Interview: PeR Happy with Second Rehearsal

9029_grupa_per_8_jpgInterview –  Latvia‘s PeR have just spoken to Eurovision Times and have said they were really pleased with their second rehearsal this afternoon in the Malmö Arena. They also told us a little about what performances they have planned here in Malmö for the next two days, and revealed they have six toes. Want to know more? Watch the interview now… Check out what Ralfs and Edmunds had to say…

Sorry about the black out during the interview, their PR girl accidently pressed the lightswitch to much laughter!

You can also check them out performing ‘No Woman No Cry’ at their press conference.

Per press

Thank you to Ralfs and Edmunds (PeR) and the Latvian delegation for their time.

8 comments on “Interview: PeR Happy with Second Rehearsal

  1. They are very likeable chaps. :)

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck, PeR! :)

  3. I like their song and, imho, they deserve to be in the final.
    Best of luck!

    With “sad Trumpet” they would have topped my 2013 favs list.

  4. They are funny and I like that they also want more bands (like Dorians) in Eurovision – smart guys, haha. :D

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