Turkvision launched by TRT!

turkvisionTurkvision 2013 – After deciding not to enter in 2014, Turkey’s national broadcaster TRT has decided to launch its own version of Eurovision for Turkic-speaking countries…TURKVISION! Turkey will host the first edition in Eskişehir at the end of December. Turkey has made it clear it will not re-join Eurovision until the rules are changed. It objects to the Big 5 auto qualifying for the final.

The ‘Turkvision’ project, branded as an alternative to Eurovision after Turkey snubbed the show displeased with the voting system, has now become a reality after the official signing ceremony in Eskişehir on Sept. 21, with the attendance of Education Minister Nabi Avcı. Nikki and Ell, Eurovision winners 2011 for Azerbaijan) participated in the launch ceremony.

nikki ell turkvision

Avcı however, stressed that the contest was not, as many suggested, an alternative to the European version organized since 1956, but intended to be within the scope of the Turkic world cultural capital events. The cultural capital flag is carried this year by Eskişehir.

“Turkvision does not need to be compared to Eurovision. It will have its place in the Turkic world with its own brand value. Whether we participate or not in Eurovision, I hope that Turkvision will move forward in its own path, growing and expanding year-by-year,” Avcı said, adding that the initial idea was to create a meeting space for young musicians.

“This project is part of the Turkic world cultural capital event. Hopefully, the next towns selected as the  ‘cultural capitals’ will pursue the event,” he said.

A total of 20 countries and autonomic regions populated with Turkic minorities, such as the Republic of Tataristan in Russia or the Republic of Crimea, which belongs to Ukraine, will be participating in the yearly event.

Azerbaijan has already revealed that Tunzala Agayeva will participate in the “Turkvision – 2013” Song Contest in Turkey for them.

Tunzala Agayeva

The semi-finals of the contest will be organized between 19 and 21 December, while the final, where only 12 of the initial 20 participants will take part, is scheduled for December 23.

The contest will be aired on “TRT Avaz”, “TRT Music” and “TRT Anadolu” TV channels.

Source: hurriyetdailynews.com

30 comments on “Turkvision launched by TRT!

  1. Had TRT continued to participate in Eurovision and also come up with this Turkvizyon idea,I would have been OK with it (thinking its good for Turkish language) but since I know they are the voice of government and the reason they quit Eurovision is just because they prefer turning their backs to the west and western culture I wouldn’t care less…If they think this is an alternative for Eurovision,they are really dumb.I actually don’t even think they really care Turkish language either,I bet their real aim was to change the agenda and refrain from protests

    TRT once had a dignity now its a place where religious backwarded minded dudes fool around and do whatever they want…YUCK!

    May God (if exists) save us from them at the first opportunity…This is all I am saying

    • Dear mermaid,

      I send you my brotherly ESC fan hugs!

    • I hope the situation improves from every aspect mermaid. I know you think I hate your country in someway but that’s not the case at all. Every country has its fair share of fair minded people. It all depends on whether these people actually have a big voice. And as recent protests showed us they might have in Turkey as well !

  2. Really doesnt help the many in Europe who defend the idea that yes Turkey is definitely European, like me. This is a very frustrating and dumb idea they’re having and I hope a change in government will one day imply a shift for the best there.

  3. This is so ridiculous and embarassing dear Turkey!
    Go and celebrate your Turkish culture alone then…What’s the point?

  4. Sounds interesting. I’m sure the odds to see campy Eurovision cheese there are incredibly low.

  5. TRT freaked out when they learned about Krista’s lesbian kiss. They are a bunch of government loving homophobics and I think this is the biggest reason they didn’t air the 2013 final. Most of Turkish fans will watch the show on foreign channels, though.

  6. This edition will made angry a lot of countries such as: Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Serbia, Iraq, Georgia, Moldova and other countries. Also EBU will be angry . And i wonder why Turkey want to have troubles since in ESC goes very whell . I thing Turkey goes worst and worst each year with Ertogan Islamic New Ottoman government….

  7. Ehh.. I can’t understand what happened to that channel!? They were so good at Eurovision and were taking it serious (as I understand)! It wasn’t really good that they withdrew from Eurovision when there are so many Turkish ESC fans. Anyways hope to u see in Eurovision in near future, Turkey! :)

  8. I hope this doesn’t cause other countries like Azerbaijan and Armenia to withdraw from Eurovision…

  9. Soooo…They make their own contest (where they are the centre of cultural attention), invite some cautonomous regions to participate (from what I understood) and declare a winner who will be…best representative of the turkic culture ? Does not sound at all chauvinistic really…Of course I don’t have a problem with cultural festivals but this is a clear reaction of a broadcaster who acts like a spoiled child with the attitude “if you don’t think we are the best we will celebrate how good we are outside other cultural and musical influences”..Sounds like cultural (and political in the general frame) isolation and I wonder what good will it bring..And the winners of esc 2011 promoting the event ? oh EBU is going to be sooo happy..

    Anyway they can do as they wish. All I can say is that a political change is definately needed in Turkey first and foremost. Good luck.

  10. Ok, so now I’m confused, look at this… http://www.trt.net.tr/turkcevizyon/Festivalhakkinda.aspx#tabs-2

    So haven’t they been doing this for years already… but now they’re using Ell & Nikki, ESC winners, to ‘launch’ it as ‘Türkvizyon’ instead of ‘Türkçevizyon’ this year??


    If that’s the case it seems to me that this is therefore a direct and deliberate shot at the EBU…

    • There is a program of Turkce vision. I’m confused because it says that this contest has been already held (Eylul is September in Turkish according to google translator). From what i see Greece is represented there by someone Aggelos Dimou who obviously doesn’t come from the turkish-speaking minority of west Thrace.

      • George this is like Turkish Olympics…You don’t need to be a Turk or Turkic to participate…All you need to do is sing in popular or traditional Turkish music…
        I think Turkcevizyon and Turkvizyon are sperate things

    • I think Turkcevizyon has been happening with different nations singing only in Turkish…Turkvizyon is different or maybe the upgraded version of this who knows…As a Turk I am also confused :)

  11. And the true agenda of the current Turkish government is surfacing. Turkey is a muslim contry and the West sucks. Will all the female singers be forced to wear head scarves, beacuse it is oh so Muslim? It all sounds contrived and anti-Europe (because that is what it’s all about).

  12. Well this is interesting news… haha, but I agree with them that the big five rule is just ridiculous and needs to be changed!

  13. I know next to nothing about Turkish politics. But could it be an attempt from Erdogan to gain popularity after all the protests?

  14. Tataristan, Crimea… Hmm, too nationalistic for my taste. I don’t like that they withdrew from Eurovision and start their own nationalistic competition instead. :(

    I agree with the Big 5 status though. I wish they wouldn’t be automatically in the final. It doesn’t seem like it’s done them any good anyway. They’re lazy and uninterested, and most of the time place poorly for a reason.

  15. Actually, I kinda wish Azerbaijan would withdraw instead and join this contest…

  16. Nationalism and expansionism wannabe at its best. We informed too that their main issue is the Big5. This says everythinG. Obviously TRT wants to make hard core politics with EBU. I doubt whether anyone in Switzerlands cares about them. The rules are clear. Do you want to be an automatic qualifier? Then throw some money on the table!

  17. […] Turkvision launched by TRT! (eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com) […]

  18. Great idea! Eurovision has to change some rules to return to old glory. For me it’s so interesting that even some European countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina will be part of “Turkvizyon 2013”. Their representative is phenomenal rock band “Emir & Frozen Camels”. Band that already has music collaborations with a huge World music stars like Lenny Kravitz and AC/DC. Can’t wait to see and listen them!

  19. Kazakhstan will participate in Turkvision. Will be a great competion. Cant wait to see this action :)))

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