FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapčević Chosen!

ijana Dapčević smallFYR Macedonia – MRT, the national broadcaster of FYR Macedonia, has announced today that they will be represented in 2014 by Tijana Dapčević. The pop singer mainly performs in Serbia and previously tried to represent Serbia and Montenegro in 2006.

Tijana was born to a Macedonian father and a Serbian mother from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has a younger sister Tamara, and is married to Milan Dapčević, a Serbian businessman. Tijana is the sister of Tamara Todevska who represented Macedonia in 2008.

ijana Dapčević

Tijana won the “Sunčane skale” festival in Herceg Novi in 2002 with the song “Negativ” composed by Darko Dimitrov, included on her second studio album with the same title. She has also won first place on the “Serbian Radio Festival-Feras” in 2006 with the song “Julijana”.

During Evropesma 2006 (The Song for Europe in the former Serbia and Montenegro), Tijana was placed in 8th place receiving 27 points with the song “Greh” (“Sin”). “Greh” was included on her nest album Žute minute, which was released in the summer of 2007.

Check out her official website here. Her Facebook page can be found here.


34 comments on “FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapčević Chosen!

  1. Well,i didn’t expect such an early announcement.I don’t like her 2006 entry but i’ll listen to some of her songs before deciding if she may be promising or not.Good luck,anyway!

  2. Now that i’ve listened to some of her songs,i can’t say i’m impressed.I suppose her entry will be either a mainstream pop song or an ethnopop shake it.We’ll see!

  3. If this is how she may look like on stage,then lol… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51roqrQBzK4

  4. Wonder what songs we’ll get from her, i did like her 2006 song back in 2006 but Macedonia’s typical pop entries like 2006 are what’s worst in the contest and her recent songs don’t sound interesting to me. We’ll see.

  5. Evropesma 2006, good old memories…

    I’m not that impressed by the songs Tijana has produced. It’s too much that kind of mainstream ethnic/pop we can expect in Eurovision from the Balkans. “Crno i belo” remains by far my favourite Macedonian entry right now. Let’s see if Tijana can replace it.

    Good luck! :)

  6. “Greh” from 2006 is a good ethno pop song imo even if it is in a genre I very rarely enjoy. Unfortunately, I do not like anything Tijana has come up with since.

    If this choice goes wrong, we might get a dated shake it! number performed with very little class. As always I hope for the best though.

    Good luck!

  7. She is pretty and confident on stage. Didn’t particularly enjoy her 2006 entry…She should not try ethnopop imo…Too 00’s !

  8. After the failure of this year, obviously MRT wants to go for something more mainstream. Tijana has covered “ola kala” from Sakis Rouvas.

  9. со среќа!!!

    I agree with Eulenspiegel, Crno i Belo is their best effort by a mile.

  10. The more I hear from her, the more I feel we have a certain bottom 10 from me; except that she may be great vocally which could boost the song up, but I fear something boring mainstreamly that i doubt will get votes from outside the balkans

  11. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in my esc books:
    1998: 7/12
    2000: 4/12
    2002: 6/12
    2004: 7/12
    2005: 3/12
    2006: 2/12
    2007: 6/12
    2008: 7/12
    2009: 6/12
    2010: 6/12
    2011: 6/12
    2012: 10/12
    2013: 4/12

    • 2000 is definitely 0/12 material :P

      My Ranking :
      1998: 7/10 Decent and a grower
      2000: 0/10 HORROR ! Dreadful vocals
      2002: 12/10 Best entry BY MILES !
      2004: 5/10 JUST average and bad lyrics
      2005: 3/10 BAD
      2006: 7/10 :p
      2007: 6/10 OK
      2008: 4/10 Messy , weak chorus
      2009: 2/10 The equivalent of Armenia 2013
      2010: 6/10 Pitty for the tasteless presentation cause song is likable
      2011: 3/10 Weak
      2012: 8/10. Songwise is nothing to write home about. GREAT LIVE performance though
      2013: 4/10 Esma drags down what seemed to be a nice song. Very good vocals by Losano! Hate Esma’s part!

      • To sum up :
        1)2002 ……….. 2)2012 , 3)1998 , 4)2006 , 5)2007 , 6)2010
        7)2004 , 8)2013 , 9)2008 = WEAK
        10)2011 , 11)2005 , 12)2009 = BAD
        13)2000 = HORROR

  12. ps: this news proves the new season has started, the ET team was right, with the Fridas and the quiz, we managed to cover the full dead season :D

  13. I’m clearly not impressed by the songs of hers so far, but I’m still hoping to be positively surprised.

  14. Didn’t comment here a long time, but if this is true, she is a great choice… Although, her last album, didn’t made big success, she had great hits in the past, and I know she will take Eurovision seriously…
    Here is my favorite song of her, also from Suncane Skale “Stepski vuk” (“Steppe wolf”)

    And one of her biggest hit in carrer, “Sve je isto samo njega nema” (“Everything is the same, except he’s gone”), joke song about ex-Yu countries and Tito… She even impersonated Severina (Cro 06) in the video, and mentioned Goran Bregovic (Brega) in chorus of the song.

    • Duet with Antonis Remos “Zagrljaj” (“Hug”)

      “Suma disko” (“Wood disco”), with Sevdah Baby (tried for Eurovision 2008 i think)

      • Oh and one Gypsy song with Kal (Beosong 2013) “Vile, vilenjaci” (“Fairies,elves”)

        So, what I’m trying to say here, is that we can expect, anything from her…

    • It is good to learn that Tijana already has one fan here. I really like the first song and reckon that the second one is quite funny if you are familiar with the social, cultural and historical context.

      • I think she is a great choice, and she said that people will get spectacle from her, as they expect… I really think she will do something great next year, and hope I wont be disappointed.

  15. What can one say now but good luck? Good luck. :)

    P.S.: my expectations are not high at this point in time.

  16. Macedonia in my books:

    1996 8.4/12 – the song is tad repetetive but Kaliopi’s voice saves it
    1998 9/12 – this one is so mature in several good ways and has a fantastic nostalgic vibe to it … another great voice
    2000 0/12 – in my bottom 20 of all times. Everything here is hateful to me
    2002 8/12 – very good song but Karolina wasn’t in best shape live
    2004 7/12 – decent effort
    2005 1.4/12 – shitty, shitty, shitty
    2006 1/12 silly and slutty
    2007 7/12 – the song isn’t as good as Karolina’s 2002 effort but her live vocals were stronger this time
    2008 9.4/12 – I love it and I have never understood why people find it messy
    2009 3.8/12 – as interesting as 10 kilometers of highway in central Nebraska
    2010 6.2/12 – very good song but an utterly repulsive live performance
    2011 5.2/12 – silly but not without charm. I love the dancers. :)
    2012 10/12 – good song, stunning Kaliopi
    2013 5.8/12 – rather messy but not without charm. Clerk meets erupting volcano …

    • 2008 is a great song, ruined by the male vocals and the messy performance. And whoever chose those outfits deserves severe punishment.
      Tamara should have sung that song alone. In a better dress.

    • And yes, Kaliopi was stunning. The best scream ever on an Eurovision stage. It was the performance of the night.

      • And the Frida for best scream goes to Kaliopi. ;) :)

        I really like Tamara’s 2008 dress and I like her hairdo even more. Am I weird? LOL

  17. Tamara Todevska (MKD 2008) is her sister! I hope that Tijana is good as Tamara! I don’t really like their 2013 entry, in my bottom 5! :s Good luck to Macedonia in 2014! :)

    My Top 5 for Macedonian songs in ESC:
    1. 2008 “Let Me Love You”
    2. 2007 “Mojot Svet”
    3. 2010 “Jas Ja Imam Silata”
    4. 2012 “Crno i Belo”
    5. 2006 “Ninanajna”

  18. This song is actually quite good…

    She has a nice voice so hopefully they can write a good song.

  19. She has an interesting voice definately but I am not too fond of the genres she serves..A classy power ballad would be a good choice for her voice imo. It would definately make an impact.

  20. She isn’t a very exciting choice IMO, but it could swing both ways. Some songs by her seem to be cheap crap and some are nice like that “stepski vuk” song. I do hope she’ll go for a ballad in the same vein rather than a cheap ethno pop number.

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