Eurovision 2014: Announcement in Early Autumn

Eurovision 2014 – The official site of the European Broadcasting Union has published today an article on the upcoming contest, stating that the three-city race for hosting will end in “early autumn” when the choice will be revealed. So this is a good time to reflect on what we know so far.

There is no much more information than that per se: the host city and venue will be announced in early autumn. Got that? Now let’s dive into something more.

The first thing that’s surprising is that the information came from the EBU site and not the official Eurovision site, which makes us wonder who is right now in charge of the official Eurovision site. It was definitely under the charge of SVT during the contest 2013 and we did see the changes to a new logo and background on the site, using a strange blurred image from 2013 stage with the new update dates of the 2014 song contest, implying that DR took over. But without posting much except the usual updates on singers, we wonder how far DR implied itself in Eurovision 2014 as of now.

Escxtra was the first one to spot it and Esctoday who used to be first on Eurovision news hasnt even posted an article on the matter yet. On the Eurovision blog Just Another Light there was a recent entry on that matter calling the former great Eurovision site “Escyesterday” and complimenting Escxtra as the new great Eurovision site. Do we agree? Well sure, Escxtra is the fastest and quickest Eurovision site for news. And during the Eurovision week they are unbeatable, their webcam live show is fun, they show a lot of commitment that’s refreshing and must be saluted. But unlike Esctoday in the past there isn’t a great community surrounding it. The blog Just Another Light mentions the time we could have an account on Esctoday showing our top 10 favorite countries, voting in polls and commenting on article. Sure that was nice but I remember an older time, when the site had a forum which allowed us to play games and comment to more than Eurovision. That was got Esctoday a community and fun.

But the other thing to dislike on Escxtra in my very humble opinion is that there just isn’t a strong editorial line. There is one on Eurovision Times which was implied before and is now straight forwardly posted on the site Can anyone state what was Escxtra‘s favorite entries and songs of last year’s contest? Based on pure article and editorials, it’s impossible to say. The more mainstream you get (and Escxtra is now the most mainstream Eurovision site if we put aside the official one who, for obvious reasons, can’t say a single bad word on any of its participants), the more light-hearted in tone you get. And when you compare the EBU’s article to Escxtra‘s one you notice it doesn’t change a thing: no analysis, no personal opinion. The point is not just to find news, it’s to create a community and state a will for a certain Eurovision: the new rules, on draw or voting, the staging and hosting, the old rules on televote, language or live instruments, there are many things to have an opinion on. When you’re a powerful esc site, you can push your view all year long. We don’t know where escxtra stands in any of these, not to mention musicwise!

So what can we say about today’s news? It seems that through the lines on the official site one can read some favorites: “Horsens’ bid is by far the most unusual” seems to imply it’s there for the sake of being there and “DR Byen […] proposes to erect a massive tent” seems a tad too exotic. Of course, we could be proven wrong but we’ve always thought that there were two favorites for this competition are Herning, obviously a huge DR favorite and when the EBU says that the Boxen Arena has  “slightly more [seats] than the Malmö Arena where this year’s contest was held” you can tell DR wants to prove to everyone that, yes, Boxen Arena can host the contest. They hosted a poll on the DR’s site to prove that the Danes want Herning to do it. But why, then, would it take so long to announce the final venue? Last year, mid-July we knew Malmö had won it after SVT made it clear they wanted to save Stockholm for Melodifestivalen? Because the EBU itself doesn’t seem that eager on Herning because of the capacity of the town itself to host such an event, and that the other cities were a bit far away forcing delegations on daily train routines. The B&W-Hallerne unsurprisingly got the most lines on the EBU’s official site, as Copenhagen is probably their favorite.

So now, where do you want the next contest to be held? We know that for us to go there it’s easier for Eurovision Times if the contest was in Copenhagen and the Dane I know who lives in Copenhagen told me everyone in his city wanted the city to host it again to prove that Parken’s mistake would be repeated. What do you think should be the EBU and DR’s choice?

61 comments on “Eurovision 2014: Announcement in Early Autumn

  1. Well the good news is I have been thinking about tents more than ever recently because I am convinced that it will be held out in the villages next year. Luckily, I have cousins who are farmers in Greece so I will use them to turn me from a city person to a country person within the next few months.

    Unfortunately, there are no tractors for me to practice on around here.

  2. If I remember correctly, Düsseldorf was announced in autumn too.

    I only use esctxtra for live coverage of the rehearsals. Every article on that site is as dull as dishwater. No opinion, no character, no wit, no substance, no edge. :(

    • there is more to say, the way they “advertise” albums or their own participation to some delegations (jury in Austrian final, help with Bulgarian performance)… I do like their implication, not a lot of escsites have it, but I do hate that they enjoy Eurovision on the surface and never dig in ever

    • “No opinion, no character, no wit, no substance, no edge.”

      Luckily, the comments section of this site is this opposite of the above.

      • Escxtra is really doing a good job during the Eurovision week though but I wish they’d do more than news during the rest of the year than copy/paste EBU’s official statements…

        • The problem is that it is a lot harder to find news at this time unless you are really working real hard. Unfortunately, the non official sites are run by part timers and volunteers so it is hard to be doing proper reporting while they re at their normal jobs.

          • Luke on Facebook posts everyday on Eurovision though, so I wonder what his real job is… the point is not just to find news, it’s to create a community and state a will for a certain Eurovision: the new rules, on draw or voting, the staging and hosting, the old rules on televote, language or live instruments, there are many things to have an opinion on. When you’re a powerful esc site, you can push your view all year long. We dont know where escxtra stands in any of these, not to mention musicwise!

            • You are correct, you can certainly fill the gaps with opinion pieces but I guess they do not want to go that route.

              But since you asked:
              -get rid of juries completely
              -bring back the native language rule
              -no live instruments as it will make the show even longer, unless you cut down on the number of finalists, which they will not do.
              -don’t care how you make the draw as I feel the winning song can win from any position in the draw.
              -and in keeping with the first part of the article, hold the contest next year in Kobenhavn.

            • it’s funny, I am for juries and against the native language rule lol! but that’s what makes a great esc site imo, the debate on that!

              but i do want CPH to have it, my exbf lives there and it’s a great chance to go see him again ;)

            • The reason I like the native language rule is to keep the English language songs to a minimum and increase the diversity.

              Hopefully Valentina brings her saxophone next year and we get some good jazz out of her. She can be the jazz diva!

              Yes, it may seem hypocritical to say that after my favorite entry this year was a group of Finns singing an Americanized song in English, but my other 4 favorites were in Greek (Cyprus, not Greece of course) in Estonian, in Moldovan and in French.

            • Is Moldova’s Romanian that different that one can call it “Moldovan”?

            • I don’t think it is that different at all.

  3. Hmm… I know I’m in the minority when I saw that I think the Horsens bid is the most appealing to me. I don’t know. Maybe its completely irrational, but I think the renovated prison could make for (if nothing more) a memorable stage design in the courtyard. Denmark has had memorable stages in their national final for years now, and they’ve proven that they can do interesting things with traditional stage design. Now, I want to see them put that mastery of creating a great stage and apply it to an exotic locale.

    I’m going to start repeating myself if I continue, so I’m just going to cut off my thoughts here.

  4. I visited eurovision.tv after reading this because I hadn’t and needed to see what Morgan was describing. After doing so, all I can say is… ew. Denmark (assumed) may be able to make beautiful stages but not beautiful websites. It looks dead.

    As for the escxtra conversation, I read the blog post that Morgan linked to, and I find it funny that they talk about all the community that was in escxtra and completely ignore the fact that the website doesn’t have any commenters, except for a select few, on their articles. It also doesn’t have most of what made esctoday once a good site.

  5. Just to add to this thing about communication, I find it ridiculous that eurovision songs go on sale for download and nobody is told. Isn’t the music the whole point of this contest?

    So many singles and remixes went on sale but there is nobody telling us this.

    For instance, the ever popular Lanskaya (LOL) released an album full of remixes, as did Cascada. Birgit, the sweet sweet angel, released all her versions, Valentina released 4 versions of her song, the ill fated Moje 3 released 9 versions of their song, etc, but the eurovision website did not highlight any of this. The official site should be linking to all these things.

    • The Eurovision website does nothing. It promotes delegations during the contest, give some bit of news during esc season on singers and then abandons everyone and everything for a while. It shows the level of commitment in these days of crisis, almost every broadcaster is pushing esc aside, hence the winners lately, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Azerbaijan have all been countries who have been pushing the contest forward at home and wanting to win!

  6. I do not really care about which city is chosen. I just hope for good songs and a good show overall. As to escxtra, well, they’re just another OMG!!! kind of place. No can do.
    Esc Today had its day, but they hadn’t the courage to have an opinion about whatever. ET and ESC Insight are the best sites around (to my knowledge), imo.

  7. Off topic:

    Chiara and Hery Björk will give a concert at Hans Sachs-Straßenfest (Munich’s gay street festival) on August 17th. They will sing their duet for the Antwerp Outgames too. :)


  8. I think the Danes should follow Azerbaijan’s example and build a new arena. At the harbour, maybe.

    No, seriously, I think that Copenhagen should be the place. What arena they should use, I don’t know, but I think it will be too difficult with the hotels and transports to have it in another town, although Jutland is very cosy.

  9. In anticipation of next year’s contest, I have been studying this video and thought I should share it for the benefit of those travelling to the show next year LOL.

    • LOL

      I would not have a problem to raise a tent because I was a boyscout in my youth. Unfortunately, I was dishonourably discharged because I embezzled the monthly membership fees for some time for a very simple reason: I preferred to buy books. (Those were the late 70s and my parents gave me the fee in cash …). I was only 12 years old but those in charge at the boy scout organisation knew no mercy. I even had to return my cravat and leather knot. :(

      Some years later I made up for the tent raising experience missed because of my reasonable acts beacuse I worked in the camping and garden furniture department of Karstadt in the semester breaks for many years. Believe it or not, even today I can still put together canopy swings without assembly instructions. Unfortunately, I never need that skill.

      • Lol the embezzlement I can probably relate to but tents I cannot. I have never even seen one in person. I’m null points when it comes to this outdoor stuff.

  10. I very much hope for the tent solution outside DR Byen in Copenhagen. It would be the easiest in terms of infrastructure and hotel capacity of course. And honestly I’m not so sure that they have already decided to hold it in Herning. Just because 80% of the Danish fans have voted for Herning, it doesn’t mean that DR have decided on that. But they may want to wait for a decision to be announced in order to have some sponsorship in place first.

  11. I stay by my word, and say that Copenhagen should host, not because I’m a Dane who lives in Copenhagen, but because Herning and Horsens are two crappy and boring cities, nothing really to do.
    About the poll as well, which was made by DR, who asked where the contest should be held, about 80 % of the voters are from Jutland (Jylland), which is where Herning is placed, most of the Danes who voted, don’t even understand that the contest is lasting for 2 weeks, most of them think, it’s 3 days, and that is it, barely anyone of them know what is going on few days before the contest takes place.
    Only cities such as Aalborg, Aarhus & Copenhagen can handle 2 weeks with fans from all over the world, not even Odense can do that, which is the 3rd largest city in Denmark(which means bigger than Aalborg), if people wanna have Euro Cafe and Euroclub to be held in sort of shed, then it will be in Herning and Horsens, while in Copenhagen, everything is set and ready to handle all of this

    • It’s always interesting to hear what Danes have to say. You and Goaty, along with my ex-bf, all agree it should be CPH, I have no idea why DR and its poll were pushing Herning so much (I was told a lot of people at DR were from Jutland though) but yeah… most fans on here are set for CPH!

  12. An interesting article Morgan, and I completely agree with what you wrote about escxtra – whilst the site is useful in providing news quickly, it has very little personality.

    Even the album reviews, which they do from time to time, are little more than regurgitated media releases. The one they did of Krista’s album was co-written by her record label!

    • LOL, I was actually listening to the aforementioned album as I read this comment.

      Plus, all they did was thank YLE and Universal Finland at the end. They were probably just thanking them for giving them a demo to review and probably some background and biographical information. I am certain there is an innocent explanation there LOL. Plus we know for a fact the artist they represent does not actively seek the spotlight or anything like that so it is hard to get information from her, so that is where YLE came in.

      But, If her record label did write it, they need to step it up because the review was only 7 out of 10. In other words, way too low. Some record label that is. That does not even include the fact that we cannot buy the album over here. With friends like universal Finland who need enemies? They should have let me write the review. And I am under no control of any record labels or broadcasters. Yet.

      • “But, if her record label did write it, they need to step it up because the review was only 7 out of 10.”

        LOL, I didn’t think of that.

        Speaking of upcoming ESC-related albums, I’m really looking forward to hearing from Margaret Berger (new single and album, “Chastisement” coming soon), Iiris (new EP coming out soon) and HU? (well-known Estonian band who have performed in the interval of Eesti Laul a few times)

        • So, we agree the album is, legitimately and without hyperbole, at least a 12 out of 10. LOL.

          Also, thanks for the link. I like it and it will make me not miss the Angel not being there as much. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this kind of sound is mainstream enough to make the final.

  13. A new tagline/header for the blog has been updated ;)

  14. I hope it is not Copenhagen!

  15. This will also come in handy next May. Hopefully they have some rentals.


    Next up, I need some hunting tips.

  16. A quick comment on the location – I do kind of hope it’s in Horsens. It will be my first live Contest, so why not have it in a non-traditional location?

    As far as escxtra goes, they want to be a news site. The point of a journalist is to report the news, not make the news or inform it (i.e., add his/her own opinion). That what separates news sites from blogs. Most news sites/papers have columns with opinions, but these are by no means required. Sure, news may be drier, but sticking to the facts upholds an organization’s journalistic credibility and is consistent with a mission of a news group. Versus, the mission of a blog which is to provide commentary and opinion on news, history, etc. Communities naturally form around the groups that are most true and effective at holding to their mission. I, personally, prefer a news site to give just the news so that dialogue and opinions are not tainted by the writer’s thoughts.

    There needs to be a line between blogs and news sites, otherwise, one will not be able to tell the difference.

    • except you cant deny that escxtra is trying to be bloggish too, else why during esc week they’d try to make sure we know who they are? but more aggravating, how neutral can they be when their editor in chief works with the austrian delegation for nf and bulgarian one for performance?

      • I agree, they should not be a part of delegations if they wish to have the appearance of being neutral. I don’t think serving as a judge is a bad thing as judges should be neutral parties.

        I think their big push during ESC week is as much a way to promote themselves to build a readership as it is to cover the Contest.

        I also agree, occasionally, the ethical thing is for a journalist to intervene to expose corruption or other societal ills, but this shouldn’t be the norm.

        • The thing is that it is hard to believe that a place can be objective when talking about an entry that a leader of the website helped to select. There’s a difference between being a judge (admittedly, a judge should be a neutral party) and reporting on an artist that is part of the big event because you were a part of the selection process that picked her.

      • nothing in journalism or blogs will ever be “neutral”, we can take World Swimming Championships as an example between coverage byTVE (that is the world broadcaster) and TV3, that is Catalan public broadcaster, the same championships, completely different perspective, especially when they interview Catalans (is practically 3/4 of Spanish national team), what they say to to the Catalan TV is sometimes completely different to what they say in “Castellano” to TVE,

        • sure, but there’s a difference between having a personal opinion and taking part actively behind ONE of the 39 delegations when in Malmö… that’s why i prefer actively raising a voice in a blog but then keeping clean from all delegations… you cant deny escxtra’s stance is, to say the least, awkwardly fishy

          • Yes! It is fishy indeed! Thanks for providing this forum for this kind of discussion. I don’t think most entertainment-oriented sites, news or blog, often allows for serious discussion topics like this; thanks!

  17. I’m a journalist and agree with your comments, but unfortunately it’s not so easy especially if there is some kind of censorship involved (that exists in all countries, even so- called “democratic freedom of speech ” ones) but sometimes “making the news” as a journalist is not such a bad thing, we can see this in Spain with corruption scandals and information only comes to light via the media, otherwise nobody would know half of what is really going on..:-)

  18. While we wait to find out where in Denmark the contest is going to be next year, we can enjoy Cyprus 2012 representative Ivi Adamou’s new video. How can you not love Ivi?

    • I was about to post the same video. :) I like it.It’s a nice summery tune and the video is nie,too.

      • LOL you are the quickest to post videos but when it comes to Ivi you have a challenger lol.

        As for the song I love it, it’s been put on the summer playing (along with Bombo and Krista, so that right there tells you how great the song is) and it looks like they are trying to give her more mature songs. And that does not take into account how fabulous she looks in that red dress. 12 points from the USA.

        If you didn’t know, I am New York #1 Ivi fan lol.

        • Well,it’s her boyfirend who wrote the song and is short of responsible for her career now.

          • But they have been denying this relationship for years.

            If it is true it seems she likes older guys because he has to be like 15 years older than her lol.

            True or not there are more important issues: getting her back to eurovison so she can get the top 5 finish that was stolen from her last year.

            How about she goes next year when a certain fan will also be there to cheer her on?

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