Ireland: Third Time Lucky for Jedward?

jedward_lipstickIreland – Irish twins, John and Edward Grimes, better known as Jedward have hinted they may take part in Eurovision again. Speaking about Ireland’s poor finish this year in Malmö by Ryan Dolan, Edward Grimes said “You never know with Eurovision. I think he deserved to do better, the song was really, really cool.” 

Talking to the Irish Mirror newspaper, Edward admitted they “wouldn’t rule out performing at Eurovision for a third time” . He said that he believed Europe should “apologise for giving Ryan Dolan just five points this year” but also “I think the Eurovision always rocks.” The Dublin-based duo, finished 8th in 2011 with ‘Lipstick‘ and 19th in 2012 with ‘Waterline‘  .

Jedward are currently recording their 4th studio album, jetting off to Los Angeles regularly, have a UK tour in September and their now infamous and successful panto run in December and January at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin in Jedward in Beauty & the Beast.

They recently performed at a charity event in Dublin A Night for Christy which raised money for the lead singer of Irish rock band, Aslan, who has cancer. They performed Aslan’s ‘She’s So Beautiful’ with the band.

43 thoughts on “Ireland: Third Time Lucky for Jedward?

  1. I don’t predict a particularily good result for them if they come back. Unless they make something really different. You can’t keep on selling the same product.

    Personally I do not hope for Jedward to return either. They were far too energetic for me, and they don’t sing particularily well.

    • It’s a song contest, not an excitement one. I’d rather have an aloof Anouk than a thousand Jedwards jizzing their pants just to be there.

      • I cannot believe you have put the image of ‘a thousand Jedwards jizzing their pants’ in everyone’s heads! I may have to moderate you in future! ;)

      • Should have figured it would be you lol.

        Plus I said it should have been worth something, its not everything. And, I don’t mind loud acts.

        On an unrelated note, I am watching the tre penne v shirak Champions league first round qualifying match (because I’m crazy) on SMTV and they showed a singer that was not Valentina, so I can say for a fact that there are other singers besides her there.

            • Watch the match and maybe they will show him after full time.

              Then I need to rush home to watch the copa libertadores semi.

              Plus i may be the only person in the world, besides degenerate gamblers, watching this match from san marino. I don’t bet so I am not a degenerate gambler lol.

            • I can’t watch it. And seeing him won’t tell me his name.

              RE: Libertadores. Screw Santa Fa. Tonight I’m Paraguayan.

            • LOL, now I have a reason to become a Sante Fe supporter. For all the times you have disagreed with me in here (which is about 99% of the time)

            • You are using placing as the barometer. That all my top 5 finished low means that I like acts that are not mainstream.

              What you forget to mention is that the act that didn’t make it to the show at all got the best representation deal out of any artist, and out of my top 5, one got the most press and TV time in the UK than everyone else combined, one frenchwoman has a long career ahead of her, Moldova finished 11th or so, and one has the best dimples in the history of the contest and earned my admiration. Those 2 things are worth 100 eurovision wins lol.

              All in all they did great.

            • LOL, just look at my reply to Dimitri. I am being genuine here.

              My favorite song won the contest last year and still I do not love it more than Bombo.

            • LOL, karma is working, and she will make sure santa fe overturns that 2 goal deficit in a few hours. Karma has the same top 5 I did. She has great taste in music too.

              Plus, One member of my top 5 sent me an autographed cd and another thanked me for buying her album. Some jinx I am.

            • They actually won, but fell a goal short.

              Don’t know if the ball crossed the line for sure though.

              Karma was late because she was out partying. Karma cannot be controlled in the summer. I have to accept the fact she is a party girl. She will sober up one day and help me out.

            • Whatever helps you get through the day… ;)
              That goes for your latest comment,i just couldn’t post my comment there.

            • LOL, not you too.

              Even if you told me where my top 5 would place before the contest, I still would not change one thing.

              My love for Bombo, the Angel, the Bride, the Cyprus, the Moon, and the Amandine was not, is not, and never will be, about their final placing.

              It will never be about agreeing with the group either because I fought the Bombo, Bride, and Angel battle pretty much by myself lol. Especially the Bombo and the Bride battles which were an uphill battle from day one. Truth be told, being the lone voice is half the fun here.

              And I assure you, none of this is an act, you will not find out that i actually do not like bombo, finland etc. LOL. I mean I learned the names of all the members of team ding dong on my own months ago. You cannot possibly fake that.

            • I’m not saying you should change the stuff you like,by any means.I’m just challenging your argument about how successful and unique they
              On Amandine: Sadly,i read that her label won’t release any album with new songs from her like they were initially planning.She will do an album with covers,instead.

            • LOL, you challenge me on everything. What else is new? Maybe one day we will agree on something.

              Plus, I am too crazy to change the stuff I like. Way too crazy lol.

              So its covers from Amandine. My reaction to that is just tell me the release days and make it available here. I will purchase it regardless, so I can help her become successful lol.

  2. Oh God!Please,stay away! :(
    I hope RTE is smart enough not to include them in yet another final(wishful thinking,maybe)…

    • Slight correction, it would be Krista feat Jedward, LOL.

      All 3 in the same place assure that nobody sleeps.
      Actually now I am interested to see it.

      It cant possibly get more loud and enthusiastic.

      • This could be a totally new game – name your own six piece Eurovision OTT supergroup!

        Here’s mine: Krista, Jedward, the dancing guy from LT United (Lithuania 2006), Verka Serduchka and Silvia Night (Iceland 2006)…

  3. I’d hate it if the Irish went and sent them again, Jedward havnt particularly done well in my eurovision ranking, ( the 2000’s are almost complete, I wouldnt mind sharing it some time when I’m finished, with everyone) ‘Lipstick’ finished a shocking 40th in my ranking and then ‘Waterfall’ 30th, which was slightly better vocally, but too plastic and tacky.

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