FYR Macedonia: Song Presentation on January 15th

macedoniaFYR Macedonia – Another date for the diary… FYR Macedonia’s representative, Tijana Dapcevic, will reveal the uptempo song she will sing on January 15th. Her backing vocalist will be her sister Tamara, who is no stranger to Eurovision (2004, 2008).

68 comments on “FYR Macedonia: Song Presentation on January 15th

  1. Here is another esc country which is underrated most of the time no matter what they send :(
    From 2010 the only song I did not like was Esma&Lazano’s…Before 2010 they also sent great songs but got very poor results in return.I am happy they are still rooting for Eurovision :)

    I am looking forward to Tijiana’s song…

    and this Macedonian song is pretty popular in Turkey at the moment…The singer had released few albums in Turkey but was not very succesful but this song literally resurrected her LOL

  2. Good luck, Tijana!
    Good luck, neighbours!

  3. Good luck, Tijana!
    I am very excited to see Tamara again. I love MAK 2008. :)

  4. Off topic: Interesting news coming from Copenhagen?Will the people in the audience be used as projection screens?http://www.eurovisionary.com/eurovision-news/do-10000-spectators-turn-worlds-largest-projection-screen-eurovision-2014

    • Reading this, I feel more and more old fashioned…

      Btw, just arrived home from a lovely trip to Amsterdam :-)

      • I find it to be a very interesting idea.I hope you had a great time there. :)

        • It’s of course difficult to know what they have in mind, so there might be some good ideas behind it. The good thing is, it shows that they take it seriously. But I use to think that less is more. Too many fancy and spectacular effects can take from the experience as there are too many things to focus on at the same time. Of cours the idea behind this experiment may not be so.

          Great time in Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, boat trip on the canals, good restaurants and hearing the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

          • Welcome back.

            Wait, Amsterdam has restaurants? When I was there I only remembered the the Heineken Factory lol.

            Amsterdam is also known for a couple of other things too lol.

            • “Amsterdam is also known for a couple of other things too lol.”

              You are obviously referring to acacia trees and starlings on the streets ;-)

              There are restaurants everywhere. Among others a lot of Indonesian restaurants.

            • LOL, you read my mind.

              Bottom line, Amsterdam is a great place to visit. Everyone has to go there at least once.

  5. Still not happy that they decided to bring Tamar in. Her vocals are shrill, and she ruined Macedonia 2008.

  6. Good news on Cyprus’ participance in the contest, albeit it being from an unreliable source: http://oikotimes.com/2013/10/07/breaking-news-money-found-now-its-up-to-cybc-to-accept/

    • I think it’s accurate.The Sigma channel manager says they are willing to fund the Cypriot entry. http://showtime-cy.blogspot.gr/2013/10/eurovision-2014_7.html

      • this blog is very reputable with their information.

        so it looks like all is not lost yet.

        BTW these guys at showtimecy had pics of despina while she was in the waiting room after her leg injury. They have great contacts.

        • Norway won the OGAE second chance contest with “Bombo”… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OGAE_Second_Chance_Contest_2013

          • LOL. If only the Norwegian voters were that smart when it counted a few months ago. As the months go by, the mistake only gets bigger and bigger.

            • L0L!May i remind you that it was just the typical OGAE voting.It was only natural that “Bombo” would win….

            • I am not a member of ogae btw. Bombo is going to be a worldwide hit! That is why it won.

              Or it may mean that OGAE smartened up finally lol. During the ESC proper voting only OGAE Estonia got it right this year.

            • If i can trust my esc experience(and i know i can)”Bombo” wouldn’t have been a very successful esc entry.Top-15 at best,IMO.

            • Forget about the ESC. It would have made the final, and finished in 19th place. After ESC is where the fun begins.

              It would have made money for everyone because it is a commercial hit. It would have sold more than any song in the contest this year, by far.

              The song rules if you haven’t noticed. And if you haven’t noticed, I am here to remind you lol. Doesn’t matter that her live performance wasn’t that great. You dance to the album cut, you don’t dance to the live presentation.

              Also, I have seen this performed after the contest, over the summer, and young Adelen is improving daily. Her new management team has been working on the presentation. She is getting more comfortable on stage.

            • We’ll never agree on Bombo so here is my answer.lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–FyndryTFo

            • LOL, You have no idea how many times we heard this song here. Great song. Video is funny too.

              Plus it doesn’t matter what you think of Bombo as a song, you cannot deny it has hit written all over it.

              In other words, I will not move, or get out of the way, I will keep defending the song lol.

      • I have Mr Tokaris as a friend to facebook I will ask him if this story
        is trouth …. :)

  7. The FiK final on December 22.Now we have 2 finals taking place in December.

  8. The song that Conchita Wurst will sing for Austria will be internally selected.

  9. Talking of national selections, rumour has it TVE may be using their new reality show “uno de los nuestros”, as a possible route to ESC 14, I hope not…the only interesting thing about it is that the orchestra (yes an orchestra!!) and backing singers decide on the singer’s fate, you’ll see what I mean in the following example of typical , thinks he’s handsome etc Spanish guy, believing he’s a great singer too then hearing the orchestra fade behind him! :-)

  10. Yes it’s funny, that an orchestra etc will pick the song, so bring back the orchestra to ESC!!, I have my doubts, here’s an example of a girl who got through 100% with the orchestra, though I doubt very much she would be singing in ESC! love that orchestra choice myself though, an orchestra/background singers should indeed choose a singer/song!

    • I will be disappointed now if Spain does not choose the song this way.

      As for the orchestra, I would not mind it, depending on the song. I wouldn’t want it for a euro dance track of course but for ballads and slower songs, it would definitely add to the event.

      • to be honest, I’d be surprised TVE will hold their hopes on that show to produce an ESC singer for ESC 14, I imagine it’s the kind of show that will never produce any kind of ESC hopeful and will die a TVE death before Christmas, thus TVE will revert to an internal search of which there are are many in the air! :-)

      • better Spain picks internally in the end I guess, I think the winner of that reality show would be terrible IMO, though idea of orchestra is great, and I wish the winner best of luck..reminds me of choosing winners for Spain in past via reality stuff, eg Beth in OT for Spain 2003, that she didn’t want to sing for Spain etc so now she got her Catalan singing stuff going on, well good for her, 10 years later she likes to forget ESC
        and forget its what made her famous, here 50s style, her latest song (In Catalan) :
        with of course Spanish subtitles!!:

  11. since the song will be up tempo i prefer to be in English language because general ex Yugo countries native languages don’t sound good in up tempo songs . Btw Only 2 times I like the FYR Macedonian songs…. in 2004 but especialy on 2012 with caliopi who imo must to end in top 5 …. Good luck Tijana !!! :)

  12. Off-topic: DR has recieved 872 songs for DMGP 2014 which is a new record (there were 692 songs last year).


  13. Off topic: The Russia Army choir will take part in the Russian final,scheduled for December 31.Do they actually know that they’ll have to make many changes in order to meet the EBU requirements?But,i’ll have to admit.An army choir is probably the most appropriate act to represent Russia,nowdays… http://themoscownews.com/arts/20131010/191974867/Russian-Army-choir-shoots-for-Eurovision.html

    • I wouldn’t mind to see them with sth like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XxK2JJisEc ;) :P
      Anyway, Russia has a great tradition when it comes to choirs.

      • Well,they have joined popular artists on stage so they must be good at what they do.However,there can only be 6 people on stage and they have to leave the military uniforms behind.

        • Yes, I know; but I don’t think that they would opt for sth like this anyway :)

        • Any news on the ERT/NERIT issue, Dimitri? I think that by the end of this or next month there will be an announcement. The more time is running, the more unlikely for Greece to take part in Copenhagen it becomes, methinks.

          • Now news,i’m afraid.I just read yesterday that EBU has approached the interim broadcaster asking whether Greece would like to enter or at least broadcast JESC.So,EBU is willing to help us with any possible obstacles and it’s all up to NERIT/DT,i suppose.

      • * I woundn’t mind seeing them

  14. Off topic again: San Marino will most likely present their song in January the month in which Valentina will release her new album.Most of the songs will be composed by R.Siegel so i suppose he’ll be behind the Sammarinese entry again… :(

    • I was hoping for sth jazzy for Valentina next year, but with mr Siegel being involved once again I don’t think it’s likely to happen.

      • I would vote jazz also but the reason they will not do it in my opinion is that they desperately want to qualify to the final and jazz may not be genre to get them there.

        Unless they decide to play to her strength and go jazz without worrying about how many points it will get.

        Time will tell.

  15. Israel and Hungary have confimed participation.

  16. Not that I update often enough to warrant/deserve any attention whatsoever but I’ve just published the next year of Eurovision history, 1971. And Macedonia, as part of Yugoslavia, got its best place ever. On my scoreboard, at least.

    • I am looking forward to reading your thoughts later tonight. :)

      Hello from beautiful Ronda, everyone. I am here for one night in a room right above the cliffs. :)

    • I’ll be going through 1971 myself during this weekend. For the time being I’ve reached 1969. I’ll only say that it now has the second heighest score among all editions since 1956 :)

      • * second heighest average score

        • *highest…of course…for Goodness sake! lol

          • Hola dear Oxi, can you reveal what your h(e)ighest! average is so far? oh yes, Ronda, such a lovely place, my parents live 30 minutes from there (in Estación de Cártama) so I visit it quite often and the surrounding area, Grazalema, Setenil :-)….

            • Hola Paul!
              7,59/12 for the 1964 edition; 1969 comes second with 7,54/12. 1963 and 1956 come close too.
              I’ll try to email you this weekend ;) :)

  17. Completely off-topic: A parody of Domenico Modugno from 1959 by the Danish entertainer Preben Uglebjerg. Starts at 1:10.

    • It would be interesting to see him in a parody of Italy 66 as well :)

      Btw, best of luck with your DMGP attempt :)

      • Thank you. But the chances are very small. DR have recieved 872 songs which is the highest number ever, even beating the former record from 1980 of 836 songs.

  18. I hope you gave extra an extra point for Salomé’s “Chinchilla” dress, and minus one point for Laura Valenzuela’s terrible English! (Ana Botella style), and an extra point at least for my Dad who was in the audience that night!! :-) jeje!!! :-)

    • Yeap, an extra point for your Dad!;) :D
      Salome’s dress was beautiful indeed but the whole vocal performance especially by those male vocalists was far from flawless I’m afraid :(

  19. thanks for the extra point for dear Dad!, his vote was for France of course..as you know he told me that French song was one of the most beautiful songs/singers he had ever heard live and it can’t be appreciated by listening on Youtube etc..and Salomé, well I agree, not perfect, a bit too aggressive like her own character, and style of singing (even today when she is on Spanish TV), (but it’s a favourite song of our good Portuguese friend so ..I’ll give her 9/10!!…

  20. Oh no, bad news again. Why up-tempo? Then it seems likely it will be something trashy.

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