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Live Performances in Euro Village Today

eurovision2013Malmö 2013 – Today sees the first rehearsals of the Big Five in the arena…but these are closed to the press. Marco Mengoni of Italy has cancelled interviews after the press conference due to illness. We’ll start the day in the Eurovision Village in Gustav Adolfs Square where several acts will be live on stage. At 12 Noon it is the Estonia party with Estonia, Latvia and Finland. All concerts are free of charge.13.30 sees Switzerland, Montenegro, Lithuania, Austria and Greece perform.

Rehearsals at the arena run until 14.40 today and the final press conference will finish at 17.10, to give the artists time to get ready for tonight’s opening ceremony red carpet event.

The Official Opening Ceremony, including the red carpet arrival, will take place at the Malmö Opera, starting 18:30 and ending at 21:00.

On one side of the 70 metre carpet, accredited media (P) will be lined up. On the other side, the public is invited to cheer for their favourite artists. SVT makes a broadcast from the red carpet arrival, which will be streamed live on Eurovision.tv.

Red Carpet Event and Opening Ceremony will also be broadcast on big screens outside the opera house and the theater at Euro Club and on Eurovision.tv. The evening Konferencierer is Pernilla Månsson Colt and Kodjo Akolor.

As soon as the Opening Ceremony at Malmö Opera is finished, the delegations will be shuttled to the EuroClub, to join accredited press and fans for the Welcome Party

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