San Marino: Valentina is Back!

San Marino – The dust has hardly had the time to settle on Eurovision 2013 that the first official candidate was announced for 2014. The official San Marino broadcaster has announced that Valentina Monetta has already been selected by SMRTV  to represent the country in Denmark.

It was already discussed that San Marino delegation was interested in sending Valentina for a third time in the contest. While many feared that the country could be withdrawing after a disappointing 11th place in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2013 (after being OGAE’s votes runner-up overall), the small Republic made it clear it wanted to make more room for Valentina to finally bring the country to the final, where it has never qualified.

An agreement was signed today at the SMRTV headquarters in San Marino by Valentina Monetta, Ralph Siegel (producer and composer), Fabrizzio Raggi (artistic director) and Carlo Romeo (Director of SMRTV). Alessandro Capicchioni (Head of Delegation of San Marino for Eurovision) was also present during the signing of the accord. Meaning that the same teams that brought us San Marino 2012 and 2013 “failures” are going to try again.

Indeed, in 2012 the same team gave the contest “The Social Network Song” which finished 14th with 31pts in the first semi-final. In 2013 the team returned with “Crisalide” which finnished 11th with 47pts in the second semi-final. Here were Valentina’s performances:



Do you think this is the right move for San Marino? What kind of songs do you want to listen to from Valentina next year?

51 comments on “San Marino: Valentina is Back!

  1. Hats off to San Marino and their attitude! I’d love to see sth jazzy from Valentina this time, although I seriously doubt it in case Mr Siegel is once again involved.

    Buona Fortuna!

    • As I stated in the article that Siegel is indeed part of the thing. I think he just found a way to sneak in the contest and get two weeks of vacation prepaid in May every year. SMRTV will never be taken seriously in esc with that attitude, even though I like Valentina and would love for her and San Marino to succeed. But they need a good song first of all and Siegel is nowhere near that since late in the 80s

  2. They should save everyone the trouble and announce her as the permanent representative of San Marino.

    I wonder what color the flowing dress will be next year.

  3. http://www.smtvsanmarino.sm/video/attualita/eurofestival-2014-firma-pre-accordo-valentina-monetta-19-06-2013

    there is video up of her signing the agreement and a short interview. Any Italian speakers out there that can translate the report and the short interview with her?

  4. It’s bold of them to select the same singer for the third year in a row after having failed in the two previous years. Hats off.

    But what worries me is the fact that Ralph Siegel will be writing their song once again. I’ve never been a huge Ralph Siegel fan; the only songs that I really like is “Theater”, “Johnny Blue” and “Zeit” (“Ein bißchen Frieden” being a pros and cons entry for me).

    • Yeah, 1980 and 1981 are the only ones I sort of like, but I am very disappointed by Katja’s performance anyway so Germany 1980 isn’t close to my top that year either. Germany 1981 is the only truly Siegel entry I like and in my top 5 of its year. I hate Germany 1982. I’m surprised you mention 1997, considering the big fail of 1996 (quite unfairly too considering what did go to esc like Spain) they went to safe and sound and that’s when you hear Siegel definitely losing his touch. Even though Germany 1994 is his worst esc entry ever, at least that one scored 3rd coz of vocals and “90s” sounding. By 1997 he was sounding old fashioned already. Let alone in 2012…

      • 1997: First of all I think it’s a strong melody. And some good chords too. Listen to the harmonics during the soprano saxophone part. There is a bit of a jazzy flavour that I really like. The only minus being the vocal hookline in the chorus: “Zeit! Zeit!”, a bit opulent.

        Old fashioned? Well, maybe, I don’t care much about that. Old fashioned music can be good or bad, and so can modern music. The thing is, if everyone are trying to be contemporary, the songs will probably sound more alike. So I like if there is a mix of the old and the new. And sometimes musicians look back to get on and conquer new musical territory.

        • i dont mind retro or vintage but you gotta admit that’s as much a fashion statement as modern, contemporary… the point is not to be “à la” else you’ll be faking your way in, but to deliver something that’s just plain good, and if it’s great, then it could be “timeless” which is something you have to reach for but cant do “on purpose”… to me Germany 1997 sounded old fashion in a bad way and the more esc advanced (and esc is usually 10 years late in terms of music, like the Shadows felt so 60s to me or first rap in 1995), the more Siegel felt really out of place.

        • I just rewatched Germany 1997 and I really don’t like the song but it’s true that what I hate most here is Bianca and she’s the one dragging the song down, her performance, vocals and looks were the very old fashion thing in there

          • I see. But the song itself is always the main thing for me. Vocalist, performance and staging come second.

    • 1980 and 1981 are the only Siegel songs I can tolerate too. And the first two minutes of ‘Crisalide’ …

    • 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1999 are the top Siegel entries for me. But he has also some entries from the German NF:s that I love, like “Pan” (1980) and “Die Glocken von Rom” (1985).

  5. Good for Valentina. On the other hand, looks like we’ll never be rid of Siegel.

  6. It is funny to watch the 1957 contest. When Anaid Iplicjian introduces the German entry she mentions the writer, Ralph Siegel. Okay it was Ralph Siegel Sr. But still, nearly 60 years later and the Siegel family is still in eurovision.

  7. She’ll return with another Siegel song?*sigh…
    I’m sure they’ll try something different,next year but it’ll be Siegel again so it won’t be anything exciting,IMO.

    By the way,the final bids for the host city of esc 2014 have been announced. http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=four_cities_submit_bids_to_host_eurovision_2014

  8. What is the connection between the national broadcaster, Valentina, and Siegel?

    San Marino cannot find another composer? Something has to be going on.

    • Someone implied last year that Siegel may be paying all the costs.I wouldn’t rule out the possibility… :)

      • I see. If this is true then that explains a lot. I am sure SMRTV is ecstatic with this arrangement because they get an entry and it costs them next to nothing.

  9. Very daring. Even though I would like them to try a new composer instead of Ralph Siegel, I would also like to hold up for a minute and express my admiration for him. I think it’s great to see how he really loves Eurovision and still hold on to it, after all these failures. With that said, give us something from Valentina’s standard repertoire, something jazzy or like that.

  10. Not a surprise – though it’s brave of Valentina. I fear however that Ralph won’t come up with that special song that could bring San Marino to the final… Anyway, good luck San Marino!

  11. She needs fireworks, glitter cannons, a wind machine, a key change, cartoons on the backdrop and maybe just maybe she’ll qualify!

    Seriously though, I hope she does, she’s a sweetie and deserves to if the song is decent. Was sad when she didn’t this year. Lets hope she finally gets a really good song to show her style off next year that captures people’s imaginations.

  12. Good luck, Valentina … but why Ralph Siegel?

    Valentina will enter the ESC history books now. She is the first artist ever to compete in three consequtive years. :)

  13. @ Togravus: Let’s not forget the winner of 1966: Udo Jürgens!

    He participated in 1964 with “Warum nur warum?” (Became 6th), And in 1965 with “Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen” he became fourth, a year later he won with the famous song “Merci, Chérie”.

    So she will be in history books but not alone, but maybe she will be staying with us for the next twenty years then the little country gets the record hihihihi

  14. Good luck, Valentina!

    P.S. – Siegel will go for a dated disco number in English most probably. The BBC jurors will love it, most probably as well, and San Marino will stay in the semis, most definitely beacause, it is, well, San Marino. :(

  15. Judging on her previous efforts it will be either an abysmal song or a dated ballad-disco anthem which will sound awkward to anybody that doesn’t belong to any Ogae club…
    One thing is sure : It will be ultra kitch on stage!
    For the reasons mentioned above ( and that have nothing to do with San Marino being a microstate ) , neither juries nor televoting will support Valentina’s 3rd effort on a row , and San Marino will most probably miss Final again ( unless people or juries vote out of sympathy ).

    Please San Marino , try a different artist and especially another COMPOSER !

  16. Since Morgan yelled at me to post:

    I’m not upset about seeing Valentina again, but I worry that her act is getting stale, and she must come with a masterpiece to have a chance at success, and of course, that seems almost impossible considering who the composer is…

    I still wish her luck.

    • I dont yell. I ask insistently.

      • Alright, since Morgan asked insistently if I would post, I have taken the valuable time out of my day for the sole purpose of posting to appease him and remind you all that I still do exist.

        Yada yada yada. Stuff about Valentina coming back. A compliment about her great vocal abilities, followed by a discontented sigh about the compositions and choreography she is given to accompany her great vocals.

  17. 2014 will be the fourth year in a row with a back-to-back returning artist after Lena 2011, Jedward 2012 and Valentina 2013 and 2014.

    Also, if Shirma Rouse is confirmed as Netherlands it would be the third year in a row that a backing became #1 singer after Maya Sar and Aliona Moon.

    • Wouldn’t it be five years, since TWiiNS went to Düsseldorf after singing backup to the infamous Kerndlová and Hera Björk went to Oslo as a lead singer after backing for two years? Also, on the topic of backing singers, Ireland’s Leanne Moore did her third Eurovision this year. Just a little FYI for everyone. :)

  18. Seriously, like, what about Azerbaijan’s composers? Maybe Stefan Örn and Sandra Bjurman may come up with a fantastic song. Also, what the hell is Ralph Siegel doing as Valentina’s manager? She needs to realize that with him, she will never be successful. Anyway good luck :)

  19. Siegel…AGAIN!? This is certainly worrying. There’s a downside to sending the same singer..and songwriter to Eurovision again. Why couldn’t they organize a national song selection for Valentina instead? Different composers line up to write songs that Valentina sings and the juries & public decide?

  20. This is good for Valentina ? Personal i thing is not good at all . Juries will not like a singer who sing in ESC 3 times in arrow even and if song is good . Also people will not like that . Valentina should not accept it for her good . The good thing is that San Marino show that have the guts to stay in ESC , unlike other big Nations and micronations who withdraw because of always bad results. Also I read somewhere that Luxembourg will not come back this year because they don’t have money to host the contest ( if they win ) and also poor luck of interest from Luxembourgian people . The richest European Nation don’t have money to host the contest but Estonia, Latvia and Serbia who have very bad economy when they host the contest ( especialy the two first ) they make it very whell ……

  21. If they really cared about doing well, they would have given G:son a call.
    Which they haven’t. :(

    Maybe Valentina should try an upbeat dance song??
    Because for The Social Network Song her vocals didn’t sound too bad and for Crisalide her vocals were good-ish. With a better, more relevant song, she could easily qualify.

  22. Οk i understand that San Marino is a microstate and it’s difficult for them to find another singer, i understand also that Valentina was underrated deserved the qualification ths year. But it’s getting irritating to send the same singer and the same composer for the 3rd year in a row, we are in 2013 anymore, not in 60’s and probably eurovision audience would be bored of them, also i really doupt that the new song will be better than Chrisalide.

    • “Crisalide” was never THAT good anyway…Just an OGAE fanwank !
      But you’re right. “Crisalide” is probably the best Siegel can come up with ;)

  23. Crisalide is the better of the two.

    I do hope Valentina gets into the final. Losing ANOTHER country would be pretty upsetting. Good thing Poland MAY be returning (home country).

  24. ESC means everything for her?

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