Italy: Marco Mengoni Tops Charts

marco mengoniItaly – Today’s featured artist is Marco Mengoni of Italy.  He has recently gone to number 1 in Italy with his latest album and his Eurovision entry’s video has received over 10 million views on YouTube. The Italian has been in huge demand since his success at this season’s San Remo contest and the Italians cannot seem to get enough of him right now. Find out more about him…

Marco Mengoni was born on Christmas Day in 1988 and is therefore currently 24 years old. He took singing lessons at 14 years old and studied languages at University. He found fame on the third series of the Italian X Factor talent show, which he won in 2009, and took part in the 2010 San Remo contest as a result of this win. He also signed with Sony Records as part of his win, and his first EP went platinum. He has since won two TRL Awards and five Wind Music Awards. In 2010 he also became the first Italian artist to win the MTV Europe Music Award for Best European Act. He returned to San Remo this year, and was then internally selected by Italian broadcaster RAI to represent his country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final in Sweden in May.

He has just released his album #prontoacorrere, and it has shot to number 1 in Italy. Marco will not be resting when he returns from Eurovision, regardless of where he finishes on May 18th. He launches straight into a sold out nationwide tour of Italy:

Turin (May 20), Genoa (May 21), Florence (May 23), Italy (24 May ), Naples (May 26), Ancona (May 27), Rome (May 29), Bologna (May 30), Trieste (June 1).

The bookies have Italy as the 8th favourite, with Marco currently being at 16/1.

You can find out more about Marco on his official website, his Facebook page, his YouTube account and his twitter: @mengonimarco

Check out the official video of this year’s Italian song, ‘L’essenziale’, it’s only had 10million+ hits so far, help it get a few more. Has it got what it takes to win in Sweden?

16 comments on “Italy: Marco Mengoni Tops Charts

  1. L’essenziale is a really nice piece of music but in current music scene, it can only top the charts in Italy!
    Actually it doesn’t even have to be in the charts of any country to be appreciated! ;)He will do well but winning seems very unlikely imo!

  2. Good for him!He enjoys success in Italy.Will L’essenziale” touch the hearts of Europeans’ as well?I doubt,it can be that successful outside Italy.Nevertheless,he will have a good placing in Malmo.

  3. His album is great as a whole nou doubt about that :) I hope he can get Italians more interested in esc with his participation, even if I do not like his eurovision entry much..

  4. It is always good to hear about ESC artists doing well on home ground. :)

  5. I really think a lot of people from this site will be surprised by the very high place Italy will get this year…

  6. Donnie-tograv..
    ..I totally agree.This is a REALLY good entry.Top 10 easy.Top 5-very possibly.
    It is unfortunate it will lose votes as it is in Italian and is not eurotrash :)

  7. And a Swedish song writer never wrote this one :)…more lost points..

  8. I am so glad to see Marco doing well in Italy. I think he will reach the final top 10 and perhaps even the top 5. That said, this song has nothing MFish (as in the realm of glitter and gloss) about it and that puts many fans off (I agree with Robin). Good luck, Marco!

  9. 0 points for the song, i dont like , and a 10 for him , he i find really hot , when he go to act half naked that night , go to have my vote , absolutely , good luckl

  10. I can’t seem to get enough of him either, since it’s been the entry I’ve listened to the most. :)

  11. as an Italian fan I’m glad to see what a great debate has been generated about Marco!!!! when he went to sanremo, I will never thought he would be the winner this year…so we just keep our fingers cross in MALMO!! between the top 5 will be a super result to us!

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