Interview: Eythor Ingi Gunnlaugsson of Iceland

eythorInterview – We caught up with Eythor Ingi Gunnlaugsson of Iceland and had a quick chat to him after his second rehearsal today. We asked him how he felt the rehearsal went and about his song and video…and checked up on that pesky volcano of theirs. We also found out if the Icelandic delegation have tried out the Swedish meatballs yet…  Listen to Eythor Ing’s interview now:

Thank you to Eythor Ingi and the Icelandic delegation for their time.

6 comments on “Interview: Eythor Ingi Gunnlaugsson of Iceland

  1. Another great interview, Thank you, hulluna! :)

    I want this beautiful song, sung by this fine singer to sail to the final.
    Best of luck Eythor and Iceland! :)

    Btw, he was great today.

  2. Best male vocalist this year. :)

  3. Thomas G:son, 25 years younger. :P

    Eythor is a very good singer and his song is an old-fashioned but pretty, Irish-flavoured ballad. Bestu óskir!

  4. Good job, hulluna. :)

  5. Actually if you look closely he is a great looking guy ;) He is indeed a great singer and his song is my #3.Thanks for the video

  6. Thanks for the interview,Hulluna!Eythor seems to be a very likeable and down to earth guy apart from being a great vocalist.His press conference is really fun to watch too!

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