Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 5

The Eurovision Times – The summer remains a terrible time for Eurovision fans as it’s the season without any news. So the Eurovision times team has come up with a new game: a Trivia Quiz on European history, geography, culture and on Eurovision. Fifth day!

Each day, for a full week, we will publish ten questions of different difficulty. The first question will be the easiest and will be worth 1pt. The tenth question will be the toughest and will be worth 12pts!

Most questions will have answers around the Internet but not on Wikipedia. In a perfect world, there’s no need to cheat and look online but since there’s just no way for us to verify who looked where, there is no rule that says you can’t look online. After all, this quiz is only a summer fun game and if you end up learning something it’s good enough. We will be very suspicious though if you get every answer right every day!

After the week (and an extra week for people to vote in case they were busy one day or a few during the week), the points of each participant will be counted and we’ll announce a winner. What will he or she win? Not much, except the title of the Douze Points Trivia Quiz champion for a year, which is definitely something!

Of course, in the comment section you won’t get to give hints to one another or worse, give an answer. But you’ll still get to use the questions as excuses for more broad discussion.

Quiz.05~ FRIDAY ~

01 Which ambassador is usually attributed to introducing tulips back to Europe?
02 In Ireland what’s the other name for Long Kesh?
03 How often did Finland finish higher than the Uk in an Eurovision final?
04 Which European country  has the highest number of McDonald restaurants per capita?
05 In July Delpy’s Skylab, what Eurovision song can be heard?
06 Stalin ruled the Soviet Union but from which soviet Republic was he from?
07 Picture of the day: in which European country was it taken?
08 What are the name of the two chambers of the Austrian Parliament?
10 What’s the name of the famous bar in Phuket, Thailand, that regularly hosts Eurovision parties during the contest?
12 Of which European nationality was the biologist that was awarded the Nobel prize for “describing the structure and function of organelles in cells” and is still today the only Nobel prize from his country?

Picture of the day:

Now it’s your turn to play! You’ll get to give your answers by email on our new address, eurovisiontimesesc@gmail.com or via the feedback messagery below!

73 comments on “Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 5

  1. Oh my! it’s getting more and more difficult every day. I only know the answer to #6.

  2. As for #8, I’m only sure about the name of one of the two chambers, so I’ll skip that answer too.

  3. Can it be that I finally know the picture question without searching? :D

  4. Am I the only one here who is not searching for the answers? :P :D

  5. Yay, I will get my first 7 points. :)

    I have only had a look at the picture of the day so far. Now I will address the other questions.

  6. I don’t understand question 1. :(

  7. I don’t know the answers to questions 4, 5 and 10. :(
    And I wrote an essay as answer to question 1 because I remember a lot about this guy … but alas not his surname.

  8. The latest new country in the flag counter is North Korea. Do people go on holiday there?

  9. Off topic but i’m so pissed off atm with Isimbaeva and her homophobic comments.And to think that i was actually cheering for her on Tuesday night… . ( Go Emma Green Tregaro!

    • ive always hated her diva-like star and loved when she failed by that same pride in 2011 and all, im ok with her winning the title this year simply because the competition is quite bad and even without much training she can still walk with the prize, but in france they said that from now on she’ll devote herself to a political career as its typical from russian stars (marat safin) and therefore im not surprised by her anti-gay crap

      • I think this year the level was quite high and she really put an effort.However,even though she is a great athlete she’s a narrow minded person.I think,she lost a lot of fans today and got some racists on her side.
        She said that she’ll try to have a baby and then come back to pole vault.I don’t know about politics.

    • What did she say? I am very busy atm and miss a thing now and then.

      But I have never liked her. Yes, she is a great athlete but as soon as pole vault is over, she is little more than one of those nauseating Putin bimbos.

      • She first criticized Emma Green Tregaro because the latter decided to paint her nails at the colors of the rainbow saying that she is being disrespectful towards the host country and then she said that Russian people are different to other european nations and they have their own laws.I quote: We consider ourselves to be normal people who believe that boys should live with girls and men with women.This comes from history….

        • Yuck! Russia really scares me to death these days. The other day I read in my daily paper that almost 70 % of Russians do not want a political and social system similar to those in the EU. I think that we all should become independent of Russian gas asap!

          Putin, Jelena and Dina on the guillotine! LOL

        • the problem is not “we have our laws people coming here should respect them”, and it’s not “it’s annoying that an athlete is disrespectful by painting its nails”, those can be argued in many ways, but the problem is “we consider ourselves to be NORMAL people” with all the homophobic implications! wit that there’s no argument, that sentence is wrong, period.

          • “there’s no argument, that sentence is wrong, period.”

            JI would probably say the same thing about your line of argument because I reckon that she actually believes that God created men and women (and everything else) and that God blessed the heterosexual way as the only normal one. :(


            Unfortunately, many people think that the way they are is the only way to be normal. Luckily, we have come a long way in most European countries in the last 20 years. Someone should tell Jelena and all those other haters that civilisation is not about being obscenely rich, having bombastic parties and believing in religious knick-knack but about being respectful and judging every person by his or her deeds only.

  10. Just arrived home. I didn’t have energy to google all the questions where I don’t know the answer, so I left some of them open.

  11. Answers sent! It’s really getting more difficult every day! :D

  12. Last night here in Albania:
    Today I heard Israel 1991 on the radio. I was honestly… quite shocked. I never expected to hear that here. The hotel staff want us to have some wine or raki tonight (they keep switching between which one), so tonight will be fun. Packing right now. Going to miss Albania.

  13. Hola Oxi!, was thinking of you the other when I saw a photo of that white tower with the flag :-), just a comment on the on/off topic re Isimbaeva: from journalistic point of view, she dug her own grave, if she hadn’t criticized the rainbow flag fingernails beforehand, journalists wouldn’t have asked her questions about that, thus she got trapped and had to find a way out, if they had asked her about it she could have used the usual diatribe “am here as an athlete so I don’t want to talk about anything political”, but no, so she was forced to follow the Putin line, whether she believes in it or not (my feeling is she does from spontaneous comments), she wasn’t going to diss her whole career based on government support to say “I don’t agree with Russian legislation”, she’s a coward as opposed to the Russian presenter who officially came out as gay on air and was fired the next day!, god, if that happened here in Spain half our presenters would be fired!! :-)

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