Armenia: Official Remix Released

armeniaArmeniaDorians, this year’s representatives of Armenia, have released an official remix of their entry ‘Lonely Planet‘. The remix has been made by Arman Pahlevanyan, the keyboardist of Dorians. The funky dancefloor version can be heard here. It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise! Let us know what you think!

4 comments on “Armenia: Official Remix Released

  1. LOL nobody cares it seems. I actually listened to it. Its nothing I would listen to again.

  2. I like it more than the original though (not hard)

  3. Well! Never ;liked remixes!

    I have just watched a TV show named “Will Armenia perform in the final of ESC?” and hosts used to give very provocative rhetoric question to Gor and AMPTV’s responsible! Here they are:
    1. Why even in Armenia “Lonely planet is not a hit”?
    2. Why do we have just 100,000 clicks in youtube less then other songs out of contest have in Armenia?
    3. Was it the best song to chose?
    4. What the hell a rock band does in a “Pop contest”?

    Here is the link:

    Answers were depressive sometimes silly but not hopeless!

  4. It’s one of the underrated entries for sure… That’s the only real answer. I expect them to do better in the actual contest.

    I never liked remixes of ESC entries either because they usually sound even more gay disco club schlagerish and does nothing for the song. This one on the other hand actually doesn’t sound bad. It’s one of the better remixes I’ve heard of an ESC entry.

    Boring pop lovers will never like rock entries in Eurovision, but I am certain that if the lyrics had been different it wouldn’t have been AS underappreciated as it is now.

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