The Biggest Eurovision Quiz Ever!

moriska-paviljongenEurovision 2013 – The first guests for this year’s huge Eurovision quiz have been announced by the Moriskan Pavillion Twitter account. This is the venue that will host the Euro Fan cafe this year. The quiz night, which will take place on 13th May, will see past Eurovision stars Linda Martin (Ireland), Hera Björk (Iceland), Bobbysocks (Norway) and Glen Vella (Malta) take part.

The quiz runs 24.00-02.00. Moriskan will sell a bracelet that will act as a pass to all Eurovision-related events in the building. The bracelets are available at Moriskan from 6th May and can be used until 18th May. The prices are as follows:

OGAE Members and accredited fan press  – access to ALL events:
150 SEK (17,50 EUR)
This bracelet also provides the wearer discounts to food and alcoholic drinks at Moriskan’s bar and bistro.

General Public (not accredited) – access to ALL events:
250 SEK (29,50 EUR)

It is also possible to buy tickets for single events, which range between 80 SEK – 250 SEK. (9 – 29,50 EUR)

Here’s the quiz guests that have been announced so far:

50 comments on “The Biggest Eurovision Quiz Ever!

  1. Linda Martin craves attention

  2. Glen, the bundle of joy. :)

  3. I always remember BobbySocks with the stripey socks… :)

  4. “The quiz runs 24.00-02.00”

    Wow, I wonder how many participants are going got be sober during that time.

  5. Seems like the guest list is just a bundle of joy.

  6. I don’t care about “La det swinge”. I just want Hanne Krogh to sing “Lykken er”. :)

    And I love Eurovision quiz as well. I’m immensely proud to have finished 6th in Marcus Klier’s ESC quiz on Esctoday, back in the summer of 2010. :)

    • Badge of honour! :)

      I finished 5th in AKOE’s prediction poll a couple of years ago. :)

      • Congratulations!

        I remember the question worth most points: who did the interval act in the French NF in 1958. After three hours of googling, I finally found the answer. Proof of how serious I considered the quiz to be. ;)

        • I don’t want to google for three hours. Give me the answer! :)

          • LOL. The answer is Dalida. :)

            Btw, there was a German question which almost everyone gave the wrong answer to (including myself): when was the first time they made fun of a politician in a German NF song. Me, and most of the others thought it was “Alles wird gut” by Die Gerd Show in 2003, but there was obviously one before. Do you know the answer?

            • Unfortunately not … I am no expert on the German national finals because I found them terribly dull in the old days. :(

              I thought about Dalida btw … but I have no idea why. :)

            • So there was no family ritual watching “Ein Lied für…” in the 80’s?

              I understand that it became sort of dreary watching the German NF back then, because the songs were too much in the same, old-fashioned schlager genre. I guess there was some sort of peak in 1988 where 6 songs out of 12 were written by Bernd Meinunger…

  7. Moriskan Pavillon looks like a home of Princess Jasmine :D

    • I’m sure that Aladdin’s magic carpet has been rented by our own Disney princess Zlata so that she can make a great entrance in May (or just skip the expensive plane travelling). ;)

  8. In an interview with NDR Gianluca said that his favourite 2013 songs are Iceland and Armenia. Thinking outside the box … thumbs up!

    • He has an alternative taste…just like my top5 :)He was a guest in Armenian NF so he can be a bit biased for Armenia,as for Iceland I don’t know why it is so underrated,I think it’s one of the best this year so I give a thumb up for him:)

      Good night everyone!!!

  9. This would be the perfect result for May … but it won’t happen. :(


  10. GOOD GOD!!!! I have a lot of stuff to film during my trip!!!

  11. This is my updated rankings for ESC 2013:

    1st Norway (Semi Final 2 Rank=1st)
    2nd Netherlands (Semi Final 1 Rank=1st)
    3rd Isreal (semi final 2 rank=2nd)
    4th Ukraine (semi final 1 rank=2nd)
    5th Denmark (SF1=3rd)
    6th San Marino (SF2=3rd)
    7th Russia (SF1=4th)
    8th Iceland (SF2=4th)
    9th France
    10th Italy
    11th Montenegro (SF1=5th)
    12th Germany
    13th Austria (SF1=6th)
    14th Greece (SF2=5th)
    15th Moldova (SF1=7th)
    16th Finland (SF2=6th)
    17th Cyprus (SF1=8th)
    18th Malta (SF2=7th)
    19th Cymru
    20th Estonia (SF1=9th)
    21st Ireland (SF1=10th)
    22nd Serbia (SF1=11th)
    23rd Azerbaijan (SF2=8th)
    24th Hungary (SF2=9th)
    25th Georgia (SF2=10th)
    26th Sweden
    27th Bulgaria (SF2=11th)
    28th Croatia (SF1=12th)
    29th Switzerland (SF2=12th)
    30th Spain
    31st Albania (SF2=13th)
    32nd Slovenia (SF1=13th)
    33rd Belarus (SF1=14th)
    34th Belgium (SF1=15th)
    35th Armenia (SF2=14th)
    36th Romania (SF2=15th)
    37th FYR Macedonia (, 16th in semi 2, not impresed after the shambles of a performance at eurovision in concert) 38th Latvia (SF2=17th)
    39th Lithuania (SF1=16th)

  12. Bobbyshocks ! I haven’t heard anything about them in a long time..Although Elisabeth Andreassen showed her true potential in 1996 with the great “I evighet” imo. But the whole event sounds fun ! :)

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