Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 3

The Eurovision Times – The summer remains a terrible time for Eurovision fans as it’s the season without any news. So the Eurovision times team has come up with a new game: a Trivia Quiz on European history, geography, culture and on Eurovision. Third day!

Each day, for a full week, we will publish ten questions of different difficulty. The first question will be the easiest and will be worth 1pt. The tenth question will be the toughest and will be worth 12pts!

Most questions will have answers around the Internet but not on Wikipedia. In a perfect world, there’s no need to cheat and look online but since there’s just no way for us to verify who looked where, there is no rule that says you can’t look online. After all, this quiz is only a summer fun game and if you end up learning something it’s good enough. We will be very suspicious though if you get every answer right every day!

After the week (and an extra week for people to vote in case they were busy one day or a few during the week), the points of each participant will be counted and we’ll announce a winner. What will he or she win? Not much, except the title of the Douze Points Trivia Quiz champion for a year, which is definitely something!

Of course, in the comment section you won’t get to give hints to one another or worse, give an answer. But you’ll still get to use the questions as excuses for more broad discussion.

Quiz.03~ WEDNESDAY ~

01 What type of dog do Jedward currently own?
02 Of Europe’s microstates, which doesn’t use the Euro?
03 What instrument did Azerbaijan’s Sabina Babayeva’s mother play?
04 Which Eurovision participant’s flag is red and green?
05 A member of which band has Ukraine banned for desecrating their flag?
06 How many European nations are members of the Commonwealth?
07 Picture of the day: in which European country was it taken?
08 Which European country has the most zoos in the world?
10 Which European city has both the most cinemas and cinema screens in the world?
12 In 1972, the organizers of which national final were declared “enemies of the public” for endangering the country with “immoral aspects”?

Picture of the day:

Now it’s your turn to play! You’ll get to give your answers by email on our new address, eurovisiontimesesc@gmail.com or via the feedback messagery below!

40 comments on “Douze Points Trivia Quiz: Day 3

  1. “Which European country has the most zoos in the world?”

    Sounds like a question that the Bridgekeeper in Monty Python could have asked. ;)

    The 12 point question is probably the only one I am more or less sure of.

    • only one? not even question 1? i thought that one was easy, but I sometimes got surprises, two days in a row now number 3 seems to the hardest to people, let’s see if this continues (would you have guessed #3 with more time and using the picture? you never told me)

      • Well, In my opinion number 3 was one of the easiest ones this day! I’m sorry… but 1, 5 and 12 were impossible to me…. I don’t know why the Eurovision questions just blow me away with their complexity and difficulty, because some are very personal or a type of question which it’s very hard to find!

        So… In order of difficulty (less to most): 4, 2, 7, 6, 3, 8, 10, 12, 5, 1!

      • Question n° 3 was easy imo. But then it is well known that I love ‘When the Music Dies’ and thus I did to Sabina what Alex did to Krista and Birgit this year. :)

        All in all the most tricky set of questions for me so far. :)

    • And the 4 point too.

    • lol for the zoo, we’re trying to be very broad about all sort of cultures: the #1 country in the world, which is European has only the USA as competition, both being way above 350, the third most country, China, has 80… so it’s a legit piece of trivia to know it’s a country that really loves zoos

      • In the end, my answers were more or less those that I would have guessed from the beginning. What I found was simply what my prejudices told me about zoos and cinema. :)

        The same goes for the Jedward question.

  2. I answered questions #2 and 6.

    Question re: question #4: Do coats of arms on the flag count too?

    Re: #10 if it was for theatres the answer would definately be Athens with more than 150 theatre scenes. At least until 3 years ago when the crisis sterted.

  3. Wow, some of these were tricky.

    The first one, I’m a big Jedward fan and I know the dog, just can’t name a breed.
    Q2 I only found out on Monday, otherwise I’d have guessed a different one.
    Q4, I think was a bit tricky I had to actually look up a picture of the flag just to make sure.
    Q6 wasn’t sure which commonwealth you meant (there are several) but went for the most famous one based on the picture clue you provided.
    And question 10 I had no idea.

    • yeah the “commonwealth” without any adjective should imply the “most famous one” as you put it, but as you put it even better, i do provide some small picture clue for each question (well sometimes some are confusing like Dustin for question 1 yesterday lol)

  4. I think I got another 8 points :)
    Don’t know about #4.
    Btw, today is Tuesday 13th, supposedly a day that brings bad luck according to Greek folklore; it’s more or less what Friday 13th is for the rest of the world :)

  5. I think I’ll never forgive myself re: #4 :( LOL

  6. Off topic: I listened to national final songs from 2007 while cleaning the house today, and so many countries made terrible choices that year. They had much better songs in their national finals. The UK should have sent ‘Big Bro Thang’, Norway ‘Wannabe!’ (or even ‘Hooked on You’), Denmark ‘Husker du’ etc.

    • You like “Hooked on you”? Now I’m not sure I know you anymore. ;)

      But I agree that “Husker du” was by far the best choice in the Danish final. And it didn’t even make it to the final. :(

      • No, no, no … I don’t (DON’T) like ‘Hooked on You’ but I am pretty sure that the song would have got Norway into the final. That is the reason I put it in brackets as 2nd choice.

        • “No, no, no … I don’t (DON’T) like ‘Hooked on You’”

          Point taken. ;)

          I remember that I considered the balance between the two Danish semis to be very bad, with almost all my favourites in the latter one.

          • 2007 is probably the year when most things went wrong. :(

            And that includes that ridiculous semi-final with 12 diaspora points from Portugal to Moldova putting Moldova above Portugal in 10th place. It is a scandal that neither Iceland nor Andorra qualified whereas some real shits from more televoter-friendly countries did. Thank God that at least the best song/performace won in the end.

            But then, perhaps 2008 is a year when even more things went wrong than in 2007. :(

            • The songs I would have liked to qualify (in no order):

              Bulgaria, Iceland, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Czech Republic, Malta (guilty pleasure), Andorra, Hungary, Slovenia

              6 out of 10, in other ways.

              When you talk about 2008, is it especially the Latvian pirates beating the Portuguese sea lady you’re thinking of?

            • To be honest I’m not keen on Andorra 2007; I have never seen the quality in bands Blink 182 or Good Charlotte anyway. But given the popularity of that genre in the 00’s, I did acutally expect it to be a televoter-friendly song. But I like the Icelandic song a lot.

  7. And the list goes on:

    Slovenia: Eva Cerne
    Malta: Scar or Trilogy
    Czech Rep.: “Muloland” (although I quite like “Mala dama”)
    Macedonia: “Ako te rasplacat”
    Latvia: “Home”
    Greece: Tamta
    France: Valérie Lourie (one of my favourite ESC-related songs)
    Romania: “Time” (!!!)

  8. OffTopic: If anyone is curious to see the extremely odd interval act of Eurolaul 1996, which I mentioned in the other thread, you can watch the first part here.

  9. @ Eulenspiegel

    “When you talk about 2008, is it especially the Latvian pirates beating the Portuguese sea lady you’re thinking of?”

    It is … but there are some other things too, like Russia winning with only the odd point here and there from west of Szczecin …


  10. I will say goodnight with one of my favourite songs, the one I want to be played once I have passed away and are carried out of the church to the graveyard. :)

    Goodnight for good!

  11. “Valentine Lost” is probably the only 2007 song that I really missed in the final. Perhaps with the exception of “Partners in Crime”.

    And then I actually like “Push the Button” for its irony and humor, including the somewhat weird mix of styles, but being too political it didn’t belong in the final, I think.

  12. I just noticed Nick P., Patrick P. and Marc P. voted all three at the same time lol

  13. I’m confused about 04 pts. Doesn’t that question has just 1 answer? Because there are 2 European countries with red and green flags as I know :P (One user already wrote their names here :D)

  14. Off-topic (again):

    I am listening to the 2010 national final songs today … and I have found a new love. :) The orchestration Bojken Lako’s ‘Love Love Love’ is fantastic!

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