ET Awards 2013: full results and analysis

Eurovision 2013 – This summer was introduced to the “Eurovision Times Awards”, based on Oscars, to give prizes for the best in every category! ET regular members made recommendations and open polls were open for a full week and winners were announced. Discover the full results now!


2013 was the first year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest. After TEKO which takes place before the contest, from now on we will host the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest too. The principle is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website nominates a few entries per categories and opens polls for the public to vote. In the past three weeks, the blog has played the game, recommendations, nominations, votes and winners. Now that all polls are closed and winners were announced, it does not harm to reveal the full results. We will also offer an analysis which you will be able to freely comment and disagree with.

ET AwardsTechnical Awards

  • Best Lyrics
    • 101 Netherlands (42,1%)
    • 40 Norway (16,7%)
    • 37 Malta (15,4%)
    • 36 Greece (15%)
    • 26 Hungary (10,8%)
  • Best Composition
    • 84 Netherlands (35,7%)
    • 60 Norway (25,5%)
    • 46 Italy (19,6%)
    • 28 France (11,9%)
    • 17 Hungary (7,23%)
  • Best Female vocals
    • 89 Ukraine (43,2%)
    • 41 Netherlands (19,9%)
    • 31 Israel (15%)
    • 28 France (13,1%)
    • 18 Moldova (8,7%)
  • Best Male vocals
    • 78 Iceland (39,4%)
    • 64 Italy (32,3%)
    • 31 Sweden (15,7%)
    • 22 Romania (11,1%)
    • 3 Armenia (1,5%)


Artistic Awards

  • Best Perfomance
    • 53 Norway (24,9%)
    • 53 Denmark (24,9%)
    • 41 Greece (19,2%)
    • 38 France (17,8%)
    • 28 Italy (13,1%)
  • Best Props
    • 75 Azerbaijan (37,3%)
    • 55 Moldova (27,4%)
    • 33 Montenegro (16,4%)
    • 22 Finland (10,9%)
    • 16 Denmark (8%)
  • Best Female looks
    • 100 Ukraine (48,1%)
    • 57 Norway (27,4%)
    • 20 Denmark (9,6%)
    • 17 Spain (8,2%)
    • 14 United-Kingdom (6,7%)
  • Best Male looks
    • 90 Italy (44,8%)
    • 42 Greece (20,6%)
    • 26 Belgium (12,9%)
    • 25 Hungary (12,4%)
    • 18 Lithuania (9%)
  • Best Backings
    • 51 Netherlands (33,1%)
    • 35 Ukraine (22,7%)
    • 27 Hungary (17,5%)
    • 26 Finland (16,9%)
    • 15 France (9,7%)


Delegation Awards

  • Best Backdrop
    • 68 Hungary (43,3%)
    • 27 Iceland (17,2%)
    • 23 Norway (14,6%)
    • 23 Denmark (14,6%)
    • 16 Montenegro (10,2%)
  • Best Promotion video
    • 39 Malta (26,5%)
    • 37 Iceland (25,2%)
    • 32 France (21,8%)
    • 27 Greece (18,4%)
    • 12 Switzerland (8,2%)
  • Best Spokeperson
    • 224 Germany (75,7%)
    • 31 Israel (10,5%)
    • 17 Lithuania (5,7%)
    • 15 Sweden (5,1%)
    • 9 Finland (3%)
  • Best National final
    • 68 Germany (47,9%)
    • 23 Estonia (16,2%)
    • 22 Greece (15,5%)
    • 17 Finland (12%)
    • 12 Hungary (8,5%)
  • Best Internal choice
    • 74 Netherlands (38,9%)
    • 38 Italy (20%)
    • 32 San Marino (16,8%)
    • 27 France (14,2%)
    • 19 Montenegro (10%)


Result Awards

  • Most Overrated entry
    • 73 Azerbaijan (38,4%)
    • 45 Romania (23,7%)
    • 37 Russia (19,5%)
    • 24 Belarus (12,6%)
    • 11 Belgium (5,8%)
  • Most Underrated entry
    • 60 France (29,9%)
    • 55 San Marino (27,4%)
    • 47 Israel (23,4%)
    • 35 Montenegro (17,4%)
    • 4 Latvia (2%)
  • Best Song in the top 5
    • 88 Norway (48,1%)
    • 43 Denmark (23,5%)
    • 38 Ukraine (20,8%)
    • 7 Azerbaijan (3,8%)
    • 7 Russia (3,8%)
  • Best Song
    • 40 Norway (23,4%)
    • 33 Netherlands (19,3%)
    • 32 Denmark (18,7%)
    • 23 Italy (13,5%)
    • 17 Greece (9,9%)
    • 13 Hungary (7,6%)
    • 13 France (7,6%)


So now we can discuss a bit these results. 39 entries, 29 of them got a nomination for 18 awards. They were handed however to only 10 countries with 5 of them getting more than one Frida: 4 Netherlands, 3 Norway, 2 Ukraine, 2 Germany, 2 Azerbaijan, 1 Italy, 1 Iceland, 1 Hungary, 1 Malta, 1 France.

Winners: obviously Netherlands and Norway appear as the biggest winners of the Fridas 2013 (TEKO first and third after all, with only Greece upsetting them, more on that later). Netherlands got 4 of the 6 awards for which it was nominated, finishing 2nd the other two times (best female vocals and best songs) while Norway got 3 out of 7 awards, 3 second places and 1 third. If the Netherlands seemed as the biggest winner throughout the competition, the loss of “Best Song” to its main competitor Norway seems however to strongly qualify this. I would argue that one of the biggest problem for the Netherlands was to compete against not 4 but 6 other songs in this, and more importantly among all of ET’s favorites (Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Hungary, France and Italy are easily the 6 favorites in this blog for the 2013 season) and along a still popular among the “silent” majority Denmark. In most categories, Netherlands competed against only a few of the big ET favorites (here Italy and Hungary, there France and Norway) so that in the end, Netherlands was the second favorite to many and earned most votes. But when all the favorites were put together, Norway was the one, by a small margin, to be the most liked overall. Iceland and Ukraine are other big winners for this season. Iceland finished in the top 2 of the three nominations it got while Ukraine got 2 wins and one second place out of four nominations. Germany won the two fridas it was nominated for in the delegation awards. Obviously, the fact that Lena won 224 votes (more than the number of total votes in all other categories!) reminds us that ET was created by a German in 2010 to support Lena. Obviously, many people from back then who “follow” and subscribed to us came back to support her. Malta did better than many expected, with the biggest upset this edition in “Best Video” but also for instance beating Greece in best lyrics!

Losers: of all ET favorites, Italy, Hungary and France will appear as losers with only one frida in the very expected categories: best male looks, best backdrop and most underrated. In almost all other fridas, not only did they lost to bigger favorites (Netherlands and Norway most of the times), they also sank quite low, France finishing 4th out of 5 no less than four times and Hungary clear fifth three times. Favorites in ET but not at all favored by the silent majority in open polls. However, that same majority made some interesting choices. For instance France was behind Israel in recommendations for most underrated but beat it and San Marino, an OGAE favorite, to the Frida. But the weirdest case remains Greece which got 6 nominations total and failed to win a single Frida. It’s even more a surprise to us because Greece got in the final of the TEKO contest. My explanation would be that the biggest support Greece had came from before the contest. The number of votes between TEKO and ET Awards reflects this, as ET Awards got around half the number of votes TEKO had per polls. In other words, the main support for Greece was there during April right before the contest, during TEKO, but once the summer season came, these people were no long around to support and vote for it. Greece didn’t just not-win a Frida, it did quite awful in most polls too and as soon as the first polls I discovered that Greece wouldn’t do that well at all. Denmark is interesting, it’s a loser in the sense that it did not win a Frida out of six nominations but after all, it got most nominations thanks to me who went above most recommendations that ignored the official esc winner and in the end, Denmark got two second places and two third places, above ET favorites and even finishing tied ex aequo to Norway for best performance, tie I broke using the most recommendations. The silent majority made Denmark do less horrible than expected. Azerbaijan got two awards yes, but that can seem as a rejection as well for best props and most overrated.

Voting: Another interesting element is the voting. Sure people said that the silent majority played too big of a role (San Marino, more or less disliked among ET regular members came 5 votes to Most Underrated above France and Israel; Denmark did very well). And others pointed out that most people still voted for their favorite songs but regardless of the categories. In open polls, and in respect of the democratic vote in general, it’s impossible to know why everyone voted. Considering people could not see the votes (only what some people were willing to say in the comments), it’s hard to say people played an unfair tactical vote too. And when you look at the votes, even if we all disagree in some of them, there are enough “anomalies” to think that yes, in the end people did vote for categories. For instance, France lost to Israel in best female vocals but then beat it in most underrated. Denmark moves from tied best performance to last best props. Greece did better than Italy in best performance but was behind in best song while at the same time it did better than France there which did better than Greece in best video. Those examples are many enough to consider that the open polls, though they conflicted with the usual ET members (hence the nominations being solely handed by the ET team with the help of the regular members), didn’t drive to complete madness. And even though recommendation winners almost never won in the end, they still often got undisputed wins in open polls.

Also interesting, most polls about actual esc entries (lyrics, composition, vocals, looks) were all around 200 votes while the ones about delegations and outside the box (national final, promo video, backings) were dropped to 140 votes. At first I thought people were tired of ET Awards, less people around, but when we hit the Result awards with underrated and overrated, we went back up to 200 votes. So I think some people played the games and when they did not follow nf, or watched backings carefully, they decided not to vote by themselves.

Did you enjoy these three weeks of Frida? We’ll now have to figure out something for August, for don’t forget that as soon as September hits, we often get the first big rumors, the first names and we’ll get more and more info inside Herning/Copenhagen 2014 and the season will start definitely. If you have any recommendations on making ET Awards better, for 2014, they’ll be highly appreciated and taken into careful consideration. Hope it was fun and you’re not too mad about some of these results!

219 thoughts on “ET Awards 2013: full results and analysis

  1. San Marino (though they didn’t win the category) is not underrated at all. They didn’t make it but people wouldn’t shut up about that, so I find that makes it quite overrated.

  2. I missed the vote but I can comment on the results..!

    On the technical awards :

    I agree with both the best lyrics and best composition awards (although as a combination I would give it to Denmark).

    Best female vocals yes Zlata is an excellent singer but I may opt for any of the other 4 ladies in the top 5 over Zlata..Possibly Amandine.

    Best male vocals..Yes a reasoable result (regardless of the mediocre song) but I may opt for Cezar as much as I hate to say so when we judge strictly vocal technique.

    Artistic awards :

    Damn that one vote ! :P Of course I would give it to Emmelie or Valentina maybe. La Berger was classy of course (and her song grew a bit on me after the contest) but Emmelie..well..We are going to Denmark.

    Best props of course Azerbaijan no doubts there..

    Best female looks : Bonnie made it to the top 5 ? Go girl ;) Hmmm..Zlata is beautiful indeed but I would go for Birgit :)

    Best male looks..Well I understand the result but for me it is Gianluca of course..!

    Best backing vocals : I do agree 100 %. Anouk’s backing vocals had personality and stood out vocally.

    Delegation awards :

    Best backdrop : I did not like Hungary’s backdrop personally..And to be honest I don’t remember much about the backdrops at the moment..I will go for the danish background colors though at the moment..

    Best promotional video : Switzerland and Malta. A good result.

    Best spokesperson : Of course Lena !

    Best national final : Germany and Greece both had good national finals but on a bigger scale event I would for Eesti Laul, MF and DMGP. All three were of high standards this year.

    Best internal choice : Well of course The Netherlands.

    Result awards :

    Most overrated entry : Norway for me of course..I did not expect it to be in the top 30 of this category anyway :P

    Most underrated entry : San Marino, Germany and France in that order.

    Best song in the top 5 : Denmark of course for me although it did better than I expected..!

    Best song : Well my top 2 finished 2nd and 3rd so I do not complain. Of course again for me : Denmark. Again closer than I thought..!

    • it was an interesting competition as a lot of the crazy esc “fans” who are only there between April and May and push some odd TEKO results weren’t there so we felt there was a stronger Danish feel this time around and less of a Greek one. Netherlands and Norway, 1st and 3rd in TEKO, almost ran away with it.

      By the way, many people recommended, but as I said in the rules, the top 5 was decided by us, the ET team in the end in order to make sure we dont make polls of 39 songs and get people geopolitically voting for the same country everywhere. We used around 80% of people’s first round recommendations though.

      • A fine recommendation indeed about the top 5 and most of them are to the point. It is only rational honestly…For example there is no point in having Hungary in for best props but some people might still vote for it because they like the song..It helps to focus on the merits each category judges on.

        I am glad for The Netherlands both here and in the contest, it will definately boost the interest in the country, that has declined the last many years.

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