The One That Got Away: Best Non-Placing…The Results

Poll Results – So the fourth stage of the “One That Got Away” series of polls is now completed and we have the final three acts to go into the final poll of this year’s competition. Check out the results of the Best Non-Placing Songs. We asked you to pick which three of the most nominated songs should go through…. find out who you chose now! We can confirm that Germany’s Blitzkids Mvt. were victorious as the Best Non placing Song with 33% of the votes… the results of which are as follows.

Germany: Blitzkids Mvt. – “Heart On The Line”  33%
Iceland: Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir – “Augnablik”  28%
Germany: Ben Ivory – “The Righteous Ones”  23%
Finland: Arion – “Lost”  16%

This means Arion from Finland have just lost out in reaching the final poll that will decide Eurovision 2013’s “One That Got Away” as Ben Ivory and Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir continue on.

Let’s recap the finalists, one of which will be voted the One That Got Away

Sweden: Ulrik Munther – “Tell the World I’m Here” !!BEST THIRD PLACE WINNER!!
Romania: Luminița Anghel – “Unique”
Denmark: Simone – “Stay Awake”
Finland: Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through” !!BEST SECOND PLACE WINNER!!
Norway: Adelen – “Bombo”
Sweden: Yohio – “Heartbreak Hotel”
Germany: Blitzkids Mvt. – “Heart On The Line” !!BEST NON-PLACING WINNER!!
Iceland: Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir – “Augnablik”
Germany: Ben Ivory – “The Righteous Ones”

Stay tuned for the final vote but watch “Heart on the Line” by Blitzkids Mvt. here:

17 thoughts on “The One That Got Away: Best Non-Placing…The Results

  1. My top10 of the respective list (revised):
    01.Ilaria Porceddu- In Equilibrio /ITA: 12/12
    02.Marija Mihajlovic- Halo /SER: 12/12
    03.PeR- Sad Trumpet /LAT: 12/12
    04.Ben Ivory- The Righteous Ones /GER:12/12
    05.Antonio Maggio- Mi Servirebbe Sapere /ITA: 12/12
    06.Gerai gerai & Miss Sheep- War in the Wardrobe /LIT: 12/12
    07.Chen Cohen- Halev Mevakesh /ISR: 10/12
    08.Blitzkids mvt.- Heart on the Line /GER: 10/12
    09.Betty Dittrich- Lalala /GER: 10/12
    10.Antra Stafecka- When you are with me /LAT: 10/12

  2. Off topic: I know it is 2 days early for posting it, but I just came across this moments ago while searching YT; just divine!

    Happy April 25th to all Portuguese people!

  3. My overall ranking :
    1.Finland: Mikael Saari – We Should Be Through : 10/10
    2.Iceland: Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir – Augnablik : 10/10
    3.Sweden – YOHIO – Heartbreak Hotel : 8/10
    4.Germany: Blitzkids Mvt. – Heart On The Line : 7/10
    5.Germany – Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones : 7/10
    6.Romania – Luminița Anghel – Unique : 6/10
    7.Norway – Adelen – Bombo : 5/10
    8.Denmark – Simone – Stay awake : 5/10
    9.Sweden – Ulrik Munther – Tell the World I’m Here : 4/10

  4. I agree with Dimitris. It was a great performance but the song was still just good and not great. Great to see that my fav ended up second in this vote, at least.

  5. What a pleasant surprise :D

    Blitzkids mvt. gave a fantastic live performance (which, let’s face it, is equally as important as the strength of the song) of a very good song. As I said before, they fully deserved the 12 points they received from the jury, and they deserved much higher than a mere 6th place…

    Whilst I really like “Heart On The Line” and its Santigold-meets-Daft Punk vibe, I think that this is my favourite Blitzkids mvt. song…

  6. Damn, i would have voted for Estonias Grete Paia multiple times. Maybe seeing as the second places are likely to be better it would make sense to give 5 places in the final to them,3 to 3rd places and 2 to non placing songs. Anyway there are still a few songs in this that i like.

  7. I like very much several songs on this list (in random order):

    Romania: Luminița Anghel – “Unique”
    Finland: Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through” !!BEST SECOND PLACE WINNER!!
    Germany: Blitzkids Mvt. – “Heart On The Line” !!BEST NON-PLACING WINNER!!
    Iceland: Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir – “Augnablik”
    Germany: Ben Ivory – “The Righteous Ones”

    the rest is totally forgettable stuff, imo.

  8. At least it was not “Augnablik”..Such overrated nothingness..

    Blitzkids Mvt. were good but Cascada definately deserved to win it.

    Anyway a few good songs here..My favourites are in random order :

    Ulrik Munther – “Tell the world I am here”
    Yohio – “Heartbreak Hotel”
    Ben Ivory – “The righteous ones”
    Mikael Saari – “We should be through”

    If I had to vote for one of them I would vote for Yohio.

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