Moldova: Official Video Released

moldovaMoldova – With only three days to go before rehearsals start in Malmö, Moldova has finally released the official video for ‘O Mie‘. The video shows Aliona Moon enlisting the help of the obligatory Eurovision Song Contest wind machine and a lot of chiffon and powder paint in the colours of the Moldovan flag. Watch the video now and let us know what you think about it.

10 comments on “Moldova: Official Video Released

  1. Loved this song ever since I first heard it hungover and on no sleep during the NF.

    It helped me sober up that afternoon so it has a special place in my heart lol.

    Watched the video again. Yes, Aliona still looks GREAT! in the video. I added an exclamation point this time.

  2. This song grows extremely when she sing in her native language. It makes the whole song feel more honest and believable. And I’m personally in love with these notes that just get higher and higher.

    P. S. The music video is also very good with its use of colours. Aliona standing there with her fire coloured hair in the white, colourless glade. But the colour spouting in the end reminded me of something else…

  3. LOVE IT !
    My runer up this year ( could end up my 2013 winner ) and my favourite Moldovan entry to date!
    Moldova should achieve their best ranking EVER this year !

  4. I like the white parts in this video, it looks pretty. I only think the Moldovan song is OK at best this year, but I am convinced it will place within the top half in the final. I predict around #10-12 for now.

  5. Aliona evidently has a lot of money behind her, which is a little unusual for someone who has only just embarked upon a solo career…

    “O mie” benefits immeasurably from being sung in her native language, as it prevents her dodgy accent from clouding her otherwise decent vocals, and the melody itself is rather strong. The video is beautiful, and probably one of my favourite preview videos of this year (along with Finland, France and Iceland).

  6. Now all we need is a decent Netherlands video

  7. I am starting to love this song. Yes, Marc, there is a lot of money behind Aliona and they’ve put it to good use. The video is lavishly well put together. Good luck.

  8. While I am trying to get past the fact that we won’t hear the better imo english version in Malmo I have to congratulate them on the clip. It is beautiful and has a simplicity that fits the ballad. I hope they keep the same spirit on stage.

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