Russia: National Final on December 31st!

russia KTORussia – Stuck for ideas of how to spend New Year’s Eve this year? You can stay in and watch the Russian national selection! The national final for Eurovision 2014 will be held on December 31st on the Rossiya channel.

The show will be called ‘Kto?’ (Who?)‘. Rossiya announced on its website (here) today that it has opened the submission period. They have invited entries that are contemporary and fit modern pop, but have some national elements. 25 acts will eventually be chosen for the final show.

There is some confusion as the press release states the viewers will solely choose the winner, but the rules state that there will be a mixed jury and televote.

The last time the Russians followed this format, the Russian grannies won easily with ‘Party for Everyone‘. Last year the Russians chose internally, sending Dina Garipova and her song ‘What If‘.

Source: Rossiya/Russian.tv

32 comments on “Russia: National Final on December 31st!

  1. I totally detest their last 3 ESC entries … but I love their 2009 and 2010 songs. Plus, Russia held one of the best national finals back in 2010. I hope that this one will be as good and that I cann support the Russian entry again after the despicable waste they sent 2011 to 2013.

    Good luck!

  2. Russian language is one of the most beautiful in the world; I would love to see them sending sth in their own language.
    Here is one of my most fav russian songs sung here by Serebro (Russia 2007) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd16n0y5o8M

    • lol.I accidentaly posted only the beginning of my comment.I was hoping we’ll have some entries chosen in 2013.So,it will be Albania and Russia and let’s wait and see what Ukraine and Belarus will decide.I prefer thei national final because their internal choices have been incredibly generic and boring.

  3. I didn’t dislike Dina Garipova’s entry but it was extremely generic…
    Hope they will choose an entry which actually desevers to qualify without block voting (yeah Russia2010 I’m looking at you)

  4. Russia is annoying, it used to be interesting and different and daring, but then they got more and more into winning (I guess seeing Estonia and Latvia doing it before them…) and therefore more and more into gimmicky and fakeness and mainstream… “Believe” was at the time one of their weaker entries and was one of the cheesiest winners but “Mamo” made us think that, now they had won they could resume with music. In 2011 though it was the end and for the past three years Russia has been in my absolute bottom. Somehow, Russia feels like a nf could bring a better winner (their televote had Peter above grannies) than internally chosing a generic mainstream europop to do well!

    • I am really torn about Russia 2008. On the plus side: it is a pretty good ballad and Dima is a fine vocalist. On the bad side we have the totally laughable lyrics, a tacky and tasteless performance (Plushenko … Yuck!) and the undeniable fact that Dima has always been a bit of a slut …

      • Russia is my runner up in 2006 and I do like Dima as a singer and as a “star performer”, 2008 felt just too much, I rewatched esc 2008 recently and I seriously think that without the ice, ice skater and violin it would have been a fine “over the top” performance, but these added WAY more than it should have been… but still back in 2008 I cheered for him so that Greece wouldn’t win oh my god!

        • I agree that Russia 2008 is much better than any of the songs that came 2nd to 4th.

          Speaking of 2006, I have just finished my new ranking for this edition and have Dima in a respectable 6th place. I have finally made my peace with some 2006 songs I really hate too, first and foremost Finland and Ireland, which both had 0/12 on my old list. Both entries have climbed to 4st/12 now because of good lyrics (FIN) and a strong vocal performance (IRE) mainly. Lordi have the same score as Kate Ryan now. :)

          Irrespective of the score those two songs have now they will probably always remain among my most hated ESC entries ever, Lordi for bringing rock into the realm of ESC theatrics and Brian Kennedy for performing some of the most hateful lyrics ever.

          Sweden 2006 was a really tricky one. I totally hate the overblown, lame and camp version of ‘Invincible’ Carola performed in Athens but how should I score a song that can be totally fantastic if performed by the right person in a tasteful way? In the end, I went for an average score for ‘song’ (good composition, bad arrangement).

          • as long as the only great song of that year is your first I’m fine

          • A very bad year, though i remember that I liked it back then. Cool stage at least. :P

            1. Bosnia & Herzegovina (12/12)
            2. Croatia (9/12)
            3. Norway (9/12)
            4. Latvia (8/12)
            5. Germany (8/12)
            6. Romania (8/12)
            7. Albania (7/12)
            8. Spain (7/12)
            9. France (7/12)
            10. Ireland (7/12)
            33. Poland (1/12)
            34. Portugal (1/12)
            35. FYR Macedonia (0/12)
            36. Belarus (0/12)
            37. Moldova (0/12) Worst ESC-song E-V-E-R!!!

  5. Wait? We actually know what Russia’s going to do before the week it happens?

  6. Let me just say that I really liked Buranovskiye Babushki in 2010. There I said it. :$

    Not a big fan of Russia overall. Their debut entry from 1994 is an absolute masterpiece and one of my all-time favourites. I also really like 2009 and 2010. 2003 and 2008 were both good songs but with really bad performances.

  7. Romania did the same 2 years ago, if I remember correctly. I hope that 2014 brings a (much) better Russian song than 2013 did. Good luck.

  8. I strongly dislike Russia both in 2006 and 2008. I don’t think much of mr Bilan as a singer.
    Additionaly, I dislike both Russia and Greece in 2008, but at least Kalomira is a sweetheart (at least she was back then)…
    2001, 2003 and 2010 are my favourite Russian entries.

  9. Russia used to be one of my favorite ESC countries. From now on I boycott Russia, so I can’t support them in ESC either any more.

  10. I’ll admit I don’t dislike Dima at all… but he never deserved a win (2006 nor 2008)
    2008 was an extremely strange and “akward” voting, the crowd was obviously cheering for Kalomira and then realized that Russia was winning…
    As somebody said over me booing is never a nice thing by an audiance but they cannot hide their favourites.
    If only the crowd voted we would have as winners: 2008: Greece 2009 Norway, second France/Azer 2010 Lena, by miles 2011 Sweden 2012 (was there a crowd at least?) Sweden and 2013 Denmark/Norway for obvious reasons

  11. I hope that we’ll be able to listen to Russian candidates before the night of the final, something that we couldn’t on their previous final. My favourite Russian entry was “Ne ver, ne boisa” by Tatu in 2003 despite their live performance was horrible, i also liked a lot Alsou, Prime Minister, a little bit their 2005 entry,both Dima’s entries, Serebro and some parts of “party for everybody”. About their entry it year, it was too dull, generic and boring and for sure it didn’t deserve the fifth place despite the fact that Dima was very good in vocals

  12. Oh ok, this is going to be tough.. And I will be clear : Political correctness and all this jazz is nice, we all come together for the music etc but there is a limit to everything and human rights and freedom of speech is such an absolute limit for me. Yes most countries in eastern Europe are still recovering from the USSR dissolution and are fighting with issues of democracy and tolerance of different opinions but at least they are progressing on these terms (slow as this progress may be). Regression on the other hand in terms of human rights in 2013 is something that goes far beyond our beloved contest and Russia has chosen that way.

    However I won’t be unfair or show animosity towards anyone. As I am taking actively part in campaigns against Russia’s recently adopted measures such as the call to boycott the Olympics in Sochi I would consider it unfair first and foremost to judge or be bothered about the russian entry this year since I would most definately wouldn’t be able to be objective. On a more personal note I just don’t want to give to this country’s entry any attention at all. Not in this contest whose values are vastly different from those promoted from the russian government and ill informed people.

    I will just pretend that Russia does not exist in ths contest honestly. And in the highly likely scenario their entry gets booed during the contest (considering the big LGBT following of the contest) I won’t protest of course. Everyone should know their place and should live with the consequences of their actions (and legislations).

    In case Russia wins I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen personally…It’s scary and frustrating to even think about it…

    For my part the only thing russian I care about right now is gay teens tortured in the hands of neo nazis with the blessing of the regime.

    Sorry for getting away from music guys but I assure you it is the only time I state my position on this issue or anything related to Russia in esc.

    * end of political rant*

  13. Excited! I’m so glad that they’re bringing back the national finals again. I missed watching it in 2011.

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