Eurovision Dominates UK Charts!

eurovision logoFor many years Eurovision may have been seen as a bit of a joke in the United Kingdom, but this year UK music buyers are snapping up Eurovision songs! According to the UK’s official charts website, There are currently 18 Eurovision-related tracks in this week’s Official Singles Chart Update Top 200, with winner Emmelie De Forest’s ‘Only Teardrops‘ looking set to go Top 10 this weekend. Latest sales data, nearly 10% of this week’s Official Singles Chart Update Top 200 are tracks which featured in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The Maltese Eurovision entry, Gianluca Bezzina’s ‘Tomorrow’, also looks set to make its way into the Top 40, peaking at Number 37 on today’s Official Charts Company sales flash. Robin Stjernberg’s ‘You’ (the 2013 Swedish entry) is at Number 42 today, while ‘I Feed You My Love’ by Margaret Berger (Norway) is just a few places behind it at 46. The UK’s entry, ‘Believe In Me’ by Bonnie Tyler, climbs seven places from Number 93 to Number 86 today.

Last year’s winner, Loreen, sees two of her singles in today’s Top 200: Her 2012 winning track, ‘Euphoria’, which peaked at Number 3 last year and opened the first semi-final show on Tuesday, re-enters at 48, while her new single ‘We Got The Power’, which aired during Saturday’s final, is at Number 126.

Other notable entries include ‘Marry Me’ (59) by Finland’s Krista Siegfrids, ‘Glorious’ (77) by Cascada (Germany), ‘Birds’ (83) by Anouk (The Netherlands) and ‘What If’ (84) by Dina Garipova (Russia). Ireland‘s entrant Ryan Dolan, who surprisingly finished last in the year’s Contest, is new in at 116 today with ‘Only Love Survives’, while ‘We Write The Story’, a special Eurovision collaboration between AVICII and former ABBA stars Benny and Bjorn, is at 199 today.

UK charts

Meanwhile across Europe there are various iTunes chart positions for Eurovision songs. Eurovision Ireland has put together a summary here.

Greece and Sweden hwent Eurovision crazy with their top 10 looking like this when the article was written:


1 – Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops – From the Eurovision 2013 album

2 – Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love

3 – Kova Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis –  Alcohol is Free

5 – Farid Mammadov – “Hold Me” (Full Version)

9 – Marco Mengoni – L’essenziale

10 – Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops – Single Version


1– Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops – From the Eurovision 2013 album

2 – Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love – Single version

3 – The Winner Takes It All – Sarah Dawn Finer

5 – Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops – From the Eurovision (Bonus) 2013 album

6 – Loreen – We Got The Power

8 – Zlata Ognevich – Garvity – Single Version

9 – Anouk – Birds – From the Eurovision 2013 Album

10 – Eg a Lif – Eythor Ingi Gunnlaugsson – From the Eurovision 2013 album

Source: UK Official Charts, Eurovision Ireland

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152 comments on “Eurovision Dominates UK Charts!

  1. Loreen’s new video for “We got the power” which is directed by Loreen herself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wDBy9l8IyrI

  2. Next week’s Billboard Hot Digital songs charts are starting to be released.
    Billboard is the American Charts Magazine. Their charts use all digital songs sold, not just itunes.

    These charts are by subscription only so even if I post the link you still need a subscription. I think it runs 100 dollars a year.

    Here is Greece
    1 Only Teardrops Emmelie de Forest
    2 Young And Beautiful Lana Del Rey
    3 Get Lucky Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams
    4 Alcohol Is Free Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis
    5 Krata Me Paloalto

    • It seems Sweden embraced the eurovision songs. 6 of the 10 10 are eurovision related.

      Denmark 1, Norway 2, Netherlands 3, Sweden 5 (10th week in the top 10), Loreen 9, Hungary 10. Except for Sweden, everyone else makes their debut on this chart.

      Daft punk seems to be popular, it is on all the charts lol

      • if only we had sent them…

        • Part of me wants to say that if you sent them we would be going to France next year, but the juries may have killed them dead.

        • In the France chart, it is like eurovision never happened.

          Daft Punk is #1, but there are a total of 0 eurovision songs in the top 10. Not even one.

          • i will repeat again, it does not happen here, it’s not even #1 watched show on saturday

            • Its not #1 on Saturday? Wow. If it makes you feel better, it isn’t the #1 show in the USA either lol.

              Its not even broadcast in English, to watch it here you need to subscribe to the foreign language channels.

            • I was hoping last year that the United States would pay attention to ESC. When Loreen suddenly became no. 1 on every iTunes list all over Europe, some people in the US must have thought “wtf” and checked it out…

            • Believe me, I thought 100% it would be a hit here. It would absolutely be a monster hit here.

              My friends that do not know what eurovision is absolutely loved it.

              My best friend likes to do the dance moves from the live performance lol

              One thing about the USA music market is it is very isolated. Nobody cares that a song is #1 in 100 countries here. Even the top hits in Canada do not become hits. Plus the radio stations are not like in Europe with diversity at a station. Over here they play the same 30 songs all day in the station’s genre. If it is a rock station they only play rock etc.

              With flutes and drums, absolutely no big radio station would ever take a chance playing the winning song.

            • It’s the same about literature, even the Nobel committee said it really didnt want to award an American author because the US never takes daring moves on publish foreigners anymore and that American literature is only heading towards American readers, especially new yorkers… (Auster, Roth, Oates…) Neither Le Clézio or Müller were translated and published there before their Nobel prize

  3. I’ve been doing some research on Kazhkstan, and I’m not too sure if I would like it to debut, we’ve allready got Azerbaijan in the contest, I don’t think we need another corrupter. .

    • but then Kazhkstan is part of the UEFA, so surely the EBU will accept its application for full membership. I don’t understand why they have to be so fussy about Kosovo and not leting them particpate in Eurovision Song Contest, they’re an associate member, and the EBU allowed them participate in the 2013 Eurovision Young dancers contest, so why not the Eurovision Song Contest? are the EBU affraid it will create tensions between Serbia and Kosovo?

  4. Here is DR’S page with only Teardrops covers.I quite like the Italian rock version.

    • This is becoming more and more complicated :-(

      • From the 2nd link there is a Facebook exchange between Oikotimes manager and Eurovision Song Contest Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker.

        The manager of oikotimes are accusing Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland of manipulating the votes because we didnt give any points to Azerbaijan…the main competitor to Denmark (he says)….my god, this is getting out of control. Soon there will be a Hollywood movie about it :p

        • Iceland gave 7 points to Azerbaijan.

          That said, his suspicion about Nordic countries not awarding points to Azerbaijan are not impossible, but personally I don’t think so.

  5. Funny, how Cascada is doing more fine in the charts, than many others.
    I do not understand THAT!

  6. Benny- Germany,Sweden and Finalnd are the radio songs-along with Malta-but that song has already been in the charts with Train :)

    • Have you seen the video for Amen yet? It was released today, but they put a geographical block on it here so I cannot watch it until I get home and use my hacking tools to break the restriction.

  7. Here in Spain they are using “Marry me” on Divinity channel to introduce some show about choosing wedding dresses!?! so it’s also gone to some commercial radio stations/my local supermarket (always a good source of eurosongs!), Maltese song is getting some airplay too and Netherlands as well which is good news! probably more than Spanish song which has kind of sunk without a trace…indeed they have been promoting another song recently from their album more than “Contigo”, poor girl has been criticised by Spanish press for doing the usual “arrive at the airport in dark sunglasses and won’t answer any questions about the result” scenario..everyone I’ve spoken to/commented on performance agrees her singing was a bit shaky to say the least!!

    • I wished I could say the same out the UK, lets hope people are still downloading Malta and Denmakrs songs becuase then our radio stations will have to play them during the chart update on Sunday, if they play it there then it may gain some momentum, but even when they had to play Loreen which managed to climb to #3 last year it only played it on the chart update show the week after euovision and then that was the last we heard of it in the week, whereas other songs that would have got lower or at #3 before would still be played.

  8. http://www.vevo.com/watch/lucy-spraggan/lighthouse/GB1101300290?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=watch&utm_campaign=WP_UK_LucySpraggan_Lighthouse#/watch/lucy-spraggan/lighthouse/GB1101300290?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=watch&utm_campaign=WP_UK_LucySpraggan_Lighthouse

    Another possible candidate for UK ESC 2014, she wouldnt win, but she’d still be good, instead of sending a cliched eurovision ballad. But I think UK should send a Pop Ballad e.g. something like Nicole Scherzingers Don’t Hold your breath. And get Ellie Goulding, Little Boots or Amelia Lilly to sing it.

    • This would also make a good eurovision entry for the UK, I really hope the UK bring R’n’B with Dubstep to ESC 2014, its very popular in the UK at the min, and has been for some time now, it would defo make the UK stand out for the right reasons at eurovision, for going all contemporary, and breaking the cliches of sending ‘play it safe’ ballads and the ‘shake it shake it’ entries which are dying out, it would definetly offer a substitute to these ‘shake it’ entries.

  9. Our favorite bride’s new video has been released. Apparently that marriage did not last long lol.

    BTW this is blocked in some countries, including the USA, but of course they could not keep me from watching it lol.

  10. Reading Jan Lagermand Lundme’s interview on eurovision.tv,i think Denmark will go for a more intimate approach for the shows just like Sweden.They will focus on making a nice show for the tv audience.

    On another note,after going through several esc-related sites,i get the idea people moan about the new voting system just because they didn’t get the time to study it before the shows.There are no obvious shadows for me.All songs are now ranked so the result is different than what would have been with the previous system.The same people that would moan over Romania’s undeservingly high pts from Italy,now moan because the televoting winner got only 1 pt.But that was the reason this new system was applied,in the first place.

  11. Paul-
    that is the legendary finnish singer Danny.He´s is still singing (in finnish and swedish-I saw him performing on the Helsinki-Tallin boat last year.

    Dont forget Hanoi rocks (in top 10 of most successful scandinavian acts ever) are finnish,as well as The Rasmus,Darude,HIM and Nightwish :)

  12. Dmitri-

    that doesnt take away from the fact that the voting system was unfair and the odds were stacked against certain countries.Theres no way Finland should have come 3rd last-regardless if you think the song is shit or not-It was getting support in terms of record sales in 4 or 5 countries.

    I also feel-though I didnt like the song-Irealnd was voted off the map completely by our music loving geriatric sony employeed judges.Maybe Im totally wrong-I want to work out the tele votes but I have very strong suspicions.

  13. Im not even going to go into Montenegro.

    Yes-this competition was a triumph for safe,conservative middle of the road songs like Denmark,Ukraine and Russia.As voted for by the juries
    -I should be happy-as im one of the older people on this-but im really pissed.All the sings that had a little bit of edge were either voted in the semis or put down to the bottom of the result in the final..

    • Isreal, San Marino, Austria and Cyprus are the 4 disapointments this year for me they should have qualifiyed, and I was begining to realy warm to Bulgaria’s entry too. imo Georgia, Lithuania, Belgium, Ireland and Hungary shouldnt have qualifyed. I think I perfer Slovenia’s uptempo entry nnow in comparison to Ireland and Belgium.

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