Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 7

The Eurovision Times – The summer remains a terrible time for Eurovision fans as it’s the season without any news. So the Eurovision times team has come up with a new game: a Trivia Quiz on European history, geography, culture and on Eurovision. Last day!

Each day, for a full week, we will publish ten questions of different difficulty. The first question will be the easiest and will be worth 1pt. The tenth question will be the toughest and will be worth 12pts!

Most questions will have answers around the Internet but not on Wikipedia. In a perfect world, there’s no need to cheat and look online but since there’s just no way for us to verify who looked where, there is no rule that says you can’t look online. After all, this quiz is only a summer fun game and if you end up learning something it’s good enough. We will be very suspicious though if you get every answer right every day!

After the week (and an extra week for people to vote in case they were busy one day or a few during the week), the points of each participant will be counted and we’ll announce a winner. What will he or she win? Not much, except the title of the Douze Points Trivia Quiz champion for a year, which is definitely something!

Of course, in the comment section you won’t get to give hints to one another or worse, give an answer. But you’ll still get to use the questions as excuses for more broad discussion.

Quiz.07~ SUNDAY ~

01 What European country is the homeland of both Skype and Hotmail?
02 Since the introduction of modern tennis in 1972, which European country has won the most Davis Cup behind the USA?
03 Name an artist who has been on esc stage exactly 4 times for Iceland?
04 Which European country lost the Battle of Alcácer Quibir in 1578?
05 Considered the oldest flag in the world, the Dannebrog was introduced in 1219 in which European city?
06 Which Slovenian requested a minute of silence during the contest?
07 Picture of the day: in which European country was it taken?
08 Who has commentated the most times for Turkey in their Eurovision broadcasts?
10 Which French song served as a national anthem to another European country?
12 After linguist Ľudovít Štúr, father figure of the Slovakian nation, created the modern language of his country and lead separatist movements in 1848, where and when were the first Slovak grammar schools opened?

Picture of the day:

Now it’s your turn to play! You’ll get to give your answers by email on our new address, eurovisiontimesesc@gmail.com or via the feedback messagery below!

57 comments on “Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 7

  1. After people saying day after day it was the toughest one yet, I decided to make it a much easier sunday. Tomorrow night I’ll put an update “so far” on the quiz and you’ll get plenty of time to answer still for those who havent yet. And there is something ELSE the ET team put up together that will be revealed later, it’s not a game but it’s surely something to give back a sense of community! Stay tune

  2. 1 to 3: I have an idea but I am not 100 % sure
    4 to 7: quite easy imo (but perhaps I got them wrong nevertheless)
    8: educated guess
    10: no idea
    12: I know the town but I am not sure about the year (I visited the town many years ago …)

  3. Doesn’t the Icelandic question have several answers, if we count backing singers too?

    • exactly 4 times? i didnt check how many backings did esc when, I hope none of them did it exactly 4 times else there would be more than one answer indeed :o (if so, then i guess ill count everyone’s answer with at least one of them right)

  4. I only know #2,for sure.I think i know number 3.I’m between 2 singers actually.I thought i knew #1 but i was wrong.It’s interesting to know which the actual country is,though.I’ll take a wild guess for #7.As for the rest,i’ll have to google them… :(

  5. I got questions 4, 5, and 6 right. Finally one of my guesses paid off (question 4)! I thought I knew question 1 but was shocked to find out they moved elsewhere. And my guess for question 7 was probably too obvious. On the first page I found for the Davis Cup question, I thought I had the right answer/guess, until I counted winners after 1972! So close. Also, I know my guess for question three has been onstage at least three times, but I’m not sure of a fourth. I had no clue for questions 8, 10, and 12, but only guessed on the latter two. I know 12 is wrong but I’m holding out hope for 10. :) In my case, a splendid way to end off the DPTQ week. Well done Morgan and Hulluna and I can’t wait for the bonus feature.

    • “move”? it’s Hotmail that went all crappy because of Outlook and Microsoft going poop around it, but Skype hasnt moved and Hotmail and Skype are still mixed together under Skype’s original homeland In other words, your answer was right! We don’t expect the detail of Hotmail’s new Outlook life lol

  6. Now I’d just like to say thank you to our great administrators for this fantastic fun game! :)

    Since I belong to the “google cheaters”, I will also count how many points I would have got by sheer knowledge alone. I mean, if I had knew the 8 points question today, it would probably have been a proof that my Eurovision interest has taken an unhealthy direction.

  7. I won’t be answering this set of questions tonight.
    Instead,i’ll post a song,i like to listen to,on August nights,with this nice summer breeze. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HimzLPrim9w

  8. I made a Google-free answering this time. Empty spaces: I haven’t got a clue.

  9. Thanks Morgan for taking the time and effort to create this quiz, which was fascinating and challenging in equal measure.

    I refused to Google the answers after Day 1 which means I probably got about 3 questions right all together, LOL, but it was still great fun.

  10. A really good song and performance from a totally underrated artist

  11. Answers: What a relief… much easier today :P I’m feeling sure about the following ones: 1, 3, 5, 6 & 7 #1 – Not sure there exactly, since it was 2 made by 2 persons(not from the same country), but I dunno about hotmail :/ #3 – I’m probably wrong, but there is only 1 Icelandic person I can think off #5 – HA! :D Here I’m 100% sure, then I guess I know my country’s history, what a great Dane I am xD (…NOT) #6 – Damn it! I remember the year, but not his name, and it was only for 14 seconds as well :P #7 – Oh wow, I’m still unsure, but I believe I once was in that castle, when I look at the picture, I’m like 99,9% sure, but as soon I scroll away, I become unsure, if it’s not what I think it is, then I’ll punch myself xP
    Answers for which day?:

    • I have censored a tiny bit of your message (which was in parentheses) because it was too much of a hint for a question… by the way, I’ve seen you commenting around but I’m not sure I’ve gotten any official answers from you?

  12. I’ll make a guess for #5. As for #7, for the first time I know the answer to the PoD question

    This is definately the toughest trivia quiz I’ve ever taken part in in my life. And that was meant to be a compliment :D It could easily be part of exams in a University.
    Well done Morgan :)

  13. Thank you to Morgan for posting all the questions and doing a fab layout everyday and for collating the results. It was good fun putting the questions together and I learnt lots! We’ll make sure we run this annually.

    Good luck to everyone still trying to answer them, can’t wait for the results!

    As Morgan says we have something else for you to answer coming up which Jade has put together with me and it will hopefully give us some fascinating insight into Eurovision fans and our readers!

  14. Offtopic, since the other day we mentioned the polemic around Isinbayeva, it’s good to notice not everyone in Russia and in Russian athletics support Putin’s law: http://www.itele.fr/sport/video/le-relais-russe-a-fendu-la-bise

  15. Thank you again for this game! I really enjoyed it! :)

    Also, I think that I found answer to picture question again (actually my father found it LOL)! But not sure :s

  16. OMG Teddy Tamgho almost beat Jonathan Edwards’ record! Why the hell can’t he work better on the line so his jumps can be counted!

  17. Oh my Teddy Tamgho!!!
    What a competition in the triple jump!

    • He beat the indoor record two years ago, then got injured for two years and could not play in the olympics! now without the pressure of world championships he CAN beat Jonathan Edwards’ record!

      • He sure can and I hope he does it soon. Not a fan of Edwards myself tbh :P

        • His problem is the jumping marks, he tends to be 2cm beyond the allowed mark and therefore his jumps are not measured! His 4th jump here was his best but not measured, like his 5th, which made us very worried for the title even. I love the judge’s smile when he rises the white flag, like he even is happy he can allow that jump!

          • I know what you mean re jumping marks; that was always the problem for the Greek jumpers too :)
            Silver for France in the women’s 4×100 relay!

            • WHAT THE HELL was that relay? Sure, France was the women’s 4x100m world champion 2003 in Paris, but it was at home with Christine Aaron but second above the USA? WOW what a last day for France! After the disappointment of men’s 4x100m (silver in Daegu but with Lemaitre injured they didn’t even qualify)

            • Louis Tsatoumas comes to mind.Such a talented athlete but he really can’t manage his stress level during any big championship.

          • I love Christine Aaron! :)

  18. Oh the flag during the medal ceremony for Christina Obergföll was torn off from its’ post! Btw, why is the sound during the National Anthems so low? we can’t hear a thing! :(

  19. Renaud Lavillenie (Olympic champion and Moscow’s runner-up) on French TV said it was the worst championships he ever took part in, in terms of organisation and public (the people, he said, didn’t know anything about athletics and only came to cheer when a Russian athlete had a chance for medal; he said he heard a woman aking “why aren’t they all running in the same race?”), he said Berlin 2009 was the best in terms of passion for the sport and Daegu 2011 in terms of clinical organisation

    • Something was missing there,definitely.They were only passioante when a Russian or a Ukrainian athlete was competing which is understandable but there were other great athletes doing great thing there,too.
      And the next games will take place in Beijing.Hmm…I wonder why the US don’t get to host any world championship.

      • indeed it’s weird, but because of all the necessary organisation standards it’s no surprise that a lot of Olympic cities have become world championship hosts: they have the infrastructure and town capacity to host such an event: Moscow and then Beijing and London, the last two summer Olympic cities!

  20. On a side note: IAAF forced Emma Green Tregaro to repaint her nails for the final.It’s against the rules to make political statements during the games,they said. :(

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