TEKO: Heat 7 Votes are Counted!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision KnockOut 2013 –  We asked you to vote in the 7th heat and tell us who you preferred from Sweden, Moldova and Croatia. The votes have been cast and counted and we can reveal which of these three countries have gone through to the second round of this year’s competition. Can Sweden be as successful this year as last? Find out who now!

Result of Heat 7:

Sweden 56%
Moldova 31%
Croatia 13%

Well done Robin Stjernberg from the host nation Sweden! He’ll go on to face the winner of heat 15 which will be one of the second chancers…somewhat ironic seeing as Robin himself triumphed in Melodifestivalen after getting to the final via the second chance Andra Chansen. Moldova scored highly too though and may be in with a second chance if votes go their way in the last few first-round heats. It’s a goodbye to Croatia though by the looks of it.

41 comments on “TEKO: Heat 7 Votes are Counted!

  1. I thought that Sweden and Moldova would fight fo this but i’m glad Robin won by a landslide.

  2. I knew it ! Moldova was going to lose to Sweden :(
    That brings an end to my “glorious statistics” :P
    I really hope Moldova gets a second chance. It’s a brilliant ACT !

  3. Disappointed again. There is no way Sweden is better than Moldova. No way at all.

    I like the Swedish entry but Moldova is at another level here.

  4. Surprising result – I certainly didn’t expect to see Sweden scoring so highly.

    Off-topic: Details regarding the Montenegrin stage plans have been revealed. Who See and Nina will be alone on stage, and there will be no backing singers or dancers.


  5. That was to be expected. The result is fine by me, but Moldova would have been ok as well. I like both songs.

    I wonder if Sweden is going to win ESC again…

  6. LOL Sweden wins every poll you let ESC fans near …

    P.S. The voting has changed a lot compared to last year. We get much more stereotypical ESC fan results now.

  7. I am not surprised at all. It’s Sweden (and all their no matter what supporters) against a song in Moldovan and a very specific song in Croatian. Moldova getiing 31% of the vote did surprise me though (I was expecting less). Congratulations. :)

  8. I don’t like Sweden at all this year, so don’t agree with these results. Concerning that Denmark and Norway have much better songs than Sweden, i have a feeling that Robin will flop badly in Malmo. Like last year that Sweden won and all the other Scandinabian countries flopped.

  9. And Sweden will win the best NF 2013 too. It is a farce. ROFL

    Btw, I am pretty sure that most people who vote there haven’t watched all NFs.

  10. In my opinion, “You” is just as grey as Robin’s costume. I’m not sure how Europe will judge it but maybe somewhere in the middle of the scoreboard. Pity to see that Croatia only got 13% of the votes. :(

  11. I’m not surprised with this result but I don’t think that Robin will follow up Loreen’s success. Finalist definitely, top 10 yes but winner? IMO no…

  12. I hate this song. I don’t know why people like this low rate Eric Saade when they didn’t like him at all. He has the stage personality of a fish. The kind that Louise sang about

    • But why would you compare Robin with Eric in the first place?Just because they were members of the same boyband in the past?Other than that,they share nothing in common,IMO.Their songs are different and Robin really delivers vocally.

  13. I think Moldova will do better than Sweden!

  14. Robin-the song Sweden did NOT want :)

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