Silvi Vrait (1951 – 2013)

Silvi VraitFormer ParticipantsEurovision Times would like to send its sympathies to friends and family of Silvi Vrait who sadly passed away today. Silvi represented Estonia in 1994, the first time the country entered the competition. She finished 24th out of 25 songs with ‘Nagu Merelaine. Silvi was hospitalized with a brain tumour in April and died peacefully in hospital.

51 comments on “Silvi Vrait (1951 – 2013)

  1. Very sad news. :(

    RIP Silvi.

  2. Very sad to hear. 62 years is not an age. :(

    Rest in peace.

    • And it should not come as a surprise that I love “Nagu merelaine”…

    • After having some laughs over at the other articles, comes this bit of very sad news.

      62 is definitely way to young, we all agree on this.


      • It’s always sad when a Eurovision artist passes away. But there are not many ESC winners so far who has died. André Claveau, Teddy Scholten, Jean-Claude Pascal, Grethe Ingmann and Frida Boccara are the ones I can think of immediately. And I think one member from Teach-In is dead too. But regardless, thanks to Eurovision, they will live beyond through all Eurovision fans. :)

  3. Very sad. Somehow this years Estonian entry reminded me of their first. It sure didn’t deserve that second from last place in that best eurovision year ever.

    • 1994 was indeed a great year.

    • Unfortunately, ‘Nagu merelaine’ is in 24th place on my 1994 list too. (Austria is last and Norway 23rd.)

      • In what place is Greece on your1994 list?I find it a bit ridiculous,like a b wannabe tourist song.

        • Greece is in 20th place on my list. I like the backing singers’ little dance routine …

          • It looks like something you could listen to and watch at a small bar somewhere at a tropical island,even though i’ve never been to a tropical island.lol.One of the backing vocalists is Victoria Halkiti who has been doing the backing vocals for many Greek entries like Greece 08,Greece 12 etc…

      • Where are Finland and Germany on your list?

      • I’ve realised when I listened through the songs from 1994 that the Spanish entry was the only one I actually really disliked. A couple of songs were bland, but Spain was the only bad one imo.

        My Top 10:

        1. Russia
        2. Hungary
        3. Ireland
        4. Cyprus
        5. Romania
        6. United Kingdom
        7. Poland
        8. Iceland
        9. Estonia
        10. Norway

        • No France? Nina Morato was quite awesome. And somehow a bit similar to this year’s French entry.

          • France is in 5th place on my list. :)

          • No, no France in the Top 10. It’s around 15th place somewhere. It’s nothing really bad about it. It’s just that I don’t like the song enough to give the song a higher place in this strong year.

          • Btw, I liked Willeke too. “Waar is de zon” was a sweet, gentle ballad which unfortunately drowned among all the others. Maybe she would have got a bit better luck with the old-fashioned charming “Zomaar een dag” with lyrics by Paul de Leeuw.

        • Spain has a weak song but the best dressed male act …

  4. Rest in peace.

  5. I was planning a review on 1994 to be finished as soon as the ET Awards are over, but now I will save it to later. Meanwhile I will try to find another year to write about.

    Rest in peace.

  6. Too young to die.May she rest in peace.

  7. sad news
    rest in peace

  8. It’s sad to hear of the untimely passing of one of the musical legends of my adopted ESC country :(


  9. Very sad news – while 94 was undoubtedly a strong year, no way did Silvi deserve to come second last, it heralded in some great entries my favourite ESC country, RIP Silvi and thank you for adding some sparkle to all of our lives.

  10. Very sad news. :( May she rest in peace.

  11. I have always thought of EST 93 as a very nice debut entry !
    R.I.P Silvi !

  12. I’ve always had a soft spot for “Nagu merelaine”. Thank you for that!

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