TEKO: Vote Now in Duel 5!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision KnockOut 2013 –  It’s time to start the voting in duel 5 of the Eurovision Times KnockOut! It’s Norway vs Switzerland. Which one will you vote for to go through to a place in the next round? Will one of the favourite’s this year, Norway, perform as expected and see off the Salvation Army from Switzerland? Vote Now!

EUROVISION KNOCKOUT 2013 – Round 2, Duel 5

The Entries:

Please listen to the two competing entries:

Song 01 – Norway Norway Margaret Berger ‘I feed you my love‘

Song 02 – switzerland1 Switzerland Takasa ‘You and me

To watch the performance click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to all two songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the three songs.

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

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134 comments on “TEKO: Vote Now in Duel 5!

  1. Switzerland. Obviously… ;)

    • The downvotes here are proof that people can’t always read cheekiness in text form. :P I almost thumbed you down when I first read it because I was so horrified by your change of heart. Then, I saw the wink, and I put two-and-two together. xD

      • Ha, LOL :D

        • I was carried away for a moment and I thought someone else had appreciated Switzerland’s entry around here (unlikely) over Norway..I checked your rankings afterwards to be sure..Make that one less thumbs up for your initial comment, you cheated lol ;)

  2. I dislike both but Norway is the lesser of two evils.

  3. Οh lord! I love both of the songs and i want to see them score well in the final. Switzerland is no3 in my rankings and Norway no4 so i voted for Switzerland but it was too hard for me and i will be pleased with any possible winner out of these two.

  4. Norway (7th) + Switzerland (23rd) = Norway. Good luck to both songs.

  5. Just give Norway the bye and be done with it because Norway is not losing here.

  6. Norway. :)

  7. I think even though Switzerland is lower in my rankings its such a likeable entry for me, so becuase its the underdog and I know it wont win between Norway I’ll just vote for it anyway, both entries I like though.

  8. #12 : Norway : A fresh and innovative track for eurovision standards with some uncertain LIVE vocals though.8/10.
    #30 : Switzerland : An ok song with an amateur performance BOTH stage AND especially vocal-wise.Switzerland fails to deliver once again.One of my least favourite esc countries. 5/10.

    Voted for Norway ! But if it was against Iceland or Estonia from previous heats it wouldn’t stand a chance on my vote! Consider it lucky to be drawn against a weak ACT!

  9. Norway…because it is different,bold and interesting…still the song feels a bit cold to me!Good luck to both :)

  10. An obvious choice for me here, Switzerland (5th) : A great, very uplifting song and a very likable group of performers that provide a heartwarming performance. This is very authentic from every aspect. Switzerland is steadily climbing on my esc list of favourite esc countries, they are an oasis of quality in the contest the last years.They are daring every year without making expenses to quality and I really appreciate that. Of course that is never recognized..
    Of course Norway (38th) will win this one..A generic in a bad way tune, flat and uninteresting in every possible way performed by a singer whose vocal talent remains highly doubtful. Terribly overhyped and my prediction for fan favourite flop this year.

    I hope for a decent share of vote for Switzerland (anything above 25 % will be fine !)

    Good luck !

    • It seems like at least 15 people here are already voting for Norway in this heat…

      • Make that 17 ;) I think I just broke my record for the most thumbs down on the forum yeah :) ! And by quite a distance..I had about 9 I think as a previous record ( except from the trolling the poll received last year from Albanian user(s)).

        Anyway I already knew my opinion on this entry is not popular in any forum anyway…I don’t really care..For me it is the weakest entry this year by a growing distance and no number of thumbs down can convince me of the opposite I think ;)

    • lol ! keep it coming guys ! I want over 30 thumbs down by tomorrow ! :) At 50 thumbs down Norway goes one place up on my list ;) !

      The thing is that the people who thumb down do not thumb up other people’s comments that praise Norway..It’s something personal they got obviously with me..I didn’t know that my opinion offends some people so much..I am on a good way I guess..! :)

      • I don’t think they are thumbning down you as a person but people may find your analysis on Norway 13 preposterous and lacking objectivity.Saying that it’s the most generic song in a bad way bla,bla,bla(since when industrial pop is the most generic song in esc?) makes your post not valid.Simple as that. ;)

        • I agree with dimitris.
          Guitar’s opinion regarding Norway 13 sounds too passionate to be considered as objective and it all stems from the fact that his favourite “Alone” lost in MGP this year imo.
          Or maybe , people thumb him down because they find hillarious the statement that “Switzerland are an oasis of quality in the contest the last years.They are daring every year without making expenses to quality” when in reality the only credible Swiss effort lately ( both song and stage/vocal wise ) was 2005…
          2004 , 2006 , 2007 were just trash material imo in every single aspect.
          2008 and 2009 were very nice songs , totally underwhelming live.
          2010 was just ok.
          2012 was bland pop rock ( although well performed )
          Which leaves us to 2011 , the only other credible entry which of course scored better than anyything else sent before and went through to the Final. Still , nothing that could be described as daring…

          • In reality for you, that does not make it a general truth..With the exception of 2006 and possibly 2010 which I just do not like, not that it did anything wrong, Switzerland has provided some of the best entries lately. 2005 was dunamic and contemporary for its time (and of course it only did well because the band was estonian), 2007 was edgy but misunderstood and had a smart theme (hell with the vampire craziness that has rised lately that would be a hit !), well performed as well. 2008 was a well constructed and classy italian entry that definately could have got a top 5 had it been another country. 2009 could have been slightly better live but this was not a reason it did not qualify of course. It was one of the best compositions in a very strong year. 2011 was fresh and yes daring to bring that kind of music in esc. And 2012 was a very dunamic and well performed pop – rock tune that stood out. Bland is anything you characterize that is not ethno – whatever.

            I find hilarious the fact that people see credibility or much more innovative elements (?) in Norway 13 as well anyway..

            And my opinion has been the same since I first heard Margaret’s entry before “Alone” lost in MGP so your argument goes down as well.

            As I said let the thumbs down keep coming, I take them as budges of honor and only make me to stand stronger and stronger to support my opinion ! So keep them coming..! :)

            • Yeah, die with your boots on, mate …

            • I know you are being ironic but I kind of appreciate what you wrote for some strange reason…I don’t like my opinion being characterized “hilarious” though and I don’t think anyone does..

            • I am not being ironic because I told myself exactly the same during the war zone times of esctoday. ;)

          • SWI 2005 was a vocal mess … I love 2009 and 2010 in studio version but they were pretty weak live too. In fact, the only convincing vocal performance from Switzerland since … well … ages was Anna’s in 2011.

            • I believe we have heard much worse live performances than the one Lovebugs gave personally and did better result – wise (flying breasts alert..!)..I have to disagree on Switzerland 05..On Switzerland 10 I don’t really care honestly..Never touched me as a song..

              Switzerland is far from my favourite country in the pre 2000s era actually from what I have heard so far. With the exceptions of 1986, 1988 (sentimental reasons mostly) and 1993 I don’t really like anything else in the 90s and 80s from them. Things changed after 2005 though significantly.

            • In all those years, not a single Swiss song has scored 12/12 on my list. :(

              1963 + 1972 10/12
              1968 9/12
              1962 + 2011 8/12

              Gosh, the last time a Swiss song went into my pantheon judged on the live performance is more than 40 years old. :(

            • 1972..really ? :)

              I like 1963 as well. I also really like 1958. “Giorgio” is actually my favourite Lys Assia’s entry in esc.

              I forgot to add that I kind of like 1981 as well from the 80s (1982 get on my nerves on many levels as a song though..).

        • Whatever..As I said thumbs down do not change my opinion just because some fans are so hurt by my opinion..My post is as valid as anything else..Norway 13 is boring and predictable to an annoying degree imo..They can thumb down all they want from then on.

          • Calling attention to the thumbs down only makes people want to thumb down more lol. Write your opinion and forget about everything else. These numbers don’t mean anything anyway.

            • I know but it is funny how easily people are hurt (and to such amounts) because not everyone is ready to get on the bandwagon of their preferred entries..I am the first person to support the thumbs system as a legitimate way to express your agreement or disagreement but this amount of dislikes is just personal imo.

              The supporters of let’s say Greece 13 would get mad if the same thing happened to them..It just that they are in a forum that supports certain entries they like.If they tried a forum with members of different taste they would find themselves having their opinions diregarded as “hilarious” or “not valid” simply because they do not match the majority’s. I constantly find myself in a hostile environment for having a different taste from the majority here. But this thing is just ridiculous imo. I just have some fun with it though ;)

            • I would look at it differently, you have passion and the people that disagree also do. As long as the banter is not insults flying around then debate is good.

              Plus NEVER take anything on a comment board personally. Just have fun and write freely.

            • Oh don’t worry, one thing that is well known around here is that no amount of offends or no matter how many times they try to degrade my opinion or my taste will stop me from expressing my thoughts freely. Didn’t happen for 3 or so years and certainly won’t happen now..!

              Deep down they are happy because someone has to be their punchbag in a forum like that..Too much agreement would be so boring ;) !

              Anyway as I said no amount of thumbs will make me change my opinion on Norway or any other entry or its validity (despite some people above arguing that it is “hilarious” or “not valid” because they do not like it) or drive me away from the forum.

              Go Takasa :) !

        • Oh and one more thing : judging from the thumbs up I got when I ahd decided to leave the forum there are definately people who thumb me down just because it is my comment ;) I can post that the earth spins around the sun and itself and I would still be thumbed down..As I said below..Budges of honor for me all the 20 thumbs down..Standing proud by my opinion :) !

          • Guitar=The martyr of eurovisiontimes… :) The Jean D’arc of eurovision…

            • Indeed despite all the abuse around here I am still here..! And probably not of eurovision (since many people do share my opinion in general..) but of this forum certainly..No one can beat my 21 thumbs down record ;)

            • The budge comments are my favorites.
              Not only because it should be BADGE but also because budge is an old word for pompous. Lolololololol.

            • Oops yes sorry my mistake..its badge..It’s kinda late ;)

            • oh I thought it was alex who commented at first..! don’t care much about you of course..!

            • good to know!!

              for a moment there i thought you had taken russia’s shitty lyrics at heart. that would diminish a reliable source of amusement.

            • Oh at least I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the hungarian boring repetitiveness…And I will give you a friendly advise : If you want to be amused look at the nearest mirror, should be a lot funnier than my comments ;)

            • *advice

            • Hahahaha. You have the nerve to call other people five years old and then go for a mirror insult. Hilarious.

              Once again, you prove that you wouldn’t understand irony even if it hit you in the face with a tacky dress, a set of stairs and a lame dance track.

              Btw, it’s advice. Advise is a verb. Write it down in your “budges” for easy access.

            • Sometimes you have to fall to the intellectual level of certain people in order to communicate..Hate it but had to do it in your case.

              Btw, calling me out on spelling mistakes (that I corrected right after) ? That’s just tacky..Although I doubt you can do better than that..

              And don’t think that by trying to degrade entries I like you achieve something…Your shallow criticism only enhances their musical credibility.

            • I had guessed “the coming down to your level” response by miles. Yawn. You need to change your repertoire. Those schoolyard responses just show how petty, unimaginative and dull you are. You fool no one. You have deluded yourself into thinking that you’re persecuted because of your taste when the truth is that a lot of people that share it are actually able to participate here without throwing a hissyfit or shouting how extremely offended they are.

              Instead of “coming down to the level” of those windmills you see as giants, dear eurovisiontimes Quixote (that’s a book, btw). You should aim to try and reach the levels of the functional adults that are able to disagree as rational human beings here. People mature enough to understand that an attack towards a song you like it’s not a personal attack, unlike you.

              Just a friendly advice.

            • I would advise you to do the same and be able to engage in a civil conversation with people who disagree with you on things such as music, which you are obviously unable to do from what I have witnessed till now.

              I know perfectly well to tell apart a personal attack (like the many I have been the target of here) from a simple disagreement about taste, don’t worry.

              There are no people who share my taste on the forum for the simple reason that no person who dares to criticize an entry the majority likes here or praise an entry the majority dislikes would be able to stand the harassment. So first of all try to grow up yourself and stop the “higher than everyone” attitude (you and some of your friends) here and learn to accept that people with different with different musical taste are not neither of lower intelligence, nor controlled masses who cannot form a personal opinion and go with the trends.

              A worrying percentage here of users have fooled themselves that they are oh so tolerant and accepting of different perspectives..As long as those who contribute them admit that their different perspectives are not musically credible in any possible way. Then they might get away with it simply because the majority here will just feel “sorry” for them and their bad taste. That’s what’s going on around here. Get off your high horses and learn how democracy works. End of story.

            • *learn to acept that people with different musical taste are neither of…

            • “There are no people who share my taste on the forum for the simple reason that no person who dares to criticize an entry the majority likes here or praise an entry the majority dislikes would be able to stand the harassment”

              I can tell you from experience this is not true. I like a few songs that nobody else likes and have not hidden that fact, and dislike a few songs everyone loves (ie the Netherlands) and was never harassed. There will be disagreements, and trust me, you would not want everyone to agree with everyone else.

              I have found in here that the posters are smart and if you argue with facts, you will not be insulted in any way. And even if you are just laugh it off and move on. Do not take the posts personally, even if the person that read it did. You will be a lot happier that way.

            • You actually see yourself as some kind of freedom fighter or something. LOL.

              Any thread on this blog proves you wrong, but as I said once before, self awareness is not something you’re particularly good at. I’m far from the first poster to call you on your histrionics and somewhat hypocrite behaviour. Pretty sure I won’t be the last. But you’ll just go on deluding yourself into thinking you’re some knight with some righteous cause. LOL.

              Go on, then. Stubborn and delusional is always good for a few laughs.

            • Now you are being unfair, taking refuge to kin liability. We disagree here all the time (Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Italy f. e.), it is just not that visible because nobody makes a fuss.

            • There you go. Two posters supporting my point. Are you gonna dismiss it as some kind of cabal? Something you do alarmingly ofter for someone that claims to champion “difference of opinion” so much.

              Btw, if my “guitar meltdown” schedule holds he’ll call me a troll and try to kick me out of ET in the next three posts.

            • Oh and your immature offends do not touch me the least, you should know that by now..You seem to lack other methods of arguing as well obviously so you have to hurl offensive adjectives..Of course I am not suprised the least.

            • How is saying you are not a pacifist an “immature offend (sic)”? Are we in the part where you get more melodramatic already?

            • I do not need to become melodramatic really..I just treat people the way they treat me. It is the most simple and fair way to deal with things. With the exception that I will leave the serious name calling to you and your kind and just throw some back..

            • Wow. Poor you.

              If this fiction helps you sleep at night…

            • Do not overestimate yourself..I think too little of you to get angry to your laughable claims..

              As for the two members that commented, I happen to have good relationships with both of them on the forum, thus our disagreements are kept on a healthy level most of the times.

            • Then listen to your friends. That’s the reasonable thing to do. I’m starting to feel sorry and then that’s no fun, is it?

            • Stubborm and prideful ? Is that all you have called me, really ? gosh the audacity..! Thankfully every comment is here for everyone to see.

              And who is hiding ? are you truly serious (what am I saying..Like I do not know who am I talking to)..? The FACT is that this was my original post and you came by to offend me indirectly, you didn’t even dare to offend me by answering to one of my comments.

            • Wow.

              I never said you were hiding. It was sarcasm. You called me coward and I mentioned how every post is here for everyone to see. If we’re gonna do this you need to make an effort and actually comprehend what’s written. It’s the least I ask.

              Also, I never said that those were the only descriptors I used. Reading comprehension is your pal.

            • So you will laugh at me and my efforts to have a different opinion and I will laugh at your self righteousness and delusional views. No harm done.
              Yes I know you are not the first to attack me. The gang has quite a few members actually ;) I learned as time goes by to avoid all of you if possible.

              Of course you will continue considering yourself civilized and respectful..Talk about delusional and immature. As I said the good laughs are mutual.

            • “my efforts to have a different opinion”

              You’re welcomed to have any opinion you want. Ask Alex. I’ll laugh at your tantrums.

              See what I mean when I say you delude yourself into thinking that it is about taste? And how you put words in my mouth to help this persecution image only you see?

            • Who told you that I agree with your attitude towards Alex ? If he tolerates it good for him, I do not.I consider your remarks tasteless. If that’s your sense of humour (humor if you prefer it the american way), no thank you I won’t have any of it, I consider it degrading.

              This is about taste and I would never put words in your mouth, you do a pretty good job yourself of proving my point.

            • When have I attacked HIM? This is you again thinking that jokes about a song are personal attacks.

              You’re too abrasive and combative for someone so thin-skinned. I now truly feel sorry. That’s a really terrible combination to have when facing life.

            • LOL, I can tell you honestly that I have not been insulted here. Well, unless you count me being called deaf an insult lol.

              Don’t let the posters stress you. What fun is is to come to this website to be agitated? its a Eurovision website, Nothing we discuss is going to change the world, or even impact our everyday lives.

            • Thank you, Alex. I agree with everything. I don’t know about the freedom fighter here, but no agitation whatsoever from my part.

            • And you just started feeling sorry..I have started having that feeling since the beginning of this conversation when once more you exposed yourself in the most unfortunate way..

            • Funny, since the one that started was you, but I’m sure that in that little head of yours the story is different.

            • Fiction ? Are you serious ? Thankfully all the comments are here..You are on the edge of complete rational derailment I think..

            • LOL. Agreed about the comments being here.

              And about your last line, it reeks of projection. Is this a cry for help?

            • I have stated how sorry I feel for people with your way of thinking many times in the past when I saw the reactions of another member with your mentality..

            • Actually YOU answered to an original reaction of mine on this thread by mocking a spelling mistake (predictable of you)…Your little head cannot save much information at once obviously..

            • I wasn’t even talking to you. You came back hours later to throw an indirect after you mistook my post.

            • Yeah yeah of course, no agitation..Let’s start making a collection of every name you have called me since you appeared on the forum..oh it’s going to take a long time..If I am supposed to laugh then your “jokes” are completely tasteless for my taste.

            • Stating facts does not mean I’m feeling some kind of discomfort. Especially seems they were not meant as insults per se, just observations on your behaviour.

              On the other hand, if agitation equals throwing insults for you all your latest posts show you might need to take a breath, dear.

            • Your usual degrading remarks though targeted me (and something as petty as a grammar mistake – not only though). You can’t even say what you have to say about me to me directly. Talk about cowardice.

            • Hiding on plain sight!!!! The nerve!!!

              I’ll say this tho, you’re the common denominator in every major forum fight, yet you claim that “trouble finds you”. Really? Is EVERYONE ELSE’S fault?

            • Putting a series of derogatory adjectives in line and posting it qualifies as “stating facts” ? since when ?

            • Since they’re apt descriptors of your behaviour here. I’d agree that you’re too stubborn (see, descriptor) and prideful (ANOTHER ONE!!) that it’s an exercise in futility.

              Are we getting it, now? (SPOILERS: Of course not)

            • And the hiding part had to do with the fact that you decide to attack me (once again) with your silly irony and you cannot even answer to me directly. I could have not visited the thread again and I would not have seen your remarks that way. And that’s were the cowardice comes in..

            • Sigh. That’s a magnificent “reaching for straws” move there. I don’t see it that way but I understand that someone like you would make that jump.

            • I am not surprised that for someone with your mentality, having the courage to say what you have to say to the person you have to say it qualifies as “reaching for straws”..

              Finally you have some minimal courage to stand for what you have said (with some delay of course..), very surprising coming from you…
              Stand by your intellectual level when you are arguing even if that is ridiculously low..

            • Stop acting like it was hidden. You look more ridiculous than usual.

              And I’ve stood behind what I’ve said since the beggining. It’s not my fault you’re to slow to grasp it. Well, it is my fault, I should have known who I was dealing with and spelt it out.

              But then, the intellect remark you close the post with it’s so deliciously filled with irony and lack of self awareness that I can’t help but smile. Never change.

            • Yes yes go on with the derogatory remarks, you can do better, come on ! lol !..That’s all you can do anyway, your lack of argumentation is more than obvious..Just ridiculous..Now I am slow as well simply because you are truing to neutralize your backtracking when it came to your remarks the first time around (when it was just cherry picking two light adjectives and ignoring all the vulgar immature bashing)..gosh I just feel so sorry for you..Cowardice I say..plain cowardice..

              Self awareness is something you should look up in the dictionary and apply to yourself. Don’t misuse words you don’t know to use properly.

            • Aw, honey. Is this you continuing to be stupid or are you just trying to save face?

              I hope it’s the latter or I will feel really sorry for all your countrymen whose votes count the same as yours. You’re belgian, right? LOL, they might try to make the monarchy and absolutist one after seeing you embarring yourself like this.

            • haha..! Yes go on, expose yourself even more, continue the attacks…You are such a sad creature really..I don’t know if I am an embarassment for my country. At least I am not the embarassment for the human kind you are (and yes NOW I am falling to your intellectual level – its the only way you understand obviously – vulgar attacks).

              I do not believe you are intentionally that stupid though..You are just too arogant to see the reality that surrounds you. Still you are a very, very sad existence..I can’t even get angry with you..You only deserve pitty and nothing more.

            • LOL. You must be really unhinged by now (I can tell because of the typos/sentence structure, look at me spelling things out for you!).

              And more intellect talk (lol!). Dear, we should do this more often.

            • I would never let someone as insignificant as you frustrate me really, don’t get all excited..But someone has to speak your language to get his message through. You are a lost cause really..

            • I’m sure (that was sarcasm, btw, before you get confused AGAIN).

              Nice chat! It’s been Glorious.

            • Now both of you,if you can’t get along,why continue with this?
              Relax and listen to this amazing song.

            • Can’t see it at work :(
              Could you post the name for me to search on my phone?

            • You conveniently skipped all the worse ones though..Anyway we do agree on one thing : every comment is here for everyone to see and read for themselves.

            • Good grief! I wasn’t attempting to list them.

              Exercise in futility indeed.

            • Of course you didn’t, you know it wouldn’t be in your advantage to do so..So you picked the light ones and given them as representative..I don’t even know what you were thinking since everyone can read your remarks, they are all over the thread..Not very good at supporting our case are we ?

            • You’re so dense. It was another conversation. Nothing related to your ridiculous victimization. Just to be clear, I stand behind every adjective I’ve called you. I have no need to hide them.

              Not very good at linear conversations, are we?

            • Portishead-Roads.

            • Thanks, dimitris. Great song.

        • Still: Some weeks ago I got about 5 thumbs down just for writing “This is a good song”. And that was all I said in that comment. I don’t remember which song it was.

          I can understand thumbing down a comment if it is insulting, trolling or – let’s say – expressed in a less diplomatic way. But just for saying what you like.

          • I got a couple of thumb downs for saying ‘goodnight’ the other day. LOL

            • Oh dear…

            • I like to write my nonsense, tell my bad jokes and move on lol. I’m just glad someone is reading my nonsense, let alone being somewhat moved by it to actually use the thumbs.

            • Alex this is not about you, you were just used as an example. You may think things different than me and have a different perspective. I consider this behavious abusive and offensive personally and I do not have to subject myself to it if I do not like to, not even on an online forum..

            • P.S. Being called deaf or whatever and not be offended is exactly the kind of passive behaviour they expect to let anyone who disagrees survive on the forum..Try making fun of them and the songs they like..It will not end good..

            • Guitar,what you say makes no sense. :( I happen to enjoy Germany 13 for what it is and i never felt offended or harassed by any member that doesn’t share my taste on this.Plus,i don’t feel people belong in a club with the same taste in anyway.I happen to like Denmark,Germany and Sweden and at the same time enjoy Norway,Greece,France or Hungary and not like Netherlands.And there are many other examples,not just me.,

            • The problem is I am trying to be argumentative for almost every opinion I present. I cannot stand with a simple “I like” or “I don’t like”. I like Germany and I say why. I do not like Norway and I state why is that. And that’s where things get nasty. Everyone has the right ot post criticism on Germany or Russia or Denmark with any vocabulary they want (and I have read very harsh criticism on those 3 for example to a biased point)..As soon as I post a negative view on Norway or Hungary or Italy or Greece (all referring to 2013) I have to apologize one way or another.

            • I also justify why i like a song or not.However,if i call “Glorious” innovative and a witty little song,people may react.No harm done.

            • I never called “Glorious” witty or innovative..It is a pretty straightforward dance song and act. I have written that it is well penned and very well performed and a great representative of its genre. But some people don’t even like that as a view.

              I won’t forget the poison my enthusiastic comment received in the thread about Emmelie winning DMGP 2013. Just because it was praising in an enthusiastic way an entry I truly loved. And it is not about playing the victim, it’s about civil behaviour.

            • We’ve disagreed over denmark’s possible result and ogae votes. We just disagreed over Estonia 2001! I don’t remember any of us geting offended or throwing tantrums or changing our interactions. It helps that we actually do respect others’ opinions instead of considering mortal offenses.

              Food for thought.

            • This will always be their moment ;) :

            • Yes.This is great too.Their most representative song,maybe,

            • I don’t know where I put it, but I have written many times on the netherland’s song being average at best.

              Plus I am not here to insult anyone, I come here to engage in debate, exchange ideas, and be amused. Being called deaf may trigger you (that’s fine btw) but i laugh it off and move on. Why would I let some faceless nameless post ruin my day? And what if they are right and I am deaf lol? I can’t help it I am a joker, always looking for humor, even in a serious situation.

              But if you could get the posters to stop insulting Finland, I will be grateful. if you can get the Estonian entry to give me a hug, I will be internally grateful lol.

              Now go purchase the MP3 Eurovision album to remind yourself why we are here in the first place.

            • As I said I try to avoid anyone who will ruin my day in anyway, including in this forum. It’s a good thing to have humour even at hard times, although it may be misunderstood at times ;)

              I thought it was just the karaoke album but it’s the full songs right ? I’ll check if it is available on itunes..!

            • Full songs too, I’m listening to it now, I”m on Serbia. Nevena is actually good, they took all the shoutiness out.

            • On my itunes it says it will be released on April 22nd :( I will wait I guess..!

            • go to the official website, get it from there.

            • Got it, and I’m not being funny or insulting in any way when I say this, please believe me, but if the forum upsets you so much, why do you keep coming here.

              Again, don’t misunderstand, i am not asking this in a sarcastic way but as a serious question, nor do I want you to leave. But if it upsets you so much, why not spend your time doing things you like, that bring a smile to your face?

            • Because there are still people here I enoy exchanging opinions with..:) When I decided to leave the forum a few weeks ago I realised how much I have missed exchanging views with people I appreciate and respect and there are quite few on this forum. Of course there are exceptions.
              I try to avoid these situations and the people who cause them as much as I can…But..trouble finds me.

            • OK then so just converse with those people.

            • I am trying to. You have noticed that I never have any contact with this certain user or a number of other users, in order to avoid such unpleasant situations. Who casted the first stone here can be seen at the April 15th comment on 00:53 above. The last thing I wanted was to engage with this user. I saw all this thumbs down for my comment and just made some fun of the situation at first, that’s all..nothing too serious.

            • *This behaviour

      • PS : If you get 60 thumbs down , how many places are you willing to climb Greece up ?:P

        • Oh I am pretty sure that the greek abuse lobby will make sure to get me those 60 the next time I dare to criticize your entry ;)

          • Ts ts ts , what a queen !

            You forgot about the Hungarian and Norwegian abuse lobby as well…Irony alert!
            IMO , you are very deffensive where you shouldn’t be , because taste is not about proving anything.
            And what about all these conspiracy and lobby theories? In your attempt to deffence your ego your are being again , passionate , pompous , if not unfair to certain people…Let me remind you that I was the very first to openly state how much I would miss you , if you quit eurovisiontimes…
            Stop playing the victim.It doesn’t fit well with budges of honor ;)

            • I do not disagree, taste is not about proving anything indeed. I am passionate about my opinion of course, I never hid that. I am certainly not pompous..I am just trying to make some fun out of this situation and simply state that the fact that my opinion happens to be unpopular around here won’t make me change it (even if you call it “hilarious” or dimitris calls it “not valid”) and I don’t think that my initial comment (or any other that came) was unfair to anyone.
              And I never played the victim..I would play the victim if I stayed in my corner and cried over the unfair and cruel world.. :P I stand up and defend my opinion and my right to have one.

            • And I do not forget about the norwegian lobby of course..It is in full force here..23 and they keep coming..! Don’t give up guys..you can do it by tomorrow :) !

      • Do you want me to give a thumb down too? Just in case you want the all-time thumb down record. Normally I do not use the thumbs … but if you ask me to do so. That’s what friends (even virtual ones) are for. ;)

        • I did promise to upgrade Norway to an honorary 37th place on my list if I get more than 50 thumbs down..;)
          If Margaret’s fans are so offended my opinion they have to reach the goal lol !

          I wonder what kind of trolling we will have this year btw..! In 2011 it was Portugal and last year Albania..! Could it be a Norwegian one ? ;)

  11. One of the best songs this year: Norway. A refreshingly dramatic song with agressive synthesizers, dramatic lyrics and an overall cool atmosphere. No need to say I voted for it.

    As for Switzerland it’s another pros and cons entry for me. It’s very catchy and singalong-like, but very clichéed at the same time, particularily in the lyrics.

  12. Norway!A great dark industrial pop song with poetic lyrics and the sweetest ice queen ever!I really like Margaret Berger not only as a singer but as a person too.Good luck!

  13. Norway for me (and a possible winner too) – I hope that Switzerland make it out of their SF though…

  14. Norway !!!!!!!!

  15. Switzerland is so catchy, a guilty pleasure, so it gets my vote!

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