TEKO: The Result of Duel 2!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision KnockOut 2013 – It’s time to reveal the winner of the second duel in this year’s Eurovision KnockOut competition. The votes have been counted in this heat between Estonia and the Italy. Which one did you vote for to go through to a place in the next round? Find out the result now and see if you’re happy with the winner!


The result of Duel 2:

Estonia 37%
Italy 63%

So a very decisive and impressive win for Italy’s Marco Mengoni who easily qualifies for the last 8.

63 comments on “TEKO: The Result of Duel 2!

  1. Yay! Congrats Italy :-)

  2. Yes! :) This would be better if I wasn’t singing Lena P. lyrics about my aching body. “Hurts, oh it hurts, really hurts…”

  3. A well-expected result. I can’t say that i enjoy the Italian entry, but definetelly it’s much better than the Estonian one. Probably Italy will be in top10 in 18th of May, and Estonia will be out of final or in bottom 10 of it. So the first duel of the quarter-finals will be Greece vs Italy. It will be a really interesting duel, i hope that Greece will make the surprise but it will be more difficult now.

  4. Greece has moved UP 8 places in my ranking and is now at 25th – Big improvement, but Italy is my 9th so I’d have to vote for Italys charming entry.

    • whereas Slovenia has had a 17 place Drop to 30th! and is below Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Estonia (in that order). I’m just finding Slovenia very boring and although its current its a poor representation of this genre.

      • Totally agree about Slovenia. It’s utterly pale and indifferent ! Go Montenegro ! :P

        • This is where the balkans now appear in my ranking: FYRO Macedonia (10th), Montenegro (14th – only becuase I’m unsure what it may turn out like live), Serbia (19th – sorry Marco it had to be done :( ) Croatia (28th), Albania (29th). Slovenia (30th). I’m debating whether to move Spain up though, its currently at 31st, if anything I’d bring Slovenia and Estonia (26th) down.

    • Have Greece made changes then? I haven’t heard it

      • Graham this is me trying to take a more holistic and objective appraoch in my judging of entries lol, I was trying to just imagine Greece 2013 as another OPA (Greece 2010) and try to not let 3 words spoil the entry for me, there are ellements of that song which are excellent and make it worthy of a place in the final come to think of it, the more of I think of it been another OPA the more I can see the merits and the good parts of the song, OPA wasn’t executed well vocally but it was full of energy and rhythm, all the qualities Greece 2013 has. So this is me rejecting the British epistemic gap and been more holistic! Which will please people like Dino and Toggie.

  5. Italy has one of the best songs this year. “L’essenziale” opened San Remo this year, and it was love on first sight for me. :)

    • Couldn’t agree more. I like the song & the performer (I just love his facial expression during the song) – hope they score well in May!

      • When it comes to facial expressions, noone can beat this guy ;)

        • This is one of my favourite entries from Turkey. It’s even better than “We Could Be the Same”.

          • NO we could be the same is miles better, and should have won in 2010, I would have loved it if Turkey had won then, they may have stayed around for longer if they won in 2010.

            • I like “We Could Be the Same” too, but that type of rock music (with a touch of emo and nu metal) doesn’t really appeal to me. Moreover I find the massive flashing lights and the robot with the torch a bit too gimmicky. It took the focus from the music.

              “Deli” is more interesting as a song in my opinion, and the fact that they performed it in Turkish added an extra dimension. I often feel the songs seem a little more honest when performed in the singers’ native language.

        • i love this song so much

        • One of my favorite entries since I follow ESC! MUUUUUUCH better then MaNga! Started to miss 2007’s-2009’s editions after this year’s mess!

        • I simply agree with all the others. It’s the best Turkish entry on this side of the millennium, and one of the best overall (6th place after, in random order, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1996 and 1997). It has such a dark, mellow theme over it and the performance is a classy one without any unnecessary gimmicks (I’m thinking about the other Turkish rock entries. those from 2010 and 2011).

    • Toggie I may have final attempted to make friends with Miltons Paradise Lost but only through the help of Cider unfortunatly :( I think my relationship with this text will be a struggle.

      • It has been a stuggle for me for 20 years now … and the stuggle isn’t over yet. My advice: read Milton’s fantastic ‘Lycidas’ as therapy. :)

  6. I will so miss Estonia :(
    But Italy is GREAT as well WITH ATTITUDE on stage and will fight for victory in Malmo!
    Congratulations Italy!

  7. Not anything unexpected. But the people who voted for Italy have upset Birgit’s unborn child and now he/she can’t wait to be born so he/she can confront Italy for beating his/her mom. lol.

  8. No surprise there and indeed a well deserved result.

    But I have to say I found the Italian song quite boring in the beginning. It has grown afterwards.

  9. It’s acceptable but I will always love Estonia more :)

  10. Marco Mengoni is number 1in italian single chart by 8 weeks,your albumi is n°2 after Depeche Mode ,your cd is multiplatinum and your video has been looked by 12 milion of person!

  11. That was to be expected.They are both nice ballads but nothing really exciting or new for esc.

  12. The final revamp and eurovision edit of Germany 13.I don’t know what you may say about the song,but it really makes me wanna dance every time i listen to this!Tonight,we can be GLORIOUS… :)

  13. Interviews from Amsterdam are coming in here. http://www.youtube.com/user/EurovisionKZ?feature=watch

  14. Congratulations, Italy. :)

    P.S.: I love ‘L’ enssenziale’. As to Estonia 13, well, I’ll stick to the original version.

  15. Well deserved victory of Italy! Along with The Netherlands Italy is the most worthy winner of ESC 2013!

  16. Shame, I really like Estonia’s entry but then again, neither are going to win Eurovision 2013…

  17. 37 % for Estonia against Italy ? yeah congrats Birgit :) !
    The first 2 duels show that the next round will have little interest for me musically though..
    But both will miss the top 10 anyway (if Estonia reaches the final)..Italy has one of the most uninteresting ballads this year.

    • Brace yourself when it comes to the result of Italy this year … :)

      • I personally think it will be more 9th like last year than 2nd the year before…

      • I think I’ll go with my instinct on this one thank you ;)
        Last years have shown I can quite trust my predictions (gosh I still remember the war that started everytime I stated that Iceland 12 would score anything but a top 5 result lol :) !)

        • Somehow,you convieniengly forget how much you believed in the power of this witty act called “Waterline” and how you were gutted it would do better than “Lipstick”…

          • I still do..And it still did better than Iceland 12. Considering you were mainly the person who has invested a lot to Iceland’s success last year I am not surprised you reacted to that ;)

            • But i’m able to admit that i was predicting a better result for Iceland(I still believe they should have done better).It’s hilarious to say that Jedward did better.They tied with 46 pts.And anyway,it was never a contest between those two so i don’t understand why you compare them.

            • And I believe that Ireland should have done better. Well the contest is never totally fair for anyone you see. I have also exposed myself a lot to after contest criticism with my prediction (certainty) that Denmark will win.
              Actually according to tie break rules Ireland takes 19th place. And I never said I did not predict a better result for Ireland. When it comes to televoting my predicition stood, I was wrong when it came to the support from the juries, which I took for granted after the result in 2011.

        • Bla bla bla … Mr. always right. Yawn! Why can’t you just blend in with the civilised behavior on this page, Mr. Superior to Everyone Else?

          Good night! Have nice dreams of yourself …

          P. S. Iceland 2012 is still among the best songs that ever participated in ESC imho. Pearls before swine … ;)

          • I did not say anything that was not civilized. I pointed out a fact. But unless you are in line with the opinion of the majority here..well I know quite well what happens.
            Others believe they are superior to everyone else around here. I just offer my (uncensored still thankfully) opinion, nothing more.

            Goodnight !

            • Not to mention that our dear guitar was confident on how juries would damage Albania’s chances last year…
              Rofl ! He is EPIC!

            • Priceless. LOL

            • The 5 year old kids in the kindergarden say hi ! you should hang out sometime, you have so much in common !

            • LOL, you’re on a roll, go, baby! :)

            • I told you, you are being quite repetitive lately with the irony…You should find new lines for your repertoire. It has been quite limited for a long time. Don’t you hold a conference of “highly tasteful and sophisticated human beings” or something ? They should provide you with some new lines to deal with peasants and the masses..

            • Even the juries deserve to make a mistake once and while and reward total hollowness of course.

            • That’s exactly what I thought when they voted for Jedward in 2011. Thank God they redeemed themselves last year…:P

            • Yes, last year was a dissapointing moment for the juries and their reputation. Rewarding jokes like Albania and Georgia was not their best moment. I hope they get back on track this year (don’t worry, you will always have televoting to rely upon ;) !)

            • Same as with bland POP in English that juries seem to love blindly ;)

            • Yeah I know..not rewarding jokes for a difference in this contest hurts ;) (anything that is not an overhyped joke is bland pop in english for some around here..). You will get used to it..As I said you have televote to rely on to support your favourites (KM are going to be a massive hit there don’t worry ! Hopefully juries will prefer quality this time around..).

  18. I really hope these qualify from semi 1:

    1st Denmark, 2nd Ukraine, 3rd Netherlands, 4th Russia, 5th Moldova, 6th Austria, 7th Montenegro, 8th Cyprus, 9th Serbia, 10th Im not really bothered unless it isnt Belgium/Belarus/Lithuania or Ireland.

    Semi 2: 1st Norway, 2nd Isreal, 3rd San Marino, 4th Iceland, 5th FYR Macedonia, 6th Finland, 7th Greece, 8th Hungary, 9th Switzerland, 10th Azerbaijan. 11th Malta :/ only entry I can difficultly sacrifice to squeez Greece into my rankings, but if Switzerland didnt improve vocally I’d perfer Malta to qualify. I’ve put Switzerland 9th over Azerbaijan, becuase I just believe in the artists and what they are trying to convey in the song through their vocals, whereas with Azerbaijan it doesnt seem as believable or special, it just looks akward on stage and just a performance.

    • no I change my mind I think I would get rid of Hungary instead, because I can remember in the live version he didnt seem to be singing just speaking.

  19. I’m in love with Magyarország! after one of their most tallented dance groups appeared on our Britians got tallent (called attraction) absolute class, Mainland Europe let again puts the UK to shame in the art world, I had to share people this on this site even though its unrelated, but I’ve been so blown away, what a breathtaking and emotional dance performance! Welldone Magyarország! (Hungary)

  20. The only real choice here. Good!

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