Italy: Votes Revealed…But Did Jury Break Rules?

italyItaly – Controversy continues as the publication of the televoting results by Italian broadcaster RAI shows a huge win for Romania’s Cezar. Yet on the night he received only 1 point from Italy….meaning the jury must have absolutely finished him off by placing him at the bottom of their rankings. There were concerns before the contest that juries would have too much power.

Here’s the result as released by RAI:

italy televote

There is further controversy as questions about the make up of the Italian jury have surfaced.

According to, the composition of the Italian jury broke EBU rules. They report that the Italian jury members were Paolo Giordano (chairman), Gianni Sibilla, Luca Dondoni, Fabrizio Basso and Luigi Bolognini who are all journalists and music critics, but none of them are, as the EBU rule dictates, either “radio DJ, artist, composer, author of lyrics or music producer”. Another EBU rule states that “There shall be a balance among the members of each National Jury to ensure sufficient representativeness in terms of gender, age and background” yet all the Italian jurors are male.

409 thoughts on “Italy: Votes Revealed…But Did Jury Break Rules?

  1. Did the foreign ministers of Russia and Azerbaijan actually met to discuss the “scandal” of Azerbaijan not awarding points I Russia ?? Gosh…Get them all out of the contest now !

    On the Swedish jurie : a very balanced vote, good job !

    On Esma’s comments : I usually prefer to be quite polite but when homophobic, sexist or racist comments with the use of such vocabulary are made I just have to say what such thing deserve as a reaction : drop dead and die. Now. Stupid bi**h. Really such human waste consumes valuable oxygen and other resources much more useful living beings could use. This contest you homophobic piece of scum was beautiful before your country and other oppressive tyrannies came in to dilute its message. Oh and if she thinks Vlatko is so hot that everyone wants to touch him in an inappropriate way she should check some other delegations this year !

      • In which way exactly ?! Can’t anyone these days speak out against such disgusting behaviour ? We should all condone such disgusting remarks out of “respect of cultural diversities”…I have news for you : human rights and human dignity are NOT up for discussion ! If you don’t like it too bad for yoh because some people will never stop speaking up against such behaviour ! Got it ?

    • Oh and btw thumb down all you want…I was not once in my life intimidated by any kind of person who condones any kind of discrimination and derogatory language. This is a contest that respects each person. If some participants or delegations or countries cannot do so they’d better stop participating.

    • ”This contest you homophobic piece of scum was beautiful before your country and other oppressive tyrannies came in to dilute its message”

      This one proves you do have also some east-phobias. I have noticed this years ago. Thank you for proving me right :)

      Belgium is nice because it accepts homosexuals whereas FYR Macedonia is evil becasue it has homophobia. OK we got it. Would you like to enter a cultural debate to see where Belgium and its western neighbors stand? Accepting homophobia does not maing you any better. Belgium can learn a lot from ”the prevailing attitudes at your geographical region” as you say.

      • I am disgusted by people who show discriminatory attitude at any level. Don’t try the “critcizing bigots makes you a bigot” attitude on me, it does not work.

        And can you please clarify what Belgium can learn from such attitudes ? We have one of the most comprehensive immigration laws in Europe and some of the most up to date protections for LGBT people. Is everything perfect ? of course not ! But no respected person will go public and make such comments and attitudes. Never.

        • I am not limitng the discussion to LGBT I was talking about culture in general. Esma expressed her views on LGBT because these are the views of a specific person. It does not mean that FYR Macedonia is a living hell for LGBT people. Therefore, you should not takes this personally abnd at least do not aske whether a country should enter esc based on tis view about LGBT community.

          • Better check out the most recent reports (the ILGA report to be more precise) to see if FYR Macedonia is a living hell for LGBT people or not. And I did not talk about the LGBT community only. I include racial prejudice and sexism as well. Any kind of discrimination.

            • OK in FYR Macedonia ppl throw stones to gays. But allow me to tell you that when I went to Brussels refused to talk to me in English RUDE!!!

            • You can find shit individuals everywhere, your job however is to stop generalising. Ok?

            • Whatever really. Yes Belgium and FYR Macedonia are exactly on the same level when it comes to discrimination, you are right.It’s all about individuals. It is as likely to bump into a homophobic individual in Brussels and in Skopje, that is well known.. Happy now ?

            • Thank you and I return the characterization. You once again showed your true colors. I am not surprised the least.

            • Really you need to see a psychologist. Clam down this is what I asked you to do. In contrary you insulted…hell how tuochy can you be?

            • Oh don’t worry it never crossed my mind that you are a serious person either.

        • To make it more clear if oyu are trur fan then:

          1. You should limit your attack towards exclusively.

          2. You shouldn’t generalise this debate. And you shouldn’t question FYR Macedonia’s participation in ESC.

          3. ”prevailing attitudes at your geographical region”. It is again a irrelevant generalisation which shows disrespect towards a specific region. Allow me to tell you that Istanbul that fits in this area offers more interesting gaylife than Belgium. You should visit it might help change views about the ”prevailing views of this region”.

          I hope you learn you lesson. No off I am very busy. Do not spam me please! :)

          • “Allow me to tell you that Istanbul that fits in this area offers more interesting gaylife than Belgium.”

            I question the participation of anyone who does not respect what this contest is about in any way (either that is the azerbaijani corruption or this discriminatory attitude).

            Exactly because interesting gay life = respect for LGBT people. Right…I don’t think you even know what this whole issue is about honestly.

            Of course I will learn my lesson..Let’s all rejoice the cultural diversity that homophobia etc bring !

            • Exactly you have been to this ”region” and conducted a research about the LGBT respect. You know everything…! Instead of discussing smth you just insist and you become more and more hostile…no surprise here…

            • None treats you bad poor. I was just offering a different view. I suggested you to limit your criticism only towards Esma not to a psecific region. The fact now you chose to insult everoyne that tries to tolarate you, shows how you have been raised by your parents…lame! Take a break from your screen…

            • “I suggested you to limit your criticism only towards Esma not to a specific region.”

              Of course treating like a unique case and not as a product of prevailing attitudes. That’s the way to go let’s blindfold ourselves more ! Breaking news : outrage against Esma from the media of her country for her homophobic comments. Public demonstrations organized by citizens to protest this inexplicable homophobic rant in the frame of this tolerant society.

              Stop watching the tree and take a look at the forest I say..

            • ”I question the participation of anyone who does not respect what this contest is about in any way (either that is the azerbaijani corruption or this discriminatory attitude).”

              Irrelevant. Accepting LGBT etc etc is not a prerequsite for participating in ESC…

            • That does not mean that I have to condone such attitude or agree with the participation of nations who condone such attitudes. Nobody said that FYR Macedonia will not be able to participate because of Esma’s comments. That does not mean its right imo.

            • And you are obviously out of “arguments” right now since you have gone to your beloved tactic of hurling offends..Typical.

  2. “This contest you homophobic piece of scum was beautiful before YOUR COUNTRY and other oppressive tyrannies came in to dilute its message”

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    • Well,oxi I am also tongue-tied!!!!Some people here are leaving me speechless…Another extrajudicial execution has been made in a very nasty way :(

    • Οh you are shocked poor you aren’t you ? I suppose you are less shocked by Esma’s remarks though since we talk about prevailing attitudes at your geographical region. Disgusting one sided criticism as always.

      I am not taking a word back. Enough is enough with some attitudes in this contest. This is an inclusive and diverse contest. If some people and countries do not like it because of their phobias against different people they may as well get out of it. Fascism at its best.

      • “I suppose you are less shocked by Esma’s remarks though since we talk about prevailing attitudes at your geographical region”

        What possibly makes you say that?

        And I see that you insist in referring to…geographical regions and countires.
        I won’t comment on the: fascism and the: “poor you” part of your comment :(

        • “And I see that you insist in referring to…geographical regions and countires.”

          On such cases of course I do. Ignoring the stark differences on social issues such as discriminations on any level and social prejudice between the east and the west is a possibly well intended but oversimplified mistake. What esc is supposed to celebrate is cultural diversity not condone such opinions on any level. At least other participants who share such opinions (and most probably many of them do – and yes it is only natural that their country of origin will most probably be on the eastern europe) have the decency to respect the contest and not share them in its context. If someone talked bad about Esma’s gypsy origins I would react in the exact same way.

        • Well,it’s sad but true.Not all countries in Europe respect LGBT rights or human rights in general, the same way.I’m surprised you can’t see that.Greece f.i is no Sweden or Spain in this.We have a long way to go.Not aceepting this is just putting your head in the sand.People shouldn’t attack Guitar for not being politically correct when we read such disgusting comments made-if it’s true-by Ms.Redzepova.

          • I didn’t say that all countries have the same record when it comes to human rights.
            And i’m the first person on earth who hates political corectness. But that’s not the case at all here.
            If you scroll up the page and go through the comments in the exact order they were posted you’ll see how it all started and what exactly my problem with Guitar’s comments is ;) :)

        • What forms the public opinion on every level in a country ? Prevailing and promoted attitudes. Look at Russia. Does the government sponsored by the Orthodox Church say that LGBT people are sexual predetors whose purpose is to “enlist and absorb” more and more teenagers to the “homosexual lifestyle”..Then that’s what 90 % of the population believes. And since pubic debate is out of the big picture with certain regimes in charge no further information is provided on such issues.

          And then we have such results :

          • What exactly are your trying to acheive with all these links? convince me that Esma’s words were outrageous and unacceptable? You don’t have to. Of course they are! did I say anything different?
            What you should admit though, and that’s where my problem with your comments is, is that you are biased towards certain countries, regardless of how they treat the LGBT people. And let’s be honest, dear Guitar, this was only an excuse from your side to attack once again eastern countries and campain for a “purified” and east/balkan-free Eurovision Song Contest.

            And I don’t have anything more to add; have a nice afternoon.

            • Everyone is welcome in this contest for me as long as they respect certain things. Simple as that.

              “this was only an excuse from your side to attack once again eastern countries and campain for a “purified” and east/balkan-free Eurovision Song Contest.”

              You are just annoyed that I never liked you entry this year and you go on claiming that I have some kind of eastern bias (I have a natural bias against any country that promotes such attitudes – it happens that in Europe those are concentrated in the eastern parts in case you did not notice but that has nothing to do with how I judge music).

              I was one of the very few persons to defend the russian entry this year around the forum and I always has under consideration what kind of attitudes prevail in Russia.

              You are just unable to criticize anything that has to do with certain attitudes (that could be voting patterns or social attitudes and comments). That’s what I call unjustified favouritism.

            • “You are just annoyed that I never liked you entry this year”

              Do you honestly believe, and that is a totally sincere question to you from my side, that our conversation this afternoon has anything remotely to do with Greece 13? Go through all comments one by one and you’ll see that that’s not the case. So, please.

            • Of course not, not on THIS thread. But you have made remarks about my supposed bias against eastern Europe many times and my criticism towards certain entries that I did not like only led to you making these remarks many times. That is just another situation you do so.

              I don’t have any kind of bias towards eastern european musical culture or the people as people. I cannot condone though such social prejudices at any level or think that it is acceptable that an artist talks like that about things related to the contest without any sign of condemnation from a broadcaster etc. I know that many participants in esc share them naturally, since they are citizens of these countries and are more likely to do so. But most of them keep them to themselves out of some slight respect for what this contest stands for. That does not make things better of course but it allows some kind of comprimise among the different cultures and social backgrounds. But when these opinions come out and loud and in relation to the contest and its followers then the differences become right in our faces in a bad way.

              The point being : I will tolerate your intolerance for the sake of music in the contest but that does not mean I forget where you are coming from with such attitudes when you are going public with them.

      • Erm. Of course Esma’s attack on gay people is not ok.

        But then who are we if we don’t show a better attitude? Of course her remarks should be critisized, but in an appropriate way, and not by calling her “stupid b**h” and things like that.

        • That’s exactly what I’m trying to say, thegoatmarket. Thank you for being the voice of reason here.

        • I am sorry if anyone was offended by the characterizations. That’s the only way I can deal with people who show discriminatory attitude on any level. Discrimination on such grounds is amongst the most irrational kind of attitude to be found out there and it is outraging. Who does she think she is to speak like that for any kind of person ? Not even the slighest respect for human dignity ? I doubt she felt unwelcomed by the part of the esc fanbase she is now attacking during the contest !

          • I agree that her remarks are irrational, but the answer to irrationality should be rationality.

            If we just answer her attacks with attacking her personally or her country, the conflict will just escalate. It would be eye for an eye, and then we’d only have ourselves to blame.

            And it will have no positive impact on anti-gay people’s opinion about homosexuality either.

  3. Guitarist
    “Swedish jury a balanced vote”?? are you joking?
    Finland was put at 21st even though it was in the swedish i-tunes top 20.
    I suppose they voted for the songs you liked..

    • So the fact that Finland was in the Swedish iTunes means that the jurie should vote for it (mind you I really like the Finnish entry so there goes your argument about the entries I like doing well).
      It’s the job of televoting to vote based on popularity not the juries.

  4. Guitarist-
    Its the jurys job to vote for the most conservative songs they can find as the juries are so old.Poor Montenegro-no wonder they didnt make it.look at the songs that did badly-Finland,Ireland,Montenegro,Serbia,Latvia.My grandmother hated those songs also :)

    • Serbia and Latvia are contemporary ? No comment on Montenegro either…France has much more edge from those and we see how did that go with televoting (in Italy for instance).

  5. While everyone is finding something new to complain about, and while the incompetent EBU is busy putting out fires, now is a good time to remind ourselves why we go through this every year: the music!

    Let me start it off by saying my second favorite album related to eurovision 2013 artists is Amandine’s “Sans Amour Mon Amour.” If you liked her at Eurovision, the album is a nice continuation of that. I bought it and love it!

    That is where the focus should be, discovering new artists and supporting them as much as possible.

    • Its awesome! Plus she snuck in that awesome ballad in the middle of all the chaos, which was written for her father who dies when she was a teenager.

      What I love about it is she uses different vocal performances depending on the song.

      Amandine’s album is awesome too. Just great music to chill to. I do not smoke but listening to that album makes me want to start lol. I can picture her performing in a smokey lounge.

      Krista’s album gets you to dance and Amandine’s gets you to relax, it is a great 1-2 punch.

  6. The official UK chart has been revealed. Here are where the euro vision related songs rank

  7. By the way, here I have translated the review and analysis of “Only Teardrops” by the Danish poet and critic Kristen Bjørnkjær:

    “An elegiac Danish text.

    ‘Only Teardrops’, this years winner of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, is an anti war song, and it is only a weepy in its title.

    The sky is red tonight
    We’re on the edge tonight
    No shooting star to guide us

    The sky is red, and it is not just an innocent red sky in the sunset. It is red from something else – from blood – and it is night. Why talk about shooting stars anyway?

    Calmly and with only a few words the two songwriters, Lise Cabble and Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, are painting a doom.

    This is clearly not about painting the city red (the title of the Danish 1989 entry, red.). Let go with the fact that a shooting star is usually there to guide you; when you see one, you have at least the right to make a wish. For instance you can wish for world peace. That is what the song implicitly does.

    Eye for an eye, why tear each other apart?
    Please tell me why, why do we make it so hard?
    Look at us now, we only got our selves to blame
    It’s such a shame

    Nothing in this years Danish entry indicates that it should be about a woman’s grief of a difficult relationship, even though you might immediately think so. It is primarily an anti war song agains all kinds of fights. Think of the Israelians and the Palestinians, and it fits it all. Yes, think of all conflicts.

    How many times do we have to fight?
    How many times can we break the rules between us?

    But it is true, also in relation to the fundaments of personal relationships. It is a young person’s resigned recognition of the fact that you get into fights again and again. It’s a silent consideration if it’s worth continuing. No jolly text indeed. Rather elegiac.

    It is atheistic at the same time. It doesn’t believe in a God who can come up with an universal solution. We human beings have to find out how to interact ourselves.

    Once in a while poems were about something. Today they are more abstract. and they usually leave the truths of life to pop and rock lyrics. “Only Teardrops” is a text meaning something, and it is only a weepy in its title. It’s a strong text which its 19 years old singer, Emmelie de Forest – in her ungracious role as a favourite – have to get the most possible out of, accompagned by military drums and a lyrical tin whistle.”

    • Thanks for the translation!Anti war songs are not really my cup of tea but “Only Teardrops” has very subtle lyrics with a dual meaning.It could be seen both as a love song and an anti war one.And i agree on the elegiac character of the song.The military drums,the tin whistle,the lyrics all work well together.She could,indeed be seen as the esc Daenerys Targaryen…

    • Its ballads like these which are superior to any British one, unlike British ones theres been more thought gone into creating the lyrics for this very moving ballad. Mainland Europe is where the true musical and poetic tallents lie, its a pitty I can’t really say the same for my country. Whoever created this song is now up there with my all time music legends, for example Vladimir Graić,

      • I actually like “Peace Will Come”. Not so much for the lyrics (in fact I had som difficulties understanding what she was singing, probably because of her English skills), but I think the music was touching.

        As for British anti war songs, I’d say there are some anti war elements in The Beatles’ “A Day In the Life”: The second verse (“The English army had just won the war / A crowd of people turned away”) and the big enferno towards the end of the song, leading up to a dramatic piano chord – possibly symbolising a nuclear bomb. Great song.


    Belarus is now copying animal farm and suggesting that Russia’s votes have been falisifide since they didnt recieve any points from Russia…

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