Day 4: More Coverage from Malmö!

Malmö_ArenaMalmö 2013 – It’s been another busy day today in the Malmö Arena and press centre. We managed to catch Latvia, San Marino, FYR Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Bulgaria, Iceland, Armenia, Hungary, Greece and Norway. We’ve had some fun performances in the press conferences including Krista from Finland’s portable wind machine! Check out our pictures now…

First stop today was the opening concert in the Euro Village, and thousands of local Swedes crowded in to see legendary former Eurovision winner (and very pregnant) Charlotte Perrelli sing ‘Take me to your heaven‘(1999) and ‘Hero‘ (2008).


It was then back to the arena to see first rehearsals of the day with Latvia’s PeR.


Farid from Azerbaijan was in great demand with the press after his official press conference:


Team Ding Dong from Finland then entertained us greatly in their pink onesies and Carola cover, complete with portable wind machine…


The voting in the press centre this year is not for your favourite, but for the one you think will qualify, and you vote for ten from each semi-final. Here’s Hassan updating the scores.

press centre voting

EscKaz asked for a recount as they believed someone has changed the Netherlands score overnight! The scores were updated.

Current scores in Semi-final 1 for those acts the press think will qualify (current position in brackets):


Current scores in Semi-final 2 for those acts the press think will qualify (current position in brackets):


Bulgaria press conference:


Eythor Ingi of Iceland and Gianluca of Malta bumped into each other outside the interview booths:


Greece couldn’t all cram into the tiny and sauna-like interview rooms so came out into the fan area to conduct theirs:

greece interview

Back in the city centre the Eurovision Village was still going strong with live Swedish bands on stage, and Charlotte Perrelli interviews being played on the big screens.


We popped in to see the Irish team, and have sent them off on a mission to get some of the vodka at the Belarus party if they survive the Nordic party first!

11 comments on “Day 4: More Coverage from Malmö!

  1. Thanks…You all have been doing a great job!!!

  2. Great photos.

    P.S.: now I understand those votes. I certainly hope they get it wrong. See you tomorrow for the remaining 6 songs.

  3. was someone trying to cheat and increase Netherlands score?? :)

  4. Thank you.

    I don’t think the press are that wrong, even though I really don’t hope that Belarus will score in 5th place.

    Btw, this is how green room will look this year (not green but beige):


  5. did any of you catch this? It is Moran Mazor form Israel singing Euphoria on Israel’s press conference.

  6. heh i really enjoyed that krista video

  7. Omg Charlotte is sooo pregnant :) !

    Krista delivered Carola’s winning entry flawlessly ;)

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