Pictures and Videos from the Estonian Party!

EstoniaEstonian Party – Today’s events at the Eurovision Village kicked off with The Estonian Party! Hundreds of Estonians were out in force waving their flags to see Ott Lepland (2012) and Tanel Padar (Winner 2001) perform together in a band alongside this year’s entrant Birgit, and neighbours PeR of Latvia. It was also expected that Finland would perform but sadly they did not come along.  What was wonderful was that Estonia really did embrace the fact that this year’s Eurovision was to bring Eurovision closer to the fans. Unlike Sweden’s Nordic party last night, held behind closed doors and invite only, that even most of the press were excluded from, Estonia gave a free party in the centre of town for everyone. Well done Estonia!

estonia party

Ott and Tanel performed various songs including Ott’s entry from last year ‘Kuula

Tanel also gave a performance of his winning song ‘Everybody‘ to huge excitement in the audience.


Guests and neighbours Latvia came on stage to perform their entry ‘Here we go‘, but a special Estonian version:

Next up was this year’s representative Birgit Õigemeel, who performed her song ‘Et Uus Saaks Alguse‘ and then there was a cover version of the Swedish winning song from 1984, ‘Diggi-loo diggi-ley‘.

Thank you for a fun party Estonia!

estonia party end

4 comments on “Pictures and Videos from the Estonian Party!

  1. Just look at the Angel. Warms the heart everyone.

  2. That’s something I would attend ! Birgit is sweet as always in the video above :) !

  3. […] for sponsorship to promote the city in Copenhagen’s Euro Village, with a similar show to what Estonia put on last year to promote the city. However, this was flatly […]

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