Nordic Party a Huge Success

eurovision2013Malmö 2013 – Last night saw one of the season’s biggest parties; The Nordic Party. Hosted by the Swedish delegation in a restaurant in the docklands, there were live performances from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway. It was well attended by many delegations: San Marino, Austria, Moldova, Slovenia, Ireland, Croatia, Macedonia, Russia and Serbia.

One of Ireland’s dancers managed to get himself stuck in a toilet at one time… we have a sneaky suspicion one of the Finnish girls may have locked him in. No good looking single man is safe… take a look…

Krista and Ryan (Ireland)

krista ryan

Krista and Robin (Sweden)

krista robin

Krista and Scott Mills (BCC presenter)

krista scott

EscKaz recorded the performances which can be watched on their YouTube channel here.

Many of the delegations then headed off to the Euroclub for the Belarus party in search of the free vodka!

Photos: Krista’s twitter

7 comments on “Nordic Party a Huge Success

  1. “No good looking single man is safe” :)

    Poor Eythor and Elias then ;) :)

  2. Crikey! Krista is everywhere :) that Ryan Dolan looks like he is not taking himself so seriously.Nice to see that..

  3. Hello everyone at Eurovision Times!
    I am a student from Finland and this year for the first time going to watch Eurovision live with my friend. (ok, we’ll only get to see family dress rehearsals of both semi finals at the arena, since we did’t have enough money for tickets to actual semi finals or final, poor students ;) ) I have a couple of questions for those who have been in ESC before and would really appreciate your help :) first, how can we vote when we are in Malmö (hopefully) watching the shows on one of the big screens? Can we call the Swedish phone numbers or can we call the Finnish numbers if we use the right country code? Or is this all too complicated and should I just ask someone from my family to vote for me? Second, what is the age limit for Euroclub and Euro Fan Cafe? I’m 18 and my friend is 19.
    Thank you very much for your help and taking time to answer my questions. And if you have any more tips for a first-time ESC visitor, please tell me :) Thank you :)

    • Hi Anna!

      K-18 is OK for Euroclub and Eurocafe :)

      Voting… quite often if you are in the arena for the show you can get no signal and no wifi because they stop it in live transmissions as it interferes with broadcasts. It is best to tell people at home to vote!! BUT… this year there will be an App for your smartphone… and that may let us vote. We don’t really understand if it will allow you to vote for Finland from a Finnish sim card in Sweden though, it’s all a bit confusing. Download the official Eurovision App though just in case! If you are outside watching the final on the big screen, hopefully you can just vote for your fave act from your Finnish sim.

      Things to do… go check the programme out at Euro village (Gustav Adolfs Sq), go to Euro cafe to see talks (There is a facebook group Eurofan Cafe at Moriskan https://www.facebook.com/groups/eurofancafe/?fref=ts), hang round little square (Lila torg) at the cafes / restaurants to spot Eurovision stars! Keep your eyes open for people leaving hotels with passes that have D1 on them… they are the delegations and artists! I think Finland may be staying at the Radisson Blu??

      Enjoy your first Eurovision!!

      • At the SVT press conference they tried to explain the voting – SMS will count towards the votes of the country you are geographically in (so if you were in Malmo, your vote would count towards the Swedish vote, as your mobile is linked to a Swedish operator), whereas the App is linked to the country the PayPal account and credit card is set up in (so if you voted in Malmo via the App but had set the App up in Norway, the vote would count in the Norwegian vote).

        That’s how I understood it anyway!

  4. Thank you very much for your help :)

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