Cyprus: Withdraws for 2014

cyprusCyprus – Sad news as Cyprus broadcaster CyBc today confirmed that the nation will not be entering this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. The reason given was due to the current financial situation of the country. The announcement was made on the RIK website saying

“RIK announced the decision of the managment board to abstain from the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The board was led to this decision, after taking into account public opinion on the economic crisis. (The institute) took into consideration further cuts to RIK’s budget for 2014, and the need for drastic cuts to spending for the programmes.”

Cyprus did not qualify from Semi-Final 1 last year with Despina Olympiou’s song ‘An Me Thimáse’. They have preiously missed the contest in 1988 and 2001.

51 thoughts on “Cyprus: Withdraws for 2014

  1. Sad news yet again..Cyprus brought some very good entries occasionally in the competition (2004, 2007, 2009,2010 and 2012). I do hope they will be back next year.
    Only Poland’s and/or Bosnia’s return can save the number of entrants at this point for esc 2014..

  2. Sad ! It is really awful when countries are withdrawing…Portugal , Turkey , BiH , Croatia and now Cyprus…
    We miss Cyprus already :

    • Oh I forgot Portugal at my initial comment..! Portugal and Bosnia have not confirmed they will be absent yet though officially, things may get better ;)

      • Yes this countries will be missed:

        Cyprus primarily for the 90s and occasionally in more recent years.
        Croatia only for the 1990s and 2000.
        Bosnia and Turkey for their recent attempts.
        As for Portugal…I hardly like them.

          • 91: mediocre
            92: :s
            93: mediocre
            94: good
            96: i really like it
            98: i like it
            08: overrated
            09: i like it

            So in total of almost 20 years i like only 3 of their entries. By they way these 3 entries never made it ion my top5 for theior respective year. Therefore, I am fair with them. I just do not like their efforts often.

  3. Like i said in the latvia thread, the news sucks a lot.

    But the government cannot justify a 6 figure expense to send an entry (Ivi’s) and the sponsors have dried up (Cyta taking Despina) so it was the only logical decision.

    Hopefully they come back strong in 2015.

  4. Sad news! :( I really hope they’ll be back next year.
    I’m afraid Greece will follow.Bosnia is most probably out.There’s hope that Portugal will return,though…Things don’t look good for esc 14,at least for now…

  5. How unfortunate! And just after they came in first in ESC 2010 for me. :( Looks like we’ll have, at best, 38 for Copenhagen, and that’s with an unlikely Greece going. Maybe Poland will surprise us and say yes this year. I can imagine that the EBU would be willing to do something about costs…

  6. As a Cypriot i m pretty happy with my country withdraw. No because of financial crisis but I get tired as a eurofan ( same feel almost all Cypriots ) to see how the rest countries unfair and bad treat to Cyprus songs ( same feel almost all Cypriots ). Now your going to tell me that Cyprus send bad songs that’s why got bad results. But you know very whell that some countries with bad or mediocre songs are always in final and many times got very good places there due to other reasons. And I m pretty sure that from next year some big 5 countries like: Spain, France and UK and some other countries like Bulgaria, Israel, Malta, San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria will withdraw if that cheating situation continues…

    • cypruslina, as a fellow Cypriot, i have to say that you are seriously overreacting here. Yes, very few countries consistently give Cyprus votes but there have been times (when we send a memorable entry) where we have had many points – 2004 for example. So, it’s not all bad. I think we need a year break to sort ourselves out and then come back strong as ever in 2015. :)
      As for Greece, if they don’t participate as well, it will be the first in a very long time where there will be no Greek input in ESC :(

    • Hmm.On one hand i agree but on the other,i’m not so sure.Of course,it’s natural in times of financial crisis to do budget cuts etc. but i also find what Sietse Bakker said in his interview earlier this week to be true.With a reasonable amount of money you get to be part and broadcast 3 high quality tv shows.
      In Greece,f.i some people will always moan because we take part in esc.They don’t want to know or even don’t care that we actually have private sponsors to fund the whole thing let alone the fact esc is extremely popular here.If our broadcaster decides to spend money on a program with zero ratings,they won’t say a thing because it simply doesn’t attract any attention. Another example:In Cyrpus,a private channel hosts a reality show that will decide on who the next miss Cyprus will be.
      In short,i believe that in many cases broadcasters don’t rank esc high in their list of priorities(Poland f.i).They prefer to invest time and money in other programs.It’s a sad truth.

        • “In Greece,f.i some people will always moan because we take part in esc.”

          Then those same people hit the streets to celebrate when Greece wins. Over here it wasn’t given too much attention, but when Helena won, the entire Greek diaspora celebrated, blasting the song from car stereos and houses. That song was everywhere, even the old people in their cafes that grew up on laika knew that song (yes, the Greek diaspora over here smokes and drinks frappes in the Greek cafes lol)

          Then they got super excited again when Kalomira was chosen because she was from Long Island and the Greek press here covered her extensively.

          In other words they complain about it on one hand, but on the other hand when the entry wins, they jump on the bandwagon. You can’t win though if you don’t enter.

  7. Sad, but, at the same time, expected; can’t blame them tbh.

    “Ime Anthropos Ki Ego” is one of the most underrated entries is esc, imho.

    • I also read that article earlier.It seems that NERIT has to be up and running till mid November in order for Greece to be able to participate in esc.That’s not even remotely possible from what i’ve read.They said in August that NERIT will launch its’ program till the end pf the year.With the public broadcaster’s premises being occupied by ERT’S former employees etc i don’t know what to think.So,it’s 99% certain that Greece will be out for 2014 unless EBU accpets a later application and that is IF the new management is willing to take up the project. :(

      • For Greece it is all about willingness and time. From the private sector, unlike Cyprus, you still have plenty of choices and interest.

  8. I wonder why participant nations pay that huge fees to EBU for participation to ESC . And as i read last year this fees increase . As i know the host country pay all expenses to host the Contest without EBU to give a cent. So when all this fees money goes ? To which pocket ? Normal the participant Nations should pay to EBU fees ONLY to broadcast the contests…..

    • Even if the broadcasters didn’t have to pay the EBU, it is quite an expense to send even the most basic entry. The hotels and airfare for dozens of people for 2 weeks will run up the costs, and that’s before the expenses to actually record and produce the song, or songs if you are doing different remixes and languages.

      If you want to promote the song as well you need to pay for the artists to travel around europe as well, and if you are a country that likes to gives freebies (chocolates, t shirts etc) the costs increase real, real fast.

      Take Cyprus: Despina, even before her leg injury, was not going to do any of the pre eurovision concerts due to costs. At the bare minimum, you need 100,000 euros to go to the contest, and that is doing the basic things, with zero promotion. It is getting harder and harder for these smaller countries (especially those in deep financial trouble, to justify the cost or even amass that kind of money without outside help.)

      That is why San Marino is happy with their arrangement: they just let a multimillionaire handle everything and they just sit back.

      • That doesn’t really explain why countries like Albania,Bulgaria or FYROM decide to be there year after year while others like Poland or Cyprus decide to withdraw.I insist:It’s first and foremost a matter or priorities.

        • Of course priorities play a role. but you still need to come up with money.

          And, I cannot comment on Bulgaria or Albania because I have no idea what their arrangements are. Maybe they break even somehow and it doesn’t break their bank to go there. Maybe they have healthy sponsors also, I just do not know.

          Maybe a Bulgarian or Albanian poster can help us out here.

      • Alex yes your right but with EBU huge fees the amount go 3 times up. Imo songs different remix and languages and promotion around Europe is a false and waste of money. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland winning singers didn’t make any promotion to other countries … at least them selfs . But Nordic countries have a plus theyr rich and big music labels who help a lot . For example last year who make the Danish song a top favory from the first day ? The music label of course . They spend money to all Eurovision sites, countries TV’s and radios to advertise the song as favory…. and you know… media’s propaganda is very strong. Same thing do and the ex Soviet countries but with a little bit more cheat …

        • Lina,how do you come up with all these “facts”?DR didn’t make any huge campaign last year and the fact that “Only teardrops” was named a favorite right after it won the final has nothing to do with PR.In fact ,Nordic countries in general never launch any big promotional campaigns.As for the EBU fees,i haven’t really looked into the matter but i’m not really sure that the fees have been tripled over the last years…

          • Dimitri I just say my opinion like you and all others does. You say that ” Nordic countries in general never launch any big promotional campaigns ” but you never ask your self why since they dont do this they have success ( beacuse they have theyr huge music labels to do this of course ). If you don’t know the Nordic music labels are the most powerfull music labels in Europe. For example… Political partys make puplic false polls before the elections beacuse want to make propaganda … same thing happen and to ESC. Guys dont be so innocent…. ESC is not an innocent contest and everybody know this very whell. And another example… If Ivi’s song was for : Azerbaijan is going to be in top 5 for other cheating reasons. As for EBU from last year tripled fees i read it before 1 – 2 weeks in a big Cyprus magazine and I m not sure if is truth . But nobody ansers my question why EBU charge fees for participation plus fees to broadcast the contest .

        • You are correct. The fees do add to everything being more expensive. And yes, some countries do have a bigger promotional machine behind them. That is why it is fun to have Cyrus and small countries like that in there battling the big budgets.

          And Ivi and her song ruled in 2012 and she should have finished 2nd. I have been a fan of hers since X factor Greece. Ivi’s song ruled so much that even my family liked it and they only listen to greek laika. Of course it helped that they were disgusted at how the Greek entry was dressed that year lol.

          One more thing: I cannot say with certainty what the other country’s you mentioned above did, but I do know a little bit about Finland. They did promotion. Finland was in London, the Netherlands and Sweden for promotional tours. And that does not take into acount the fact that all six members were walking billboards, loudly and proudly yelling “ding dong” pretty much 24 hours a day.

  9. Anyhow… this year half Balcans will be out from the contest and I m almost sure that again a Nordic or ex Soviet country will win the contest….

    • Lina don’t be so negative. You are rigght about the balkans. BiH and Croatia are already out. Bulgaria is disappointed, while Slovenia and Serbia expressed financial difficulties. However, we still have Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Albania in. The countrues with the most financial problems and minimum economic prospect :s Funny but true. Anyway I hope Serbia and Bulgaria will at least stay. I like them occasionally.

      • That’s why i said it’s a matter of priorities.Some broadcasters with even lower budgets put esc high on their list of priorities while others don’t.

    • It could still be an ex-soviet country I think, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine are all possibilities. But it will certainly not be another nordic one, unless Iceland becomes a first time winner. I wonder if there’ll be a big 5 winner, if so i’d bet on Italy been the winner.

  10. On Greece: If we can trust,they’ve contacted the Greek public broadcaster and they confirmed that they’ll do everything in their power in order for Greece to participate in esc.Well,let’s wait and see…

    • Thanks for this.

      For a big country like Spain, that amount is nothing because they will easily get the money back with sponsors and advertising, especially with the ratings being huge.

      It also shows why the big 5 rule isn’t going to change anytime soon. TVE isn’t going to spend half a million and risk not being in the show.

  11. Ιt’s very sad news, unfortunatelly i was expecting this to happen because Cyprus had really bad results since 2004 plus they are in deep economic crisis. I’m afraid that the same thing will happen in Greece if the new public station doesn’t operate in time and if we don’t find sponsors.

  12. It is sad when a country withdraws but again this is just a phase and I am almost sure we will see Cyprus in the near future.

  13. Apparently according to EuroVoix site, EBU has been working with Greek broadcaster DT, its thought the EBU are trying to fast track their application to be a full EBU member, EBU have also invited DT to broadcast JESC 2013, and are going ahead, maybe EBU are trying to get DT to take over ERT for the responsibility for broadcasting and selecting a Greek entrant at ESC.

    and Hello by the way its good to be back :) hope everyone is feeling well.

  14. it will be interesting though to see what will qualify now out of the semi finals with even fewer Balkan and Turkish/Greek disapora countries. The pots that Belgium/Netherlands/Greece usually go into will look very different, and so will the Balkan pot and the pot that Hungary/Austria/San Marino fall into.

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