Big Survey 2013

surveyEurovision Times – Before we reveal the results of the Douze Points Trivia Quiz, this time you get to vote in a survey without right and wrong answer. What’s the point? Not much, just getting to know each other inside the great ET community.

This time there is no right nor wrong answer, the whole point is just to get to know who we are and what most of our regular readers think about the Eurovision Song Contest that brought us together to begin with.

There is nothing mandatory in here and if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you don’t have to take it. There are many people who read us without posting: this survey is open to everyone with no limits. Our most regular readers, who also post and comment on a daily basis, are invited to reveal the answers they feel fine revealing in the comment box below. Everything is of course confidential and we will reveal only the ratio (%) in the end. But the point is to get to know one another so some questions are quite personal. Most are about the contest: what does the ET community think about some of the most controversial rules (languages, orchestra…)

This survey, the 2013 edition (we will see if we repeat it) will help us understand who reads us, what they expect from us as well and how we can serve the best our ever-growing community.

Be honnest most of all. This survey will remain open until September and should get us prepared fully for the new 2013-2013 season to open. Click on the following link to take the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IUG69yjplqgFzexMXQAsW6RES3RC7PhzV7g6FJCJCnY/viewform

60 comments on “Big Survey 2013

  1. Thanks to Jade for putting it all together and changing it lots of times every time I sent her new questions! I’m looking forward to the findings!

  2. Didn’t quite follow the quiz thing but I DID take this survey !
    Good job!

  3. Thanks Jade. :)

    I answered faithfully but some questions were really tough. Some answers depend on the mood I am in too.

  4. off topic

    I want that travesty called …Nerit, what’s its’ name, to crash and burn.


    • i have no idea how your people haven’t gotten into a revolution yet, for these mine would have for sure!

      • “i have no idea how your people haven’t gotten into a revolution yet”

        Exactly what am I wondering too. Instead of taking to the streets and instead of having the government sent to hell for this highly undemocratic act, we were blaming the ERT employees (you should have seen what has been written and said all these last weeks since June 11th in the social media here in Greece); pathetic, just pathetic, if you ask me. On the other hand we are talking about the same nation that actually tolerated if not embraced the fascist military regime (1967-1974); if not they would have not made it not even one day not 7 years.

        I am afraid I’m really out of control atm.

        • I can perfectly understand you. I have lost all faith in mankind a long time ago. :(
          Luckily, there are some people who are different … but unfortunately most of them have very little power. :(

          • I strongly believe in mankind and will never give up on that hope on principle ;)

            • We all know that you are a 18th century Diderot guy and thus optimism naturally is part of your identity. I am all with Rilke, Zweig and Bachmann these days but nevertheless hope that you will be proven right in the end.
              It is very hard though if we consider that we let refugees drown in the Mediterranean while preaching human rights to the rest of the world …

              At least there is still a tiny spark of Schiller optimism glimmering within my identity.

          • I’m afraid you are so right re: mankind, togravus :(

  5. On the survey: I’m afraid it doesn’t allow me to feel in the answers; an error page pops up :(

  6. @ Morgan

    I agree, 2008 was the year of gems in totally different genres (Serbia, Turkey, Portugal, Iceland) and even more total cr*ps (Belarus, Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ireland, Spain, Czech Rep., Estonia, Latvia). The Baltic countries really sucked big time in 2008. :(

    • yup, 2006 was the lowest average score ever for me in esc, but it lacks the big huge dumpster horror (except Macedonia which is my last, but even though I totally hate it, it’s not like THE horror), 2007 started to get better on pure average as much as it started to get worse craps (you mentioned Uk, but there’s also Turkey, Latvia, Austria, Malta, Denmark, Poland) and then 2008 that really got me excited for all the amazing songs (there are at least 12 songs I really like that year, meaning that both Croatia and Albania are out of my top 10 sadly) but so so so many craps, to your list I’d definitely add Poland too

      • 2006 has my lowest ever average score too. There are many bad songs there (SWE, NED, LIT, MAK, ARM, SWI, POR, MLT, FIN – sorry! – IRE, BLS, MON) but nothing that is on par with those abysmal craps from 2008.
        2007 craps: GRE, NOR, LAT, POL, SWI, DEN, UK.

        I certainly hope that we will never sink to the level of 2004-2008 again. ‘Qele qele’ in the top 5??? A farce …

        • and yet that’s the era of 100% televotings some fans ask for again…

          • Those are the ones who only like shake it! stuff, no matter how silly it is or how out of tune the vocals are.

            Shake it, baby! and your brains couldn’t care less … ;)

        • What’s wrong with Qele Qele ? I am perfectly fine when it comes to bad vocals as long as it comes along with flying boobs ! Song-wise it is definitely levels above FYROM 04 in the same genre imo

          • Macedonia 04 was Tose. Did I miss his boobs? LOL Can they be visited in his mausoleum in Krusevo? …

            And the flying boobs might be the exact point where ‘Qele qele’ gets you whereas it does absolutely nothing for me. Celebrate diversity!

  7. Btw, I will keep this avatar pic until ERT is restored.

  8. I have a question: When you ask what’s our favorite country to enter esc,you mean a country that doesn’t take part already,or just which one is our favorite esc country?

  9. Good idea. I have just submitted my answers, though I had to think long about some of them – which is a good thing!

    I have one comment though: With some of the questions, the reasons for saying yes or no is given in advance, like that of the Big 5 rule: “Yes… They Pay For It After All”, “No… It’s Unfair” and “Not Bothered Really”. My own opinion was no, but not for that reason (mine was more like: they miss the chance of performing twice, and so the public may be less familiar with the song, plus the second performance is often better than the first – Norway was a good example of that in 2013). So I ended up selecting “Not Bothered Really”. The same went for some of the political/not political questions, I think, where I had different reasons for giving a specific answer.

    Here I think it would be easier if one should just say “yes”, “no” or “neither”. It leaves it more open.

    Apart from that, good questions :-)

    • I agree on the BIG 5 rule question. I answered with ‘Yes’ although I do not believe that they should be in the final because they pay for the show. However I think that they should be in the final because of viewing figures … “Yes”, “no” or “I don’t care” would have been better for this question.

    • I don’t remember all my answers, but here are some of them:

      Best winning song: Hallelujah
      Best song overall: Alle mine tanker
      Best staging/performance: Rock’n roll kids
      Worst winning song: I Wanna
      Worst song overall: Celebrate (Switzerland 2004)
      Worst contestant: Scooch
      Best contest: 1997
      Worst contest: 2002

    • well it’s more of a quirky attitude than to be taken literally really, you can tell us here (as you already did) how you feel about the esc stuff, but for all readers but not commentators, they get a say at least

  10. I wish I could share the same “commenting old stuff” mood that you guys are in tonight :(

  11. Good night

  12. I realized that i forgot to add Iceland 12 to the list of my all time favorite songs.
    Some of my answers:Worst winner:2001,Best winner Norway:1995.Best contest 2009,Worst one: 2002,1999.I also answered that i don’t mind the big-5 status because of the ratings.They should be given a big-5 status although,it works both ways.It may help them since they’re always guarranted a place in the final but it may harm them too because they only get to perform once.Countries i would like to see winning the contest: Iceland,Portugal,Cyprus.

  13. It’s done, Jade.

  14. It’s an interesting idea this survey, IMO you should have added one more question like “when did you see eurovision for first time?” because someone who follows eurovision since 70’s will have different experiences and opinions about the contest from me that i watch eurovision since 2002. Also it would be a nice idea to ask the readers of the site about who singers would they like to see in eurovision.

  15. That ilegitimate thing called DT, NERIT or whatever, has started airing news program today.
    Those journalists taking part in this travesty should be ashamed of themselves for betraying their collegues’ stuggle.
    If ,and I say, if, EBU dares to accept this monstrosity as its’ new member (representing Greece), instead of ERT, sorry but after 36 years, the Eurovision Song Contest will be history for me. There are moral issues, principals and priorities in life you know. Enough is enough.


  16. Off topic: A spanish cover for “Molitva” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq1Q1CDMduI

  17. Off topic too:


    Chiara has a soft spot for male Arabs … :O

  18. More off topic trivia. This is the only NF song in Basque language I know of. Kukumiku took part in the very ethnic NF France held in 1999 and would have been a much better choice than nerve-racking scream fest France ended up with that year.

    • next year we will be doing as part of the quiz a blind test featuring audio files of NF songs people ill have to recognize (and some easier ones with regular esc songs)

    • I have to say I’m not too impressed by this. Too amateurish performance, both vocally and instrumentally (though I like the fact that they are playing live), and the melody is awkward and boring.

      By the way, the title reminds me of “Kukuriku” by Rok Agressori…

  19. Off topic: Evridiki recruited other singers and released a tribute album for Cyprus.The songs are composed by her husband(Cyprus 2007) and penned by the poet Polys Kyriakou.A sample:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZJSysRTiR4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNHGsEBjpxg
    And the full album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqRHXH9IH4o

    • Thanks a lot. I will check the songs when I have finished working sometime in the distant future tonight. :(

      • I think you’ll like some of the songs.I really like the 2 songs Evridiki sings plus the songs performed by Melina Kana,Eleni Tsaligopoulou and Giota Nega.

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