alternative Türkvizyon. It seems however that the door may now open for a return after the EBU apologised…

Information release by TRT last week revealed that at a meeting in Istanbul, The Head of TRT Mr. İbrahim Şahin received an apology from The Head of the  EBU, Mr. Jean-Paul Philippot. The Turks were upset that they were not consulted when changes were being made to the voting system for 2014.

TRT’s Mr. İbrahim Şahin said,

Although we were having good results at the contest, we previously signaled that we’re not coming back in 2014 like in 2013; as previous system (voting) changes weren’t asked for our votes. Apart from these issues, we were not taken into the elections for the board of management – though we are one of the strongest members in EBU. Today Mr. Philippot told us their apologies about both situations.

Although Mr Şahin confirmed they will not participate in 2014, a least they are now talking. There’s still a long way to go though with TRT making demands on the EBU that the EBU may not be able to meet. He went on to say,

From now on both TRT and EBU will take more initiative about our relations…as EBU showed us their enthusiasm today. There are more than 300 international employees in the EBU and only one of them is Turkish. We are one of the bigger countries in the union so EBU will have less issues like these (participation in the contest, elections and etc) if there are more Turkish employee to contact us in the future”.

Şahin said further that the EBU Director had expressed his regret over failing to exclude Turkey from the voting for a seat on the EBU Executive Board despite Turkey’s candidacy and spoke of his intention to develop relations with frequent visits from now on.

Is it important Turkey returns to Eurovision in 2015 and Türkvizyon does not split the worlds biggest song contest? Let us know you’re views on the Turksih stance below.

24 thoughts on “Will Turkey Return in 2015?

  1. I dont want them to come back as it means EBU are having to change the rules just to please one country, that isn’t fair, I see Turkey as a spoilt child, they have no reason to complain about the big 5 status when every year (with the fair exception in 2011) they qualify without fail and end up in the top 10. I don’t want Turkey to come back until its matured a bit more, give it 10 or 15 more years time and then i’d be happy to see them, maybe they will have grown up a bit by then.

  2. plus they have no reason to complain about having the jury, they have 60 point head start thanks to Diaspora, that includes the usual 12 points from Azerbaijan, if there was solely tele-voting we’d see Turkey and other eastern countries make it to the top 5 every year.

  3. Blah , blah , blah… They keep on destroying a very likable esc profile ( song-wise ) by mixing silly politics with a SONG contest….

  4. Do you thing that if Turkey has “big” status is going to react like this? Its very low for the image of new Ottoman Turkish government the Grand Nation of Turkey to be in semifinals with the rest small and poor countries . If EBU give them a “big” status the problem will resolve , and Turks focus in that issue. Turks have history to threat with different caprice Nations and Organisations until to get what they want. Btw I agree that big 5 status is unfair but I don’t accept from a country who have sure 70 points before the contest start to behave and threat with this way. If one of this countries: Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, Netherlands, San Marino, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Spain, France, UK, Slovenia or Israel withdraw for the reasons who Turkey withdraw they will get a huge support from me . But sorry no Turkey who are the No 1 succesfull and its obvious that focus with treats to get big status from EBU .

  5. So now the problem is the number of turkish employees at EBU ? Ok..
    If their potential next entry consists of a male – female duet will they be able to sleep in the same room then ? (Since they want to play politics..)

  6. Turkey Top 5:
    1. “Dinle” – Şebnem Paker & Grup Etnic
    2. “Beşinci mevsim” – Şebnem Paker
    3. “Sufi” – MFÖ
    4. “Deli” – Mor ve Ötesi
    5. “Pet’r oil” – Ajda Pekkan

    As for the actual topic, a Big 6 is not what I’m hoping for. Nor any Big anything else for that matter.

  7. Grow up Turkey! I agree with all the comments made so far – spoilt child, nothing to complain about, etc etc. As far as im concerned, let them do their Turkvision – no offence to anyone from that region but it could never touch the Eurovision, its laughable they think they mean so much to the contest. They don’t. I’m sorry but the Turkish government have acted like babies in this instance. I don’t want them back in the contest. Stay out until you learn to keep your dummy in your mouth.

  8. Personally I do not give any fucking shit for DQ actions like those of TRT. EBU should behave logically and ban TRT from any future contest (at least in the near future) due to their disrespectful attitude.

  9. Is it important Turkey returns to Eurovision in 2015 and Türkvizyon does not split the worlds biggest song contest?

    Are you referring to Azerbaijan? Let them have it I don’t care either. Nonelse (from Europe) will join the Turkthing anyway…

    • Well initially Russia wanted to join the first Turkvision competition. I don’t know really why they didn’t.
      But I know that Kazakhstan wanted to join EBU and Eurovision. But why Euro when Turkvision.
      As you said Azerbaidjan and Turkey herself.
      Well Turkey has 75 million people and so a big number of viewers, more if we consider Turks in diaspora.
      But I don’t want to show Turkey and Turkvision as a ‘conqueror’ of EBU and Esc. But Turkey is right when she says that BigFive is unfair (those countries are the biggest maintainers of EBU, but ESC is a competition so everyone has to have the same conditions) and the current voting system is problematic (see jury voting Azerbaijan last year and Georgia this year) and also unfair (the ‘point-magnet’ know moved to the west).
      I don’t agree with Turkey if they say Eurovision went to far with homo- and transsexualism (because there are many people in Turkey who number among this group and who would vote for Conchita Wurst) and there are too many bare skin at the screen, l think nobody in Turkey had any problems with Hadise in 2009.
      Hope Turkey stays like she does and does not return to ESC until something changed.

  10. Its more than obvious that Turks try to push EBU to make they are favours through Eurovision . I wont be suprice if the next EBU president will be Turk and also I wont be suprice if Turkey get that they want after EBU silly apologies to the Turks. And btw how come a Turk Nations contest who actuall most of participations are unregognise and defacto “Nations ” to split Eurovision ? The only Turk nation ( apart Turkey ) is Azerbaijan. The rest ESC countries has nothing to do with Turks . And yes… Turkey should get a ban because with Türkvizyon make a huge political problems to a lot of ESC countries since in this contest participates fake and unregognise “states” who split de facto from ESC countries like: Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus and Serbia .

  11. This may be hard for me because I will have to get serious for a moment lol.

    First of all, I believe the contest is above any country, so Turkey (or any country for that matter) deciding not to take part will neither thrill me, or ruin my enjoyment of the show.

    I do disagree with my fellow posters that are castigating Turkey for trying to get a better deal out of the situation or “are playing politics.” Turkey thinks they deserve more and some countries deserve less. Let them and the EBU sort it out, as long as they all remain within the rules of course.

    Truth be told, every country entering is “playing politics” one way or another. Of course, sometimes it involves more trivial matters like draw position or jury selection, but it is the same principle nevertheless. Turkey decided to make it about a bigger issue (and be more public about it) so the spotlight has shone on them more brightly.

    The contest, as an aside, stopped being “pure” a long time ago (if it was ever “pure” to begin with). The whole reason the contest was invented was political.

    This is also my opinion of course, but I feel certain countries get a rougher ride because they are certain countries. I hearken back to Belarus (who didn’t break any EBU rules by changing songs), but there were calls for them to be thrown out over it, while Bulgaria also changed songs but the outcry was not as loud and nobody broached the subject of disqualifying them (if I remember correctly, and please correct me if I’m wrong, most of the vitriol directed toward Bulgaria was for ripping off the televoter).

    I do not even need to bring up the outcry over Azerbaijan vis a vis alleged vote rigging, where the conversation quickly turned, not to if they did it, but what the punishment should be.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that certain countries are here that think and act differently from the “correct” way we think they should. To me, the rights and wrongs of these countries have nothing to do with Eurovision. These discussions are for a different time and place. Once any country becomes a member of the EBU, and wants to take part in Eurovision, the only requirement from them should be that they follow the EBU rules.

    If I am accused of putting my head in the sand or being naive so be it. My position will always be that the EBU is not, and cannot, be the agent of change.

    Now, back to frivolity.

    • I m sure. Turkey come back eurovision. because turkish people love eurovision. Somebody hates turkey. WHY ? Because Turkish people a barbarian. we are not barbarian . really barbarian people Somebody ( They’re understood) and Finland we <3 you and we hope. TURKEY COME BACK 15

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