Germany: Jury Votes Revealed

GermanyGermany –  The national broadcaster of Germany, NDR, has just revealed the rankings of their jury for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The jury included:  Lena, Tim Bendzko, Carolin Niemczyk, Florian Silbereisen and Alina Süggeler (Frida Gold). The rankings for both the final and the semi-final have been released. Check them out now and see who the German jury supported…

The semi-final jury votes were:

1) Israel 12 Pts
2) Hungary 10 Pts
3) Iceand 8 Pts
4) Armenia 7 Pts
5) Greece 6 Pts
6) Finland 5 Pts
7) Azerbaijan 4 Pts
8) Romania 3 Pts
9) Malta 2 Pts
10) Latvia 1 Pts
11) Georgia
12) Norway
13) Macedonia
14) San Marino
15) Albania
16) Switzerland
17) Bulgaria

The scores in the final were:

1) Sweden 12 Pts
2) Hungary 10 Pts
3) Norway 8 Pts
4) Iceland 7 Pts
5) Denmark 6 Pts
6) Finland 5 Pts
7) Belgium 4 Pts
8) Azerbaijan 3 Pts
9) Armenia 2 Pts
10) Malta 1 Pts
11) Greece
12) Romania
13) Italy
14) Georgia
15) Estonia
16) Russia
17) UK
18) France
19) Netherlands
20) Moldova
21) Ireland
22) Ukraine
23) Spain
24) Belarus
25) Lithuania

412 thoughts on “Germany: Jury Votes Revealed

  1. It would be great if Emmelie released a Danishor Norwegian version of ‘Only Teardrops’ I’m in love with the language after hearing Alvedansen, Alvedansen has to be one of my favourite Norwegain entries, I don’t whether Rybaks Fairytale should be considered Norwegian though, becuase really Alexander Rybak is Belarussian, but I still like ‘Fairytale’.

  2. why so much dwelling on the past when ESC is over for another year, and the favourite won..would be nice to start a thread on who you would like for next year, I have my opinions re Spain :-)

    • I’m not dwelling on the past and Hungary 2013, I wan’t really bothered about ByeAlex, his music and guitarist was charming, but I didnt like his vocals. What I was on about is this Hungarian shadow dance group who represented Hungary in a programme we have in the UK called “Britians Got tallent” they won it for Hungary. It would be great to see a country like Hungary win ESC sometime, if theres one eastern country I would love to win ESC then its definetly Hungary.

      • I spent 7 years in Budapest, and know Hungary very well, byealex is a product of the new wave of singers against the extreme right wing that is currently in Hungary, including the prime minister Viktor Orbán who started as an anti communist in the 90s, equalrights etc (when i lived in Hungary) now he went to other extreme, but Hungary had anti regime singers in the past, which is more important in my opinion..
        bye bye sasha by a couple of lesbians ; English version, you can understand how much they had to sacrifice before appearing in the 90s

    • Then I’ll say: Nightwish for Finland, After Crying for Hungary and Al Ayré Español for Spain. And some neo-byzantine group for Greece, if they have anyone. :)

      But the odds for any of them would probably be around 250…

      • I don’t know whether I want Greece to win just yet of course with a decent song, but would they be able to afford it?

      • Every esc fan mourns “Sleepwalker” but the current Nightwish wouldnt get me that excited, even if it could easily bring me a 4th Finnish win… Woodkid for France!

        • Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. The current Nightwish is indeed much worse than the original one.

      • you made that article just for me?! don’t believe it! re Spain, well, gossip goes, can never be sure, but journalist gossip is that Maria Isabel, now she has come of age, will be put forward for Spain next year,(10 years since euroivision win) and my wish? of course would be for Diana Navarro

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