Chinese Fans Enjoy Eurovision Again

china flagChina – We were delighted to see a group of Chinese fans set up a Eurovision blog and start to participate in Eurovision last year. The news that the song contest was to be broadcast in China this year was also exciting news and opens European music up to a whole new market. This year our Chinese Eurovision lovers have voted again and can reveal their winner. Their voting voting actually ended on 11th of May, However, due to online censorship in their home country, they were unable to post the result until now when the administrator was again working outside of China.

This year 33 members took part. You can see their individual voting here.

Here are their final overall results:

01. Denmark 216
02. Switzerland 122
03. Germany 114
04. Sweden 110
05. Norway 99
06. Iceland 90
07. Italy 87
08. Spain 86
09. San Marino 82
10. Netherlands 71
11. Belarus 70
12. Austria 69
13. Russia 69
14. Ukraine 53
15. Georgia 47
16. Finland 46
17. Estonia 44
18. Romania 40
19. Moldova 39
20. Bulgaria 38
21. United Kingdom 36
22. Azerbaijan 34
23. Greece 34
24. Malta 28
25. Slovenia 24
26. Israel 22
27. FYR Macedonia 22
28. Cyprus 18
29. Ireland 18
30. France 15
31. Serbia 13
32. Croatia 12
33. Montenegro 10
34. Armenia 10
35. Hungary 9
36. Albania 6
37. Latvia 5
38. Belgium 3
39. Lithuania 3

Source: ChinaEscFans

32 comments on “Chinese Fans Enjoy Eurovision Again

  1. They censor ESC fans’ voting results in China? Good gracious!

    Good to learn that ESC was aired in China though. :)

  2. I think we should just go with China´s voting resu ltsnext year :) It is probably fairer.ha ha!

  3. Switzerland is upsetting me at no 2! And Spain is also surprisingly high.

  4. Glad to see our favorite show being appreciated world-wide.
    I won’t comment on their results though :P :D

  5. Nice to know,esc is being watched and liked in a big country like China. ;)

  6. i think i asked if anyone knew a good european top 100 or top 50 website.I want to see all the eurovision songs on it.any ideas?

    There should be 4 or 5 songs on it hopefully come next week.

  7. Isnt China the same country that brought us PSY? or was it North or South Korea? either way I don’t get why he’s doing so well internationaly compared to some eurovision stars which would deserve the success more than him.

    • if it is the same country that brought us PSY then that would explain the ridiculously high result for Belarus.

      • Hi, if you read carefully the link you may find that in our voting, Belarus gained no 12 points at all. I think that says something. Chinese pop is actually dominated by ballads and slow songs, so people would feel something fresh if they listen to something with faster rhythm like Solayoh. However, Alyona is liked here, but not as a favorite.

  8. PSY is from South Korea Scotty.I recommend Rain from S.Korea-He´s quite good.
    Im a big fan of Japanese pop myself as I lived there for 8 months..

    • aw I see :) I think its best I dont comment about the Chinese fans voting incase I offend them, all I’m saying there’s are some good things about that voting and not so good things about their voting. Robin you know the split televote and jurry results, dont the EBU reveal them in June some time usualy, or have they actually said they wont be released this year?

  9. Check this out Scotty.Its not bad :) -I couldnt find the video.

  10. Switzerland , Germany , Sweden , Spain , San Marino , Belarus THAT HIGH ? Oh my !
    Hungary , Montenegro and Israel underrated once again!

  11. Hi there, China! Welcome! Greetings form Portugal.

  12. How nice that they had Iceland so high up, but apart from that it’s not very exciting voting. Pretty much the same as any other OGAE club.

    It would be so fun to see a real Asian version of the song contest one day or to at least have one country send a Chinese singer, or any Asian singer/band really.

  13. Excellent voting here, maybe we should allow the votes from the Chinese fans instead of Europe, at least it wouldn’t be political or voting for your neighbour! :-)

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