TEKO: Heat 10 is Now Open for Voting!

TEKO2013THE Eurovision KnockOut 2013 –  Today is the turn of Armenia, Italy and Azerbaijan to battle it out! Which one will you vote for to go through to a place in the second round of the Eurovision Times KnockOut?Have a listen to the three songs and vote to say which one you want to go through and let us know why in the comments section.


The Entries:

Please listen to the three competing entries:

Song 01 Armenia Armenia Gor Sujyan ‘Lonely Planet

Song 02 – italy Italy Marco MengoniL’essenziale’

Song 03 – Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Farid Mammadov ‘Hold Me

To watch the performance click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to all three songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the three songs. Come back tomorrow for Heat 11!

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The qualifiers of the Heats will be revealed on this blog every few days, so stay tuned!

*The voting periods for the following heats might vary and you might be able to vote for several heats at a time.

Feel free to promote this game by liking it on Facebook or tweeting about it (our twitter is @eurovisiontime) and telling your friends about it, please  :)

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245 comments on “TEKO: Heat 10 is Now Open for Voting!

  1. gosh so much agreement on this forum I cannot help not to react at least to that ! :)

    Big 5 + Sweden :

    1. Sweden – 8.4/10
    2. Germany – 8.2/10
    3. Spain – 7.9/10
    4. United Kingdom – 7.5/10
    5. France – 7.2/10
    6. Italy – 6.0/10

  2. Big 5+Sweden:

    1.France 10/12
    2.Sweden 9/12
    3.Germany 8/12
    4.Italy 8/12
    5.UK 7/12
    6.Spain 7/12

  3. Semi-final 1

    1. Netherlands (10/12)
    2. Denmark (8/12)
    3. Montenegro (8/12)
    4. Estonia (8/12)
    5. Cyprus (7/12)
    6. Austria (7/12)
    7. Moldova (7/12)
    8. Ukraine (7/12)
    9. Lithuania (6/12) – Because I like the song and (still) live in hope of Andrius finally giving a decent live performance ;) :(
    10. Croatia (6/12)

    11. Russia (5/12)
    12. Slovenia (5/12)
    13. Ireland (4/12)
    14. Belgium (3/12)
    15. Serbia (2/12)
    16. Belarus (2/12)

    In terms of predicted qualifiers however, at this stage I think: Netherlands, Denmark, Montenegro, Austria, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia,Croatia, Serbia and Ireland.

    And I agree that this is by far the weaker semi-final

  4. Semi-final 2

    1. Norway (10/12) – Awesome song, can score higher if Margaret performs well
    2. Hungary (9/12)
    3. Greece (8/12)
    4. Israel (8/12)
    5. Albania (7/12)
    6. Latvia (7/12)
    7. Malta (7/12)
    8. Finland (6/12) – Shoot me, LOL ;)
    9. Iceland (6/12)
    10. San Marino (5/12) – Oh dear, I don’t even really like this one :(

    11. Bulgaria (5/12)
    12. Armenia (5/12)
    13. Azerbaijan (5/12)
    14. Georgia (5/12)
    15. Macedonia (5/12) – I was starting to like this song, but then I read the translation of Esma’s lyrics…. pure tripe
    16. Switzerland (5/12) – They have a good song, but they are about as charismatic as wet lettuce
    17. Romania (4/12) – He’s a good vocalist but he overuses his falsetto(?) to a comical degree and the song is little more than a generic and lame euro-pop

    As for my predictions for this semi-final, I guess: Norway, Finland, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania – with Greece, Israel, Albania, Malta, Macedonia and Switzerland fighting it out for the remaining places.

    This is by far the stronger semi-final

  5. Big 5 + Sweden

    1. France (10/12)
    2. Italy (9/12)
    3. Sweden (7/12)
    4. Spain (7/12)
    5. United Kingdom (7/12)
    6. Germany (5/12)

    • Well, Marc, our lists are not as similar as one might think, after all. It’s always good to know how the someone from down under looks at ESC.

  6. Semi 1 and my qualifiers

    2-The Netherlands
    4- Estonia

  7. Semi 2


  8. Semi final 1 wishlist :

    1. Denmark – 9.5/10
    2. The Netherlands – 9.4/10
    3. Estonia – 9.0/10
    4. Austria – 8.0/10
    5. Russia – 8.0/10
    6. Ukraine – 7.7/10
    7. Ireland – 7.5/10
    8. Belgium – 7.3/10
    9. Slovenia – 7.1/10
    10. Cyprus – 6.7/10
    11. Moldova – 6.5/10 (a tasteful live performance can get them in my qualifier zone)
    12. Serbia – 6.4/10
    13. Croatia – 5.7/10
    14. Montenegro – 4.9/10 (may upgrade it a bit if it is not the carcrash I expect it to be live)
    15 Lithuania – 4.8/10
    -. Belarus – DQ (cheaters..)

    I am at odds with almost everyone here. This semi is much stronger than the 2nd one..It features my personal top 3.
    Probably that is because entries that others consider strong in the 2nd semi (Hungary, Norway, Greece, Iceland) score to the bottom of my rankings with the exception of Hungary.

    • Oops..The comment on Moldova was going to Serbia..On Moldova – a bilingual version at the very least can get them in my qualifier zone.

  9. off topic why I love Dutch song even more; live version on radio, you go girl! :-)

    • This is so beautiful. Thank you. Tomorrow I go to Amsterdam for 6 days, just having a look at the city, where the next ESC should take place ;-)

      Al least my personal Top 5 so far:

      01 The Netherlands
      02 Israel
      03 Ukraine
      04 Italy
      05 San Marino

  10. Premature prediction of qualifiers:

    SEMI 1

    yes: Denmark, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine
    good chances: Austria, Ireland, Estonia, Montenegro, Serbia
    possible surprises: Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Slovenia
    no: Belarus, Belgium

    SEMI 2

    yes: Finland, Georgia, Greece, Malta, Norway, San Marino
    good chances: Azerbaijan, Iceland, Israel, Switzerland
    possible surprises: Albania, Armenia, Hungary
    no: Bulgaria, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania

    • I am not still quite certain about The Netherlands qualifying..I want it but I cannot help but keep a low profile on that since I do not want to be dissapointed..On Belarus as much as you ignore it (and I do as well – but I have listened to the song) I am afraid they are in with a good chance to qualify thanks to televoting support..

      On semi 2 : San Marino is faaar from certain imo..It tops my 2nd semi rankings but its a microstate..Finland is also not that certain, nor Malta..Azerbaijan is in for sure imo same with Armenia. Also Bulgaria is more or less a certain qualifier for me this year. Romania is in with a chance as well..

      Latvia will come last in this semi I am afraid..

      • The Netherlands will qualify. They will sweep the votes in Central and Northern Europe at least. :)

        • wouldn’t bet on this. :p Remember France 2009?

        • Anouk is most surely a Swedish jury favourite. I think she will fight with Norway about our 12 points (but Norway will win).

          Will this be the first ESC final since 2001 without Romania?

    • I am surprised by your no-predictions.With the exception of Latvia I think that all of these stand at least decent chances to qualify. LOL. On the other hand, I cannot see San Marino, Austria or Iceland making the cut.

      • Austria is an almost certain qualifier IMO.

        • Austria is far from certain imo..Can it stand out in many ballads from countries who traditionally do better ? I hope so…

          • It’s not the typical esc ballad and the whole act “a sweet girl singing a nice/contemporary song” will take her to the final,IMO.

            • I agree. Austria will do quite well in May.

            • The live performance will be the crucial factor here..Natalia can do better than the austrian nf imo (not vocally that much..stage – wise)

            • She can do much better vocally or at least I hope so. Her vocal performance in the NF was very amateurish … almost like a karaoke singer. :(

            • I did not mind the vocal performance, everything can be blamed on anxiety there imo..What I miss is confidence on stage..I understand she is young and not that experienced but this song needs confidence on stage imo to “Shine”..!

            • I agree that Austria 2013 needs a more experienced and confident singer. This is no ‘Satellite’, where you can win everyone over with youthful charm. I certainly hope that Natalia will work on both her vocal technique and stage presence until May.

        • It could be a borderline qualifier but not more I think. The chorus is too weak but that is what counts most in a song.

      • San Marino will struggle because it is San Marino. Austria most probably and Iceland less probably will make the cut, imo.

        P.S.: we still do not know the running order and that counts; SVT and the EBU are the only ones who seem to believe otherwise.

      • Why shouldn’t Valentina qualify if Kati Wolf and Hera Bjørk f. e. did?

        • Hungary might not have that many friends but it has a better qualifying history compared to San Marino..People can point out Hungary on the map a million more times compared to San Marino..And unfortunately that counts..Valentina can count on the juries though imo..With a little bit more support that Senit in televote it could squeeze in..

          • Valentina will put San Marino on the map for many people … and then she will get a nice monument in San Marino Città. :)

            • Well she did put San Marino on the map last year as well for many people but not in a positive way…I am starting to think that last year’s entry was a stunt – they thought something like “let’s send something horrible in a distinctive way in 2012 so that whatever we send in 2013 the difference will be so vast it will sound like a masterpiece”. And don’t get me wrong..i actually think “Crisalide” is a very good song personally..

            • “I actually think “Crisalide” is a very good song personally”

              I agree on the 1st two minutes which are among the best Ralph Siegel has ever penned. :)

            • The change of pace in the last minute is nice imo..And as you pointed out when the song came out Lithuania had a much worse transition in the middle and got a respectable 14th place out of nowhere ;) I would add FYR Macedonia 12 to that..In this case it took me some time to get around the change of pace but I once I got used to it well..the song is still in my top 25 on my iPod list..

            • All you guys sound like its 100% televoting this year… there will be jury and the new voting system…this year anyting can happen…even miracles ;)

            • It should be 100% televoting. ;)

        • Because, as gay as their appeal was, they came across as more authentic and credible AND they were not representing San Marino.

          But why do you think will Bulgaria miss out?

          • I expect the juries to kill them. Most juries in Central and Northern Europe would rather give an eye than voting for anything ethnic. Plus, Bulgaria doesn’t have the migrant vote Greece f. e. has.

            • With only seventeen songs in a semi I expect them to qualify even with 50/50 regardless of how the ‘jury’ score will be. Top5 with the public is pretty certain IMHO.

            • top 5 for Bulgaria?I seriously doubt it!

            • Same here. Bulgaria 2013 is too lame and silly for even televoters to fall for it. Down with the cheaters!!!

            • I shan’t be cheering for cheaters either but no casual viewer from one of the other countries will know about it (and even if they did, the majority would not care). It will stand out in a field of many ballads and it is appealing.
              But LOL at the standards some set for ethnic-influenced entries to be 100% genuine. Pretty much every anglo-styled pop song is affected in one way or another (probably this is even the definition of pop music), so why make a difference when someone adds local elements?! I do not get it. Even Water was not ‘pure’.

    • Solayoh sucks but do you really believe that Belarus won’t qualify in a semi 90% of the songs are ballads?

      • I haven’t listend to Belarus but I forced my sister at gun-point to do so. The poor thing was begging for mercy but since she has a 95 % record of predicting qualifiers, I did not have a choice. Honestly, she turned all different coulours in the face while being exposed to Belarus 2013 … but before she fainted, she managed to squeeze out a ‘nope’ …

        • Wasn’t your sister’s 2011 favourite Switzerland? LOL.

          • Yes, her personal favorite but not her predicted winner. She agreed with me that Ell & Nikki would win.

            Gosh! I wish that people would learn to differentiate between personal taste and predicting results. I hate Finland 2012 f. e. but expect a top 10 result nevertheless.

            • Do you mean 2013? It will collect the votes from rednecks, fascists and machos. :(

            • Yes, 2013 of course … and I can tell you that none of my friends will vote for Finland this year.

            • I like to think I am not any of these things and I would vote for it if I could. Hopefully voting for this does not mean I am one of these 3 things lol.

            • Even if I liked the melody and thought the girl was hot I could not support an entry with such lyrics. :(

            • Why do you say that fascists will support Finland?Am i missing something?

            • “I’m your slave and you’re my master
              Oh baby, come on, take your shot”

            • Well,they may sound silly or satirical.It depends on ones point of view but fascist? :)

            • Because that’s what a 21st century woman is supposed to be: a naïve subservient silly to make fun of… In the eyes of some for sure.

            • Fair enough, but the entry is done in such a tongue in cheek and sarcastic way that it is hard for me to fault the lyrics.

              But I cannot tell you to change the way you feel.

            • I fail to see any irony in there but as long as EBU allows it… to each their own!

            • I’d say I fail to see it as anything else than irony or satire. It is so overstated that it can’t be honest. I don’t think she would sing “I play your game” and “You’re my master” and mean it.

              By the way: the way she sings “for you and for you” sounds a bit like “f**k you”.

              Fascism is a political ideology.

            • And she has actually said in an interview, that the song is meant as a criticism of male chauvinism.

            • But the funny thing is in the video, he becomes the slave because he is the one kidnapped and thrown in the back of the car lol.

              Also, thinking back to the video, after he kisses her and she collapses, another supper funny moment right there. How can anyone not love this? Well besides the people that take exception to the lyrics of course.

            • The irony is that the presentation is done in a funny way, when I first heard it live I spent more time laughing at the overacting than anything else. The backing vocalists fanning themselves for instance is pure lol.

              It is too farcical to be taken as serious social commentary. Although make no mistake, for me the farce is gold here.

            • Irony only works when you assume there is an element of truth behind it. But don’t worry, German CSU would absolutely share your sense of humour. LOL.

            • Yeah, give Krista a Herdprämie!

            • A woman begging to marry is destined to lose ;)

            • Wise words once again …

            • According to what I read, the idea of the song came from the fact that they wanted to parody how serious everyone takes weddings.

              It is not to say that the songwriters endorse that women should be a slave to the husband. It is just a line in a parody song that’s all. If there was a line in the song that said “if the man doesn’t marry you kill him” that wouldn’t mean the songwriters believed that either.

            • Alex,

              I am sure that nobody here has a problem with you loving Finland 2013 but as much as you try, you cannot talk us into supporting Krista’s song. To me it is a dull and tasteless act and to you you it is funny and ironic (if we talk funny and ironic, give me Silvia Night!!! …) … well … celebrate diversity! There has never been and will never be one truth only … and a good thing it is.

              Amen … LOL

            • I love silvia night as well for the record.

              But believe me, people in here share the same passion I do so I can never talk someone into liking anything they do not like in this forum. Just like I love Finland song and act, there are those that hate it just as much. Just like I wont change my mind, I don’t expect, nor do I want, the people that hate it to start liking it.

              Celebrate Diversity Indeed!!

            • And on that note, lucky for the forum Bombo didn’t win because then I would have been even more out of control lol.

        • Did she watch the performance from Selectia Nationala? Belarus 13 is not meant to be heard.

          • I don’t know because I had both my eyes and ears covered. I just played the official video on eurovision.tv …

            • Yes, that’s the one. Did she watch it or did she hear it? Unfortunatley, that act will get many televotes. The same votes that would go to ‘Bombo’, had this song won MGP.

            • She watched it and alluded to some pointless male hotties before she lost conscience … Poor thing … I have sent her to the Alps for the Easter Holidays and sure hope that she will recover.

            • Has Belarussian official video been revealed? It was shot in Istanbul and annoying Rybak is also in it :D

            • I am alluding to the one available on eurovision.tv.

  11. Semi final 2 :

    1. San Marino – 9.0/10
    2. Switzerland – 8.5/10
    3. Israel – 8.1/10
    4. Bulgaria – 8.0/10
    5. Malta – 7.8/10
    6. Azerbaijan – 7.8/10
    7. Finland – 7.4/10
    8. Hungary – 7.3/10
    9. Georgia – 7.0/10
    10. FYR Macedonia – 6.6/10
    11. Albania – 6.5/10
    12. Latvia – 6.1/10
    13. Armenia – 5.9/10
    14. Romania – 5.8/10
    15. Greece – 5.5/10
    16. Iceland – 4.8/10
    17. Norway – 4.3/10

    This is a much weaker semifinal..My bottom 10 features 6(!) songs from this semi, only 3 from the first one and one entry from the final (Italy)..

  12. I will be really realy sad if these countries don’t qualify

    Cyprus,Malta,San Marino and Iceland…There is also Israel of course but somehow I feel like they are safe this year

  13. My prediction for SF1, Not who i think should advance but just a prediction
    Moldova (although I can see Estonia here, only 1 of Moldova, Cyprus or Estonia is going through)

    San Marino

  14. Semi 1 :
    Sure qualifiers ( #1-5 ) : Denmark , Ukraine , Netherlands , Russia , Austria
    Most likely ( #6-9 ) : Estonia , Moldova , Montenegro , Serbia
    Borderline ( # 10-12 ) : Ireland , Croatia , Lithuania
    Sorry , try next year ( #13-16 ) : Belarus , Belgium , Cyprus , Slovenia

    Semi 2 :
    Sure qualifiers ( #1-3 ) : Azerbaijan , Greece , Georgia
    Most likely ( #4-9 ) : Iceland , Finland , Norway , Malta , San Marino , Israel
    Borderline ( # 10-12 ) : Switzerland , Bulgaria , Hungary
    Sorry , try next year ( #13-17 ) : Albania , Armenia , FYROM , Romania , Latvia

    • I had Switzerland borderline at first but the act itself is enough of a novelty to the viewers to help it qualify easily.

    • You have certainly underestimated Armenia..This is not “boom boom”..Televoting will get it through and the juries at least won’t crush it..And we talk about a very talented band..
      Romania is also around the corner..No matter how bad many consider this entry it’s still a country that hasn’t failed to qualify..I would put Hungary in Armenia’s place sorry..

      • Yes.Armenia is a possible qualifier.It’s too boring and juries will help it.

      • The Georgian singer last year was talented as well and televoting placed him last. Gaitana the same.I You seem to overestimate past televoting tendencies. It IS proven that televoting won’t vote for certain songs if they don’t like them .And I think BOTH Romania and Armenia this year are doomed cause they are utterly weak !Welcome back ;)

        • Well you do draw a comparison between Armenia 13 and Georgia 12 which is wrong again imo..They are on very different levels. Add a bit of televoting nostalgia for their absence last year..Anyway Armenia is certainly in the final imo.

          • Don’t forget that they are already guaranteed 0 points from Azerbaijan…And I didn’t compare the songs , genre-wise but quality wise ! IMO they are both extremely weak and I can not imagine not even a mediocre support by neither televoting nor juries.
            Let’s wait and see in May !

            • There are countries constantly voting for Armenia in semi 2+ diaspora+ well known composer + weak line up =they will have no problem in televoting but there will be other countries with similiar advantages aswell so I can’t say what is gonna happen… if they qualify,it will be a borderline….I always prefer boom boom to this year’s entry at least there was something to look at !

              Georgia is also borderline,don’t even remember how their entrysounds like

            • “moment of blees” ♪♫♫♪

  15. SVT started uploading snippets of the preview clips!I only watched Iceland and it looks really nice but it may be a spoiler watching the preview videos before the contest.

  16. Speaking of predictions, what about those esc voting simulators we had last year? they don’t seem to be out yet :)

    Btw, waiting for the TEKO: Heat 11 article to pop up ;)

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