Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 6

The Eurovision Times – The summer remains a terrible time for Eurovision fans as it’s the season without any news. So the Eurovision times team has come up with a new game: a Trivia Quiz on European history, geography, culture and on Eurovision. Sixth day!

Each day, for a full week, we will publish ten questions of different difficulty. The first question will be the easiest and will be worth 1pt. The tenth question will be the toughest and will be worth 12pts!

Most questions will have answers around the Internet but not on Wikipedia. In a perfect world, there’s no need to cheat and look online but since there’s just no way for us to verify who looked where, there is no rule that says you can’t look online. After all, this quiz is only a summer fun game and if you end up learning something it’s good enough. We will be very suspicious though if you get every answer right every day!

After the week (and an extra week for people to vote in case they were busy one day or a few during the week), the points of each participant will be counted and we’ll announce a winner. What will he or she win? Not much, except the title of the Douze Points Trivia Quiz champion for a year, which is definitely something!

Of course, in the comment section you won’t get to give hints to one another or worse, give an answer. But you’ll still get to use the questions as excuses for more broad discussion.

Quiz.06~ SATURDAY ~

01 Montenegro’s Rambo Amadeus previously represented Yugoslavia in which sport?
02 Who invented the Armenian alphabet?
03 Two museums are dedicaded to the painter Marc Chagall, in which towns are they?
04 In which country was founded OGAE?
05 Alongside Belarus, which country took part the most often in JESC?
06 The first naturalized citizen to be crowned Miss USA was from which European country?
07 Picture of the day: in which European country was it taken?
08 What was the  name of the slave who led Rome’s first Servile war?
10 In which year did Andreas Hudec try to represent his home country in Eurovision?
12 Which country‘s coat of arms feature Saint George slaying the dragon even though the country’s constitution refuses to recognize the knight as a religious figure?

Picture of the day:

Now it’s your turn to play! You’ll get to give your answers by email on our new address, eurovisiontimesesc@gmail.com or via the feedback messagery below!

35 comments on “Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 6

  1. It’s official: Day 6 is the first day of DPTQ that I don’t know any answer, so I won’t submit any. I only have a suspicion for #8 and 12.
    Difficult day for me so, goodnight, everyone :)

  2. If you had asked in which Eurovision song Rambo Amadeus is mentioned, I would have known it…

    Otherwise, I must agree with oxi that this is the toughest one so far.

    • I think 5 was toughest, but it’s the funniest picture of the day, and quite different one at that too it’s more about decoding the wall than recognizeing an architecture style

      • I haven’t watched JESC since 2007 (I think) but I still managed to guess which was the right answer in some way.

        I also knew the Rome question luckily, because otherwise my university wouldn’t allow me to return. :P

        • well you already watched one JESC and that’s too much! but I, even without having watched a single edition or performance at all, knew the answer!

          my wordpress is going mad and refuses to show me updates and replies, does it do it to other people as well?

          • I don’t have that function at all on this computer…

            Haven’t you watched a single edition of JESC? But then you don’t know if you might have missed something fantastic, do you? ;)

            • I am on principle opposed to children singing on this masquarade so how can I miss something that I am absolutely against? Just like esc, Im sure some editions were well hosted, and the songs maybe well crafted, but there is no way every single decent legislation made children psychology different to adults on everything that matters and that implying that the whole extravaganzza of a national competition wouldnt affect them

          • Everything works fine for me.

  3. I have just come back from dinner with my parents who have their golden anniversary today. The big party is tomorrow … :)

    Yay, another 7 points! :)

  4. Questions 4, 5 and 6 … no idea. :(

  5. question 12 was interesting , I wonder, as both England and Catalonia celebrate the same day for St George..St Jordi for Catalunya …and with the same dragon history

  6. YAAY! I have 07 pts! first time :D

  7. The only thing I know is who the person is on the picture in question 7, but that doesn’t help me much. It cannot be New York, for obvious reasons.

    I think I’ll save it for later.

  8. HAHA :P First time I’m 100% sure about 1 of the questions, and that’s the #5 questions, I dunno though… if I should feel proud about it though :P

  9. I finally got my first picture question! :D It helped make today my third best day point-wise. I also have no shame in instantly knowing the answer to question 5. Yesterday was so difficult! I only got question 6. And the stupidity of some of my guesses today left me seeking a large piece of concrete to thrust my head against. Especially question 12. And 10. And 4. And 2. It was a day of highs and lows for me lol.

  10. Off topic: Congratulations to Bolt for his win, although he’s starting getting on my nerves with those silly reactions.
    I’m sad for Yego, that kid deserves better. Btw, javelin is probably my most fav event.

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