Denmark Wins Eurovision 2013!

Malmö – Eurovision 2013 just finished and we have a winner! Emmelie de Forrest wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song Only Teardrops ! Check out the rest of the results here! Congratulations to Denmark for their third Eurovision win, and the first by a solo artist! Just across Malmö, the Danes can celebrate!

It was the OGAE winner and the bookmakers favorite and it did not disappoint, going as #18, which is often considered a great draw, Denmark claimed its third trophee in the competition, proving for the second time in a row that the Swedish hosting delivers them with a victory. Only Teardrops was written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen and  Thomas Stengaard. It was performed by Emmelie de Forrest. Denmark won the first time in 1963 with Dansevise performed by the Ingmann couple and in 2000, in Stockholm, with Fly on the Wings of Love performed by the Olsen Brothers.

You can rewatch her winning performance from tonight:

Denmark won with 281 points. Azerbaijan came second with 234 points and Ukraine completed the podium with 214 points. As for the Marcel Bezençon awards: Georgia won the press vote, Sweden won the composition award and Azerbaijan won the artistic award.

This is how the scoreboard looked like tonight:

  1. 281 Denmark: Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest
  2. 234 Azerbaijan: Hold Me by Farid Mammadov
  3. 214 Ukraine: Gravity by Zlata Ognevich
  4. 191 Norway: I Feed Your Love by Margaret Berger
  5. 174 Russia: What If by Dina Garipova
  6. 152 Greece: Alcohol Is Free by Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis
  7. 126 Italy: L’Essenziale by Marco Mengoni
  8. 120 Malta:Tomorrow by Gianluca
  9. 114 The Netherlands: Birds by Anouk
  10. 84 Hungary: Kedvesem by ByeAlex
  11. 71 Moldova: O Mie by Aliona Moon
  12. 71 Belgium: Love Kills by Roberto Bellarosa
  13. 65 Romania: It’s My Life by Cezar
  14. 62 Sweden: You by Robin Stjernberg
  15. 51 Georgia: Waterfall by Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani
  16. 48 Belarus: Solayoh by Alyona Lanskaya
  17. 47 Iceland: Ég Á Líf by Eyþór Ingi
  18. 41 Armenia: Lonely Planet by Dorians
  19. 23 United Kingdom: Believe In Me by Bonnie Tyler
  20. 19 Estonia: Et Uus Saaks Alguse by Birgit
  21. 18 Germany: Glorious by Cascada
  22. 17 Lithuania: Something by Andrius Pojavis
  23. 14 France: L’Enfer Et Moi by Amandine Bourgeois
  24. 13 Finland: Marry Me by Krista Siegfrids
  25. 8 Spain: Contigo Hasta El Final by El Sueño de Morfeo
  26. 5 Ireland: Only Love Survives by Ryan Dolan


We probably won’t get the split results for a few days but the semifinal results are out:

Semi 1:

167 Denmark
156 Russia
140 Ukraine
95 Moldova
75 Belgium
75 Netherlands
64 Belarus
54 Ireland
53 Lithuania
52 Estonia
46 Serbia
41 Montenegro
38 Croatia
27 Austria
11 Cyprus
8 Slovenia

Semi 2

139 Azerbaijan
121 Greece
120 Norway
118 Malta
83 Romania
72 Iceland
69 Armenia
66 Hungary
64 Finland
63 Georgia
47 San Marino
45 Bulgaria
41 Switzerland
40 Israel
31 Albania
28 Macedonia
13 Latvia

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770 comments on “Denmark Wins Eurovision 2013!

  1. http://www.panorama.com.al/2013/05/18/lulgjuraj-fansat-fajesojne-rrymen-rock-te-kenges/

    Albania is condiering withdrawal, but its not as if they’ve done that bad recently, e.g. 5th place in Baku!

  2. Most probably Azerbaijan and Malta sighn an agreement to exchange high points beacuse i cant find any other reason about both countries 4 years now high points exchange :) Also dont forget that before 2 years Azerbaijani head of delegation visit Malta and surely not for holidays :D

    • I will visit Malta too next week … so don’t wonder if Germany gets high points from Valletta in the next years. ;)

      • Toggie why Germany to get points from beacuse you visit Malta ? Your not going on behave of German tv ;)

  3. The voting scandal with Azerbaijan does not look good at all, looks as if eurovisions negative stigma in the UK will grow even bigger since the BBC have now got wind of the scandal (found out) this is the last thing we need in the UK right now, thanks a lot Azeri’s and Aliyev for further destorying eurovisions credibility in the UK :/ here’s an article from the bbc bellow. I just hope the EBU kick the Azeri’s out of the ESC once and for all, a corrupt dicatorship like this which cannot be trusted with voting democraticly and maturely shouldnt be allowed to participate!

    • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22600892
      Azerbaijan must be kicked out of ESC 2014 and inforced a five year ban at least, liek they did with Lebanon in 2005!

      • if Azerbaijan was meant to give Russia 10 points then this is what their votes would end up been (unfortunatly Moldova would loose 1 point, meaning Belgium would become 11th);

        12 Ukraine
        10 Russia
        8 Georgia
        7 Malta
        6 Belarus
        5 Romania
        4 Denmark
        3 Sweden
        2 Lithuania
        1 Norway

        I’m just going to check now to see if any other countries postions would end up altering becuase of Azerbaijans mess.

        • no other countries positions would be affected unless the tie created with Belarus loosing a point would break in Icelands favour, and Belarus ending up 17th and Iceland then taking 16th, which would actually be a better situation. I think I’ve gone and overeacted a bit, sorry for earlier, but now i’ve seen this mess wouldnt cause much damage, I’m fine now if they change it, it would just be a pitty for Moldova to drop into 12th though.

          • Dude, don’t bother yourself because of this “Sorry Russia , We will never do it again!! We have just were too confused since didn’t know who deserves our 12 points when Turkey is not in “!

          • Scotty last year CyBC ( Cyprus television ) make an investigation for Cyprus huge points to Azerbaijan since 2009 and they found that is the only country who get votes ONLY from sms ( last year receve 3.500 sms and nil telephone calls also nil points from Cyprus jury and final Azerbaijan got 8 points from Cyprus ) !!! Last year became a big issue and scandal in Cyprus when they found out this. But CyBC cant make any complain to EBU beacuse has no ” real ” evidence for cheating. You know… Cyprus and Azerbaijan does not have any relations ( beacuse Azerbaijan refuse to have diplomatic relations with Cyprus beacuse they follow Turkish line in that issue ) and for this reasons its very extreme Cypriots to vote for this country with so high ratings and also even if this country send mediocre songs. So i will telling you what most probably happen. Beacuse phone calls between Occupited by Turks North part of Cyprus have different code Azerbaijan cant use this way, so since Turkish Cypriots is free to go wharever they want ( around Cyprus with no any problem ) Azerbiajan send money to a PR company in occupatied Nicosia part , 2 – 3 Turkish Cypriots are coming to Repuplic of Cyprus and they buy phone numbers from kiosks . Then they go back back to occupited of Nicosia part and give that phone numbers to this company. And the night of the final send massively sms voting for Azerbaijan ( and semifinal if Cyprus are in same semi with Azerbaijan ). ;)

            • why can’t the EBU listen to them its obvious that there is something fishy, and this to me looks like concrete evidence to suggest Aliyev has cheated! Luckily Azerbaijan have sent a decent entry but if it was their debut entry they had cheated with I would be even more livid becuase their debut entry didnt even deserve to be in the final that year.

            • Scotty . Since before 2 years EBU find Azerbaijan quilty about very very serious issue ( beacuse Azeri police arrest 4 Azeri people beacuse they vote Armenia ) and EBU punishment to Azerbaijan was only 1500 euro’s ( about 1300 GBP ) penalty fees and without any ban or something then dont expect any punisment from EBU to Azerbaijan.

            • Lebbanon was punished for not threatening to the EBU that they would show the Isreali entry in 2005.

            • for threatening not to show the Isreali entry*

            • by any chance was that a blinded Azeri/Turk or Russian which put that thumb down on lina, either way you should be ashamed of yourself and your uncivilised country (exclusing Turkey, Turkey is fine) thinking its acceptable for Azerbaijan to go bribing countries for votes, and thinking its a lie that this happens, Azeri’s you are blinded with Ailyevs lies, he’s just another Assad, but not as bad as Assad.

      • So it made the news in the UK,as well.

        • it also seems as if the Aussie’s have found out too, if this perth site is an australian media page, it was a link I accidently clikced while on the bbc, it had an article also related to Azerbaijan.

      • At least their own media aren’t in the least bit ashamed about it http://www.news.az/articles/eurovision/79870

        • I bet the Armenians are milking this now finding it bloody hilarious the fact that Azerbaijan can’t count its votes properly and decide where they are going when Turkey isnt there lol lol.

  4. If there is anything better than the contest itself, it is the complaining of the countries that didn’t do well.

    Now Albania are the ones to join the complaining party. I’m sure there will be more nations to come along soon. Some delegations need to learn to be good losers.

    While everyone is focusing on the non issue of the vote counting, nobody is focusing on what is a alleged rule break by Azerbaijan, if it ends up being true of course, deciding to censor one of the participant’s entry and not show it in full. That is where the investigation should be launched.

    • Who’s entry was censored?Don’t tell me it was you beloved bride’s…

      • That is why I say it is only a rumor.

        A few Russian viewers also complained that Russia went to commercial before the kiss and the Russian audience did not see it either. And, when I say the kiss, you can understand who i am talking about.

        Just so there is misunderstanding from me this would not have changed the voting in any way but every act should have their full performances broadcast no matter what. I would say the same thing if someone decided to censor Russia’s entry or Israel’s entry too.

    • I think the bigger issue is that another delegation is accusing Azerbaijan of buying votes. Last year, it was Cyprus. This year, it’s Lithuania.

      • They seriously need to get Azerbaijan out of this contest once and for all, the voting scandal, and again not showing another countries entry is a violation of the rules, if it was any other country they would incure a ban, Russia should have a ban likewise, but Azerbaijan should have a pernament ban aftet all this! why should they be allowed to have special treatment? my russian friends said she was watching Russia’s comentation here in Britian, and she notices they went to a quick ad break too.

        • “russian friends said she was watching Russia’s comentation here in Britian, and she notices they went to a quick ad break too.”

          Is this regarding Finland, or another country?

          • yeh it was Finland sorry I wasnt specific enough, with her been a Russian she didnt like the whole kissing thing though, when I told thas why they will have skiped to an ad break.

            • Thanks for confirming it. It appears what I heard this morning was true.

              Now we need someone to confirm if Azerbaijan did it as well.

      • They still buy votes from Cyprus :) And Malta also :)

      • Yes.The same as last year.We had a similar article here on ET.EBU should at least investigate the matter,this time.

        • Is there any chnace we can contact them, I wouldnt considering ringing them myself

          • well what I think western europe should do (well the ones which have not be corrupted by Aliyev) should delibrately not vote for Azerbaijan in protest against their childish behaviour, something needs to be done to try and supress Aliyevs dirty eurovision cheating regeem

          • I don’t have a clue.I’m sure,though that they are aware of the allegations.

            • Becuase its Azerbaijan the EBU are scared of Aliyev so they wont do anything, they’ll let him get away with it like last years issue with Cyprus/Malta and Azerbaijan.

      • The bigger issue is letting everyone vote 20 times.

        It should be one vote per device or somehow one vote per person.

        Again, buying televotes is a waste of time and money because you still have the jury to deal with.

        Also, this didn’t work because they didn’t win the contest. Azerbaijan spends their millions getting great songwriters, artists, choreographers etc, and constructs a product that has mass eurovision appeal.

        That is why Azerbaijan finishes highly every year. They have found a winning eurovision formula and enter every year with the goal of winning. They have the resources, they take the contest seriously (and should be applauded for not treating it as a joke like some other countries do)

        • with the exception of 2008 they were fine, they let themselves down though I thought in 2011, the vocals weren’t that good, if I was to choose an Azeri winner it would have to be Safura’s Drip Drop.

    • Albania had the same attitude when they came last in JESC, last year too.

      • I just wish everyone just relaxed.

        Just congratulate the winner, Denmark, and look to see how you can improve your entry next year.

        Bad excuses only make you not see where the real mistakes are, namely you sent an entry that people, for one reason or another, did not want to cast either a jury or televote for.

        • I’m not bothered about where UK’s entry came, it got what it deserved imo, and may be europe was too generous, and I’m really pleased with Denmark winning. What I’m not pleased about is the fact the EBU are turning a blind eye to this and not forcing a punishment on Azerbaijan, if another country got caught for riging the votes they would be baned, you can’t have one rule in society for one and a different rule for the other, that isnt fair and democratic.

  5. Danish Literature critic Lars Bukdahl is not impressed by the lyrics of “Only teardrops”, but he also thinks that Eurovision songs do not necessarily need to have good poetry in their lyrics, since it’s mostly about creating a good flow for the song with the words.


  6. Sorry for being out of theme! Just Sirusho has performed in an Armenian music awards her single! Our entry could look like this if she accepted AMPTV’s proposal :

    And mark my words you will hear about this girl on next edition /2014/ ;)

    Goodnight :)

    • Sirucho would certainly rock the Malmo arena.Eevn though,shake it acts don’t do that well anyomre,this one is very ethno-infuenced and with those impressive costumes,i’m sure she would be top-10.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ojSKQamf-E

    Find out how Azerbaijan gets its votes

    • “EBU also discussed the issue of punishment of Azerbaijan and banning it from participating in Eurovision for the duration of three years. However, the EBU decided not to apply these sanctions.BBC News reported that such measures would be applied to any country, which violated the confidentiality of information about the voters in the future ”

      taken from

      The EBU are weak cowards for not going through with the punishment in 2009, they should have done, as the BBC says, if it was anyother country they would have had a ban, why should Azerbaijan get special treatment from the EBU!

  8. If all this is true, countries like Azerbaijan and Russia make ESC stink big time. Sorry!

  9. They have now oficially taken away the comment section on youtube for almost all “Hold Me“ videos in my country at least. I guess the commenting about cheating was too much for them…

    • I’m not sure the youtube comment box is where the cheating debate should be and definitely shouldnt be aimed at Farid and his performance… True I am against censorship so they shouldnt remove it though, but they should make an official statement “while we investigate, please do not sum this to only that”

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