Ireland: Can Ryan Dolan make it Eight Wins?

Ryan_DolanIreland – The Emerald Isle still holds the record for the most number of wins in the Eurovision Song Contest with seven. Can this year’s representative, Ryan Dolan, make it an eighth? He has a high profile act to follow after Jedward’s previous two excursions. Ryan is today’s second featured artist of the day. Read on to find out more about him and what his chances are in Malmö.

Ryan Dolan was born on 22nd of July 1985 and is from Strabane Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. He has played support to many acts over the years including Tinchy Stryder, Jedward and many more. Dolan has been described as one of the most exciting homegrown musical talents to be discovered in Ireland in recent years. His YouTube channel has received over 800,000 hits.

Ryan is a big fan of pop music and loves Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, One Republic, The Script and Queen. He also loves dance/club music like David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia and likes to cover their songs at his gigs sometimes. He keeps a shamrock charm on his wrist and says that hopefully it will give him the luck of the Irish in Sweden!

When asked recently which his favourite Eurovision winner was, he said ‘Rock n Roll Kids‘ (Ireland 1994 ),

“I was still a kid then but I remember the buzz in our house when Eurovision came on and that song has been my favorite ever since, I love it!”

He’s hoping to wear Gucci in Malmö and his two favourite entries this year come from Russia’s Dina Garipova and Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg.

The song ‘Only Love Survives‘ was composed by Ryan Dolan and Wez Devine. Co-composer Wez Devine is a 34-year-old songwriter/producer originally from Malahide, Co. Dublin now based in Lifford, Co.Donegal. So far the fruits of their labour include being featured on BBC Radio1 in the UK in 2012 – their track titled The Secret by Zenemy DJz featuring Dolan found great support and was daytime play-listed by the giants of the station Sara Cox, Hugh Stevens and Scott Mills.

Team Ireland this year has a large Team Jedward basis, and also includes some that have taken part previously, which could be beneficial. Here’s some of Ryan’s team:

Mentor: Stuart O’Connor (Jedward’s choreographer, was in Baku)
Soundman: Terry Heron (Jedward’s soundman, was in Baku)
Manager: Conor Mulhall (Savee Entertainment, previously Jedward’s promoter)
Backing singers: Leanne Moore (Jedward’s backing singer, Dusseldorf and Baku) and Alison Vard Miller
Backing dancers: Alan McGrath & Colm Farrell (Jedward’s tour dancers)
Drummer: Nick Bailey

The team have just set off from Dublin airport for Malmö:

ryan airport

An ESC promo tour took him to Russia last week were he performed twice and met Dina Garipova as well as carrying out press interviews and appearing on TV (MTV Russia).

ryan dina

Ireland’s first rehearsal is tomorrow afternoon, and they will perform in the first semi-final on May 14th. Current betting odds put them at 40/1 and in 14th place.

You can read more about Ryan on his official Facebook page here. Follow Ryan on Twitter: RyanDolanMusic

New European promo video for ‘Only Love Survives‘:

Eurovision Google Hangout chat:

Live in Moscow:

Sources: Wiki, Facebook, Youtube
Photocredit: Dublin Airport – Kirsty

16 comments on “Ireland: Can Ryan Dolan make it Eight Wins?

  1. ?No,he can’t!But he will be in the final.

  2. Are you serious?! He’ll be lucky if he manages to qualify. The whole act sounds and looks so unoriginal. Ryan has no charisma whatsoever and his vocals are not very strong.

  3. If you look closely, you may spot me in the new promo video… ;)

  4. He can have sex with me as a compensation prize :0

    Anyways no win. Ireland will not win eurovision again unless the update their selection process with is rubbish.

  5. He look soo hot in that pic with Dina

  6. Pelase, I would love to find one person who posts here and says that he can win eurovision lol.

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Sorry, I needed cheering up! :)

    Ireland winning indeed, ha ha ha ha ha ha…

  8. Sorry to say that this is in my last place (right now) and I would be very surprised if Ireland won with this song.

  9. With such a bland song , cheesy lyrics , irritating high notes and bad taste when it comes to esc 2013 ( just lol at his taste , come on! Russia and Sweden ? ) , I would say not only will he NOT win but also he deserves to stay in semis :P

  10. Like they say here – Ոչ

  11. Boring, boring, boring, hope its stays in the semi finals where it belongs. Nil point from UK!

  12. It’s a good song, but they have a cheesy performance so no, they won’t win. The Norwegian panel liked this song a lot though. Ireland has the kind of song I can very well imagine getting points from us this year.

  13. Seriously? Not only Ireland won’t win but probably Ryan will stay in semifinal.

  14. Not winner sorry but Ryan Dolan is an amazing singer and I’m glad Ireland sent a great song with better back-up vocals unlike last year’s trainwreck/nationwide laughing stock that was ‘Waterline’ by Jedward. If performed well, it might get somewhere between #7- #14. Good luck Ireland!

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