Sweden: Melodifestivalen Venues Announced

melodifestivalenSweden – SVT has this morning announced the dates and venues for this year’s Melodifestivalen. The final will once more be held at the Friends Arena, on March 8 2014.

The dates and venues are:

Semifinal 1: Malmö (Malmö Arena) – February 1
Semifinal 2: Linköping (Cloetta Center) – February 8
Semifinal 3: Göteborg (Scandinavium) – February 15
Semifinal 4: Örnsköldsvik (Fjällräven Center) – February 22
Andra chansen: Lidköping (Sparbanken Lidköping Arena) – March 1
Final: Stockholm (Friends Arena) – March 8


100 comments on “Sweden: Melodifestivalen Venues Announced

  1. Very fun that little Lidköping will host Andra Chansen. This means I could attend both the Gothenburg and Lidköping heat since they’re both so near. :)

  2. Winter is coming and the MF nights are closer… :)

  3. Linköping has a beautiful cathedral. :)

    I hope that MF will return to the quality the festival had until 2009.

    Good luck!

  4. MF needs better songs. I am sure these venues deserve better material (and better televoters…). Good luck!

    P.S. – will MF finally ditch precorded backing vocals, I wonder?

  5. Anouk released a new single with a risky title. I would have love to have seen this at ESC, just to see what kid of reaction it would have gotten.

  6. Pastora Soler released her new album.Here are the snippets of all songs.I’m not exactly impressed but it’s her usual style. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpvM76mkt68

  7. Off topic:
    There’s this piece of news in some Greek sites for the last few hours, that a court decision has been announced today saying that the composer of “My Number One”, the Greek winning song in 2005, is not Christos Dantis but someone else (the one who pressed charges obviously).
    Don’t really know if all this is true, but in case it is, I wonder what the consequenses for the Greek win in 2005 will be (if there are going to be any).

    • Wait, now he figured it out?

      It’s not like it wasn’t played a million times in Greece. It was played about 2 million times in my neighborhood as well.

      • The whole thing didn’t start now.He begun claiming that he is the composer of the song in 2005,days after the win in Kiev(that’s weird too,IMO).He claims that he he had given the demo of the chorus to C.Dantis some years before.
        Of course,this guy has never ever composed another song.At least not any song that i know of.And he hasn’t done anything in music since then.I also don’t know how a court can decide whether Dantis was “inspired” by his demo in order to write the song.As for the 8 years between the beginning of the story and now,blame it on the Greek judicial system…

        • Your version makes more scene. I forgot to take into account the greek judicial system. My mistake. That it took only 8 years should be the story here lol.

          After 8 years, good luck trying to figure this out. Besides, this doesn’t affect Helena’s win. This is the most important thing here.

          And, remind me to come up with a nickname for her, she does not have one yet. It cant be Angel, that is taken.

          • Yes.I don’t think there will be any consequences,either.Maybe they will be obliged to add his name to the credits.

            • I thought you would have responded with a nickname for her. Get to work lol.

              BTW I am going to steal the other nickname you came up with: “the notorious bride” I love that name, And I will give you the proper credit, I don’t need to be sued.

            • lol.I’ll have to get back to you for Helena’s nickname.I can’t think of anything clever atm…In the meantime,here is the official song for World Cup 2014,in case you haven’t heard it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_rRta7MCII

            • All these football anthems sound the same.

              I am actually not a fan of international football anymore. I see the best players in the world every week anyway. We are one of the countries that gets every premier league match screened live. Plus minimum 5 matches from spain, 3 from germany, 3 from france, 4 or 5 from Greece, Some from russia, Argentina, brazil, equador, mexico, colombia, uruguay, plus all the champions league and some europa league matches too.

              Plus the corruption in fifa is out of control. I watch so many club matches that I just want to relax in the summer.

              and a winter world cup is beyond ridiculous on top of it. I want club football in December, especially the premier league that plays about every 2 days before the new year and then the first weekend of January is the fa cup 3rd round weekend.

  8. RAI opened a poll asking people to vote who they’d like to see representing Italy in eurovision 2014,if they decide to take part.

  9. Mirror on esc vote rigging http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/eurovision-song-contest-fix-investigation-2270252
    The new thing is that they include Sietse Bakker’s statement on the issue.He says that there is an ongoing investigation concerning the allegations made against Azerbaijan.

  10. That’s quite a sensationalist article. All it does is repeats the same gossip without mentioning Azerbaijan’s ESC budget or the fact they hire professionals to help them out and always go with an FTW entry, and are not there just to have a good time.

    Why would anyone spend “enough money to live off of for a year” for a jury vote or 2, when that only counts for 50% of the score, and guarantees nothing. Something that is forgotten is Azerbaijan did not win this year. Denmark did. Does that mean Denmark paid off the juries?

    And even more obvious is why, if you are going to jury swap votes, would you be doing it backstage at the show instead of at home, behind closed doors, and months before the show in total secrecy? The conspirators, that are so smart as to construct a vote buying network, are going to do something as stupid as negotiating during the show and not beforehand, and doing it backstage so that everyone can hear them? They cannot even wait to get to their hotel rooms to do this?

    And why would Russians and Azerbaijanis be speaking in English so Bonnie Tyler could not only understand them but also hear them admitting wrongdoing?

    If these sources do not have real evidence, they should start getting sued, one by one.

    • I agree that we haven’t seen any concrete,hard to refure evidence that all these things have actually happened.On the other hand,you go on arguing why all these things haven’t happened when you don’t know that either…

      • “On the other hand,you go on arguing why all these things haven’t happened when you don’t know that either…”

        If tangible evidence comes out, then things change of course. But right now, as of this moment, there is nothing there save for gossip.

        On the evidence we have right now, nothing has happened. We can only go by the evidence that has come forward so far, which let’s be honest, is not much evidence. You cannot punish anybody with what you have because some of the stuff is totally ridiculous. The fixers are not going to complain in front of Bonnie Tyler, in English, about a fix gone wrong. That only happens in movies.

        • I never thought that Bonnie Tyler’s words were anythining to go by,anyway.I agree that they’re innocent until proven guilty but you’re not saying that.You go on explaining why they couldn’t have done that.

          • One thing to add since I got caught up on Azerbaijan: The things I wrote above also apply to the countries that are being accused of helping them because a fix implies that somebody is on the other side reciprocating.

            And to be clear, I am not saying that some countries might not have tried this, every country entered has the potential of bending/breaking the rules of course.

            I am only poking holes at what has been printed, which is quite easy to do.

            I would not even bother printing articles like this if the only evidence I had was what we have so far. It’s embarrassing publish an article with an unnamed source and bonnie tyler as the main sources. I expect that from a fan site, not from a reputable mainstream newspaper.

        • In general I don’t trust the tabloid media, so I need to hear the words from Bonnie Tyler’s own mouth to believe she actually said that. It is not impossible, but I don’t find it likely.

          However, until anything has been proven, I see no reason to judge anybody, neither positively nor negatively. That is, we cannot say that there has been vote fixing going on, and we cannot say that it has not been done either.

      • I do know that i have not gotten a good nickname for paparizou yet.

        Don’t get distracted by alleged fixing, the nickname is far more important lol.

        • On Helena: What about miss Luscious or miss Voluptuus? :)

          • That’s better. This is the kind of things I want to be discussing here, not the serious stuff lol.

            You know me, if it gets too serious I start getting ill.

            Miss Luscious we can work with. Let’s start here.

          • As a bit of history, Helena was the second ever winner I remember watching live. ERT started transmitting in my neighborhood in 2003 or so, so Wild dances was the first winner I saw.

            But thanks to you, I do know about Yugolavia’s Brazil, that I believe got 1 solitary point from malta.

            • Well,i’m always happy to introduch such masterpieces to people.lol
              You really mean you haven’t gone thought the 90’s editions?I believe,it’s the esc golden era…
              Here is another song i like from 1991.It starts at 1.15’… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18NRsj8iCYk

            • I am always telling myself to start watching them but i never get around to it. I will one day for sure.

            • Now watch what Finland was sending to esc almost 20 years back.More innovative than the bride.lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvUzP54LyK4

            • this is fine and enjoyable, but you can send me a link to all 1300 songs or so in the entire history of the esc but nobody will take her place.

              I do have to say that I would have been a Corry Brokken has I been watching back then.

            • oops, the sentence should read I would have been a Corry Brokken fan, not been another Corry Brokken as my sentence reads now lol.

            • Ha,ha!I know you’re a hopeless case when it comes to Finland 13. :( lol
              As for the 90’s, i believe you’d really like Uk 1994 &1998.They were so much better and really contemprary back then.

            • I am literally in tears right now because of the sad face you included. Like a parent that is trying to teach his child a life lesson but the child does not listen.

              If you had sent me the links before the Amsterdam show, then you might have had a chance. After Amsterdam, it was already too late.

          • “Kan” is my all time favourite Israeli entry in eurovision Dimitri, and 1991 is one of my most favourite years in eurovision (song-wise) :)

            • I really like it too.It’s not my all time favorite,though.This place is reserved for Israel 08.

            • Other Israeli entries I love: 1973, 1978, 1988, 1990, 2012.
              The ones in 1985, 2007 and 2010 were very good too.
              And as I’ve said in the past, I’m on the odd side when it comes to Israel 2008 :(

            • It’s rather amazing how they managed to sail the ship all the way when having Toto Cutugno as captain…

              I agree that 1991 was a great year. I’ve seen people complaining about the synth drum in the orchestra being too loud, but I enjoy it like that. Even if it doesn’t contain my favourite Israeli entry of all time (that’s “Ei sham” from 1973), it still has my favourite Eurovision entry of all time and my favourite Italian entry of all time. :)

            • I think that the 1991 edition is probably the most talked about host-wise and orchestra-wise (not for the good reasons that is).
              I wonder what is your all time favourite esc entry :)
              As for Ei Sham, for me it is the best debute ever made by a country in esc (alongside Latvia in 2000 perhaps).
              The worst being Armenia in 2006.

            • The infamous saxophone player that killed the Greek song. :(
              What about,Serbia’s&Montenegro’s debut?

            • Yep, I bet the Greek delegation was practicing some darts’ shooting on his pic after that lol.
              I keep forgetting Serbia &MNE’s debute in 2004 because they participated only two times under that particular name. Definately a great song and one of the most important moments in the history of eurovision.

            • You can tell by the look on Sophia’s face.lol.
              Serbia&Montenegro’s,i should correct myself.
              Off topic: Have you read the Washington Post article on our hometowns? http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/touring-northern-greece-from-an-old-tobacco-port-to-the-lakes-of-prespes-national-park/2013/09/12/3c03deea-1598-11e3-a2ec-b47e45e6f8ef_story.html

            • No, I haven’t, thanks. I love Kavala. I’d love to spend a day and night at “Imaret”, if I could afford it that is, lol.I remember years ago that it was in Kavala where I ate probably the most delicious sardines in my life :)
              Macedonia has definately many places of interest and it is highly underrated compared to the rest of Greece imo.

            • Yes.Imaret is nice but rather expensive.Lucy is nice too and cheaper.
              As for Northern Greece,i agree.It offers so many diferrent options to the visitor.

            • It’s mountainous regions in particular.

              Have a good night and enjoy your weekend, guys! :)

            • Goodnight,Oxi!

            • You haven’t seen my and Morgan’s long discussion at the Conchita Wurst thread? Well, it’s France of course. :)

              Malta and Iceland are two other countries that sent more or less their best songs in 1991 imo. I must also say that I’m extremely divided when it comes to “Brazil”. The song is in fact rather lame, but the live performance in 1991 has such a appealing, almost mysterious and haunting, orchestration that it works for me.

              I think I’m with you when it comes to Israel 2008. I’ve never found that song particulary interesting.

            • It seems I have missed some interesting discussions here lately ;)
              France 1991 is a real masterpiece, my all time favourite french entry and in my top5 of all time :)
              As for Yugoslavia that year for me it is the definition of guilty pleasure :)

            • But no one will ever beat Ambassadori, right? ;)

            • I’m more than sure about that ;) :D

  11. And for the record, me knowing the correct way to fix things does not mean I myself do any fixing LOL.

  12. Just noticed that all the semis in Sweden take place during the winter Olympics.

    I wonder if this will affect the viewership.

    Yes, a post that actually is on topic. In other words, a rare occurrence lol.

  13. Off topic: I have just put my 1992 scores and ranking on my profile page. My top 3 haven’t changed.

  14. More on the vote rigging:
    PBS,the Maltse national broadcaster says they’re not the Southern European country involved in the vote rigging rumors.Previously,Yahoo named Malta as the Southern European country mentioned in Skånska Dagbladet’s article.
    PBS’ spokesman admits that there is a very strong televoting support for Azerbaijan however,the Maltese jury has only awarded them 12 pts in 2011.It’s the combination of votes that gives the 12 Maltese pts to Azerbaijan every year…The same strong televoting support that gives them the 8 Cypriot pts every year,if i may add…
    The full article: http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2013-09-13/news/maltese-involvement-in-alleged-eurovision-vote-rigging-strongly-denied-2582708224/

  15. Off topic again(of course) : Koza Mostra’s frontman Ilias is getting married on October 27.I didn’t know he’s only 29.I thought he was a bit older.

  16. I just read on a greek site that EBU issued a statement on the My number one court decision: “My number one” won the eurovision song contest.And that won’t change.

  17. Uff, when you are away from this site for a while, there’s a mix of all kinds of things going on! Bonnie Tyler overhearing conspiracy theories about Maltese vote? My number one court decision??, mixed with favourite songs of ESC 91/92 :-) to throw something into the mix, while I was in UK in August my brother told me the truth behind UK 84, yes Belle (Kitt) , a friend of my brother’s in London, admitted she did all the front vocal singing for UK and rest was was done by the backing singers behind the scenes, indeed she admits she hardly did much singing herself either!!, (and thus forced to not actually “sing” in a preview video, in case comparisons were made, only to parade around in a Rolls Royce in the freezing cold ….and believe me she’s a great singer..she deserved better..:-)

  18. Dates for Eesti Laul 2014 have been announced: 14&21 February the 2 semifinals and March 1st the final.

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